Dear Crywolf of Skywall,

  You, sir/madam, are an ass. How do you justify spending hours in a low level zone killing quest givers? Are you such a lifeless bastard that this gets your rocks off? Besides that, you have got to be the worst kind of ganking asshole because you left the Flight Master up. Everyone knows the first one you kill is the Flight Master for maximum annoyance of everyone in the zone. You are the Sarah Palin of trolls. You probably think the US has 57 states, as well.

I really hope you enjoyed me killing you not once, not twice but a staggering five times in Darkshore. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed being completely untouchable with 1200 resilience. There was at no time in which I was even remotely in danger of dying. All those diseases you put on me were quite funny seeing as I am a Priest and can cleanse them. Also, that ghoul of yours was secured in a lovely golden fence better known as Shackle.

That little move you did in the Inn where you thought you snuck up on me was quite amusing. Did you really think I didn’t see you ride up the side of the rocks with Path of Frost on, plain as day? Nice try but the poor Nelf Hunter you killed a few times had the presence of mind to have his tracking on and could see you. That Hunter knew to warn me whenever you were around because I was the only one doing anything about you for the longest time.

Yes, I was in Darkshore questing in a low level zone. I am working on getting Withers the pet. I have a clear purpose in going there and I try to be as nice and helpful to lowbie players as I can while I am in their zone. But, an 80 of the opposing faction just mucking about, trying to ruin other people’s game experience just fucking pisses me off. Yes, I protected those level 10 quest givers and players because that happened to me when I was level 10 over a year ago. I never forgot it. I never forgot how confused I was when the Flight Master was suddenly gone or the Innkeeper was dead and I couldn’t buy anymore water. I swore then that I would do whatever I could to prevent that from happening again to other people. It’s why I don’t kill Horde Flight Masters. (I did once and I was horribly guilty. I will never do it again.)

On a PvP server I might be able to understand it. But why on Azeroth would you go out to the boonies and slaughter everything (except the Flight Master) just because you can?

I know why. It’s because you are a Death Knight. Not just any Death Knight but an Orc one. If there has ever been a viler, needlessly violent, retched creature to ever exist I don’t know what it would be. I am quite honestly surprised that you didn’t pull out Army on one of those attempts to kill me. Not that it would have done anything at all but still surprising.

Now that I am looking at your Armory I cannot fathom how you got a 1550 Arena Rating because you clearly suck. You really must have been carried by an amazing healer because you hit like a pussy. Also, how does a full Wrathful DK only have 35K health? I have that much in my PvP set and I’m a clothie.

I must say that when I noticed you were wearing the Tabard of Brute Force it absolutely made me bust out laughing. Seeing your crumpled body eating the pavement while wearing THAT tabard has got to be the highlight of the day – maybe even for the next couple of days. I really wish I would have gotten a screen shot of me tea bagging your corpse but I didn’t have the good sense to do that after a hard day at work.

So, Crywolf – unguilded scrub of a Death Knight, I hope I see you again tonight in Darkshore. I don’t have to work tomorrow and I don’t have anything planned. I can spend hours and hours killing you or whatever Horde jackass decides to mess with my lowbie Alliance peeps. Don’t make me find the Horde Graveyard because I will corpse camp you until the cows come home. Count on it.

Here’s their Armory if interested:


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