Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving take time out to thank your healers. Especially the healers who have to deal with n00bs, idiots, people trying to tell you how to play your class, people not moving out of flame walls/breaths/fire/bad stuff in general, random dragon tail swipes, people getting into the whelp caves, people who think that stacking means to get away from each other, tanks who lost their taunt button, people who have to yell random shit while using an ability, suicidal DPS pulling aggro, DPS breaking Shackles, DKs who pop Army at the worst times, Warlocks who kill themselves with Life Tap, Paladins who run with Crusader Aura on all the time, Shadow Priests who Fear in dungeons, Disc Priests who don’t bubble for Infest, Boomkins who Typhoon mobs away from tanks, Shaman who don’t use totems because they cost too much mana, Hunters who claim not to have Feign Death, Rogues who Tricks to the healers, and Warrior tanks who don’t Thunder Clap.

 (Mages, by the way, are awesome. I never have a problem with them. They give us the best buff and yummy food. Hurray for Mages!)

“Holy” by Nyhm


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Lunassa
    Nov 26, 2010 @ 21:15:04

    Is it sad that I actually know most of those references?




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