Dear Tanks (Part 2?),

  Dear Random Tanks (<– random tanks, not my awesome guild tanks),

Stop being such douche nozzles in my daily H TOC/sometimes random runs. Just stop it. Cataclysm is a few days away so enjoy your invincibility while it lasts. Is it so hard to slow down for a few seconds and be cordial to people?

Actual incidents of tank doucheness that has happened to me recently:

Not letting me sit to drink right after I switch specs and buff everyone. This isn’t much of an issue in Shadow since I can disperse but in Disc it’s a little more of an issue. I could Hymn for mana but then there’s no heals going out to the group while I’m channeling or I could Shadowfiend but that’s practically useless on trash that dies so quickly. I never want to see my Shadowfiend running back to me and I still have no mana. One tank told me that I don’t need mana right as he went splat! Another one told me I don’t need full mana since I have a massive mana pool. I had less than 30% so I sat my happy ass down and drank while his health dripped perilously low. If people need to learn the hard way to learn, so be it.

The first tank today bugged out the first bosses in H TOC. One of them knocked the tank out of the instance and she couldn’t get back in. This was a wipe and the tank left after laughing at us for all dying. Well, no shit – our tank was stuck in the wall and the bosses came after us. I warned the Warrior tank that came in after her what had happened and the response I got was “don’t tell me how to tank”. Not even a “please anywhere. Oh, yes, I called them out on being a douche while the DPS cheered me. I don’t care if you are 5/5 Sanctified T10. You could have just done heroic Saurfang for a few weeks and bought the tokens off the other raid members. Get over yourself, already.

Also, stop pulling half the instance, LoS’ing me, and then blaming me when you die. Not cool. Penance, while awesome, doesn’t reach around walls.

So, tanks, if you just have to be a douche nozzle, please have the skill to back up all the big talk. I would rather end an instance thinking “What a douche, but an awesome tank” than thinking “Damn that douche needs to L2P”.


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