Old Guildies

I did something that I probably shouldn’t have. I decided to look at a handful of my old guildies on the Armory to see how they had faired over the last few months since I left Suramar.

It wasn’t too good. The only Kingslayers that I could find were on Krakkle’s team. No one else in the guild had even gotten to Lich King on 10 or 25. They also had not done any heroic modes besides Gunship. They are in exactly the same place as when I left them 4 or so months ago.

This makes me sad. I really was attached to those guys. They were really great raiders and had a lot of enthusiasm to get stuff done. But, ultimately it doesn’t look like they were able to utilize it in a progressive manner.

Seeing them like that almost makes he feel guilty at being 11/12 HM ICC 10 and having the 10 man drake. It’s hard to explain how I feel. I am most certainly glad I left a horrible situation and was able to find a glorious new home. Maybe it’s something like “survivor’s guilt”. Wikipedia defines it as “a mental condition that occurs when a person perceives himself to have done wrong by surviving a traumatic event when others did not”. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Survivor_guilt

In my own head I know that had I not left when I did I would still be in that situation. I would still have never seen Lich King or even done heroic modes. I would probably not still be subscribed to the game, quite honestly. Warcraft is a very social game and the situation back on Suramar was miles away from anything resembling “social”. Now I log in and I have all sorts of really awesome people to talk to and have fun with.

Bottom line: I love my new guild and all the people in it. There is not a rotten apple in the bunch. I never have to fear reading derogatory comments in /g or that my raid leader will be a complete ass to people. I never have to get on to people about using racial slurs, either. Most of my time towards the end with Virtus was spent with my head in my hands because I couldn’t stand to look at /g or my head down in utter shame with the way people were being treated by supposed “officers” and even the guild leader himself.

I feel bad that my old guildies can’t have the same welcoming home that I do (maybe some of them do and I don’t know about it). I hope all my peeps on Suramar have a great expansion and find a good home like I have now. This is one instance where the grass really was greener on the other side.


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  1. Lunassa
    Dec 07, 2010 @ 16:29:23

    There is this one guy in your guild that a bit creepy!


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