I Stood in the Fire!

Deathwing murdered me today! I could not have been happier.

I was out at the Fossil dig site in the Eastern Plaguelands when it happened. I finally got the project for the Fossilized Hatchling pet so I was trying to make it before I had to head out for work. I have been flying my own mount up to dig sites hoping to see any hint of Deathwing. My heart would race when I would see fire from the air but then it turned to disaapointment when I flew down and it was not from Deathwing.

Well today I was just surveying, minding my own business, when everthing went red. I didn’t get to see his speech or really see him on top of me. I, unfortunately, got hit by the side of his fire breath. I think I was under his right arm (do dragons have arms?) so I was just nicked by the fire. It was enough to kill me and give me the achievement so I am exstatic about it.

I love the smell of roasted plague bat in the morning!

Also, I completed my hatchling… I now have all the little raptor pets in the game! Go me!

I can finally go dig in Outlands now


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