Questing, Post Shattering

 Blizzard has out done themselves with the new 1-60 content. It is simply amazing. I have now quested in Darkshore, Westfall, both Plaguelands and Redridge. I have honestly only run into 2 quests that I had done before. These are the quest for putting together Pamela’s doll and finding that girl’s necklace in Redridge. I have easily done over 300 quests since the patch hit and only to have run into 2 of the same is amazing to me. They have really done a very good job on the new old world. I cannot praise them enough for all the work they out into it. The only complaint I would have is too many flight points – I got really confused in the Eastern Plaguelands with the different towers so close to each other. Also, I had to fight tooth and nail to get 90 quests done in Darkshore but every other zone has more than enough quests to get the achievement.

SPOILER ALERT!!! Do not read if you do not want to be spoiled… You have been warned!!!

By the time I had gotten Withers I had half the quests done that I needed to get to 90 so I decided to keep going. I thought Westfall would be the height of story telling – that it could get no better than the big reveal at the end of it. I was wrong. I was so, so very wrong.

Two words: Malfurion Stormrage

😮 nipples... cannot look away...

Malfurion sent me everywhere, across the zone to recruit various allies to help him deal with the elementals and the cultists. In my journeys I got dwarves, night elves, furbolgs, murlocs and even a member of the Green Dragonflight to assist us. I killed Forsaken, Trolls, diseased animals, pissed off elementals, naga and even a risen Old God.

One of the cutest things I have done in game was to build displaced Murlocs a home. The little ones danced with me once I had it all built.


After I built the murlocs their new home it was ready for the big reveal. The Shattering had revealed new ruins off the coast that are inhabitited by Naga. I went deep into the cave for the quest when one of the Naga informed me it was too late: Queen Azshara was being summoned and nothing anyone could do would stop it.

That’s right. Queen Azshara, long defeated by Malfurion, was making her entrance back into the world. I could not breathe at this point. I just stared at my screen as I hurried up to the top of the ruins. I was met by Malfurion. We tried to stop the ritual but there she was, the Light of Lights, ancient Queen of the Highbourne.

O.O shit just got real

I really hope they do something with her in the expansion. She is such an interesting personality in the lore because she’s bat shit crazy. She is like the female version of Deathwing.

After Darkshore I wanted a change of scenery so off I went for the Plaguelands – now with 90% less plague!

The WPL was really fun. Chillwind Camp now has a proper Inn and there are Cenarion Druids working on healing the land and animals. The funniest quests is running a Troll Druid around with him trying to learn to shape shift. It is just too cute how earnest he is.

The WPL is a haven for fan girl madness. Some of the smexiest guys in WoW can now be found there. We have the Death Knight Duo of Thassarian and Koltira and that tall drink of cold water, Tirion Fordring.

First we have Thassarian who is desperately trying to keep Andorhal from the Forsaken – and Koltira.

Please, not another fence project

The Thassarian/Koltira thing always gets me. These guys have a ton of history together. I do not believe for a second that these two would actually kill each other.

Koltira isn't going easy on Thassarian /swoon

Thassarian finally gives up on Andorhal but not on his friend Koltira. He knows something is off about Koltira and he is determined to find out what it is. In my fan girl mind, I can just imagine Thassarian breaking down the doors of Undercity and sweeping Koltira off his feet to the safety of the Argent Crusade. HHMMM… that would make some hot fanfiction… will have to work on that later…

The Druids then sent me on a quest to clean out the field of bad foods. I thought it would be simple enough. I clicked on that first pumpkin and got a squashling attacking me. WTF? Ok then. I go to click on the corn only to be attacked by a Corn Stalker. Ha! His special ability was to throw popcorn on me.

Corn... Stalker...

Then I had to get the bad apples out of the field only to be attacked by a Pome Wraith. I’m sorry but I just can’t take a skeleton mob seriously with a bright red apple on his head. Incidently, the quest is called “I Ain’t Sayin You a Gourd-Digger…” 

Thanks for making me laugh, Blizz

Anyways… I got up to the Lumbermill by Hearthglen and did the absolute silliest quest I have ever done. Making walruses fall in love is nothing compaired to mounting a horse and scaring spiders with it. Why can I not just Holy Nova the crap out of these spiders or maybe even kill their eggs? But, no I have to scare 10 of them into the Argent Crusade guys for them to kill the spiders.

1) mount horse 2) scare spiders 3) have hunky men kill spiders

Once I got done with the Lumbermill peeps I was finally given the quest to go see Tirion. Hearthglen is all Argent Crusade people now – no Scarlets to be found. I made my way up into the keep and there was Tirion – pacing around the room like a caged tiger.

You don't... remember me?

You know me, Tirion. I was there when you ate nothing but carrion bugs. I was there when the Scarlets killed your son. I was there when you remade the Knights of the Silverhand. I was there when we unlocked Icecrown and weakened the Lich King. I was there when we killed Arthas. What do you mean, you don’t know me? I thought you loved me…  😦


I still love you, Tirion! Even with your amnesia! (This just goes to show how really screwed up the timelines are now. We have level 40ish Tirion talking about stuff we set the foundations for at level 80.)

Thus ended my time in the WPL and I went to look for a Worgen lady called Fiona in EPL. I had seen the Yogscast youtube videos of Simon and Lewis doing these quests so I pulled them up on my laptop and had them narrate some of my questing.

I found Fiona and she told me of her “boys”: a dwarf called Gidwin Goldbraids and a blood elf called Tarenar Sunstrike – both Paladins who want to join the Argent Crusade. They had gotten a little overzealous in their killing of undead things and haven’t come back to Fiona yet. I had to go find them and haul them back to Fiona.

I found them easily. Gidwin being hilarious. I can’t do it justice… Here’s the Yogscast boys:

Riding in Fiona’s Caravan is one of the greatest things ever. I looked forward to it every time I was sent back to her to ride again. The RP that goes on between the Elf and the Dwarf is very reminiscent of the Gimli/Legolas banter in Lord of the Rings. I just loved every minute of it.

a sampling of the banter

Gidwin would periodically /blush at me

Every stop of the caravan would be at a different tower with it’s own set of quests before we ultimately go to Light’s Hope Chapel where the Paladins would be enlisting into the Argent Crusade. Along the way we would pick up people to ride on the caravan and unlock more quests. On some quests you would be accompanied by some of the people to help you out.

A belf Paladin?! Just for me?!

I am sad to say that I could not keep Tarenar. He vanished shortly after I left the EPL – such is the way of men, I suppose.

I met an old friend in the EPL. Chromie remembers me, thank you very much.

Chromie is the bestest dragon

There she is, mucking about the time line this time with Joseph Redpath. It’s good to know the Bronze Dragonflight likes me. I don’t think I would very much like to piss them off.

I was sad to leave the EPL and my new friends. I hope I run into them again sometime. The whole caravan was just full of win. It was an interesting concept and Blizz really nailed it.

I found myself back in Redridge to do the Keeshan questline. It is pretty damn funny. I just started it again so I don’t know what happens yet but I can’t wait to see it.

Some of the quest line involved saving members of Bravo Company. It was pretty funny to see these guys following me around. They would say things like “I have to pee.” or ask me if the bridge had been completed yet.

Introducing the Stormwind Synchronized Swim team

Having rescued all the Bravo Company members, we set off to the theater of operations. Didn’t I tell you that Mages are awesome? They now can power boats.

Fire Mages, not just for DPS anymore

I stopped here today. He tells me to get my “crap together” and then sends me on a poop gathering quest. Hardy Har Har…


All of this questing was good but getting 100 mounts was better. Thanks to eveyone who helped me get Less-Rabi and my 100th mount.

We only needed one interupt, too


My Oracles egg hatched the next day into a Green Proto Drake. Then I got Mr. Grubbs from EPL. Lady RNG suddenly likes me… :O


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