Patch 4.0.3a PTR

There are spoilers in this post. If you don’t want to know anything about the upcoming patch, stay away!

I hopped on the PTR and logged into my Priest as she was a few weeks ago. I still had that damnable staff so I re-copied her the next day.

When I logged in that first time, I was at the bottom of the ocean outside of Theramore. An odd place to log into, for sure. I redid my talents as I waited for the boat to appear. Theremore looked like it did before from what I saw of it. I was begining to think this patch wasn’t really on the PTR. I was proven wrong as I entered into Menethil Harbor.

At least the gryphons are dry

From there I flew to Ironforge. I found the Council of Three Hammers in the throne room but other than that, I couldn’t see much of a change. There are guards who FLY around IF – not just patrol on foot. It’s pretty cool to watch them manuver around the city. And Hats off to Red Shirt Guy!

OMG! He's so tiny and adorable!

I will admit that I cried over my beloved Stormwind the first time I saw it. The entrance of the tram has been changed. There is a ramp outside the portal that slopes upward and leads to the Dwarven District. The first thing I noticed were the coblestones. Each section of the city has a different pattern of cobblestones. The city is easily twice as big as it was before and the new Keep is absolutely breathtaking.


There is a wooden bridge going across the moat that leads up to a massive water fountain. Varian thinks enough of himself to erect a huge statue of himself outside of the entrance to the Keep.

And how much did that cost, hhmm?

In the Trade Disctrict is an all new bank and auction house. It really feels like a real auction house now not just random people standing on a stage. In the city center there is a billboard that you can click on. I have no idea what this will be used for. Maybe daily quests?

Speaking of daily quests, I found the guy with the cooking Daily. It was interesting. I had to gather up crabs from the canals. When I turned it in I was award with 2 cooking awards and plus one skill point to my cooking. I didn’t actually get the skill point since it’s not actually Cata yet. I think it’s an interesting reward. I don’t know if it will give you a skill point all the way up to 500 whatever it is to max it out.

The same board can be found in IF

The city itself is amazing but once you get out into the human kingdom there are signs of unrest. Armed and mounted guards patrol the roads between Goldshire and Redridge. Many bodies of Horde lined the streets – most likely from these guards than Alliance players.

I decided to check out Westfall so I mounted up and merrily galloped through Elwynn. I wanted to see what happened to Old Blanchy. I recall Ghostcrawler saying that she would play a big part in Westfall and was interested to see what it was.

I have no words to describe the blasphemy of what happened to Old Blanchy.

But why?!?!

Not only was Old Blanchy cut down in cold blood there is some douche nozzle making a lame “cart before the horse” joke. Once this is on the live servers I am going to quest the human area to find out what happened to Blanchy and her people. One of my favorite quests is to find oats for her and I always did that quest on all of my alts. I just can’t believe this has happened to the poor horse.

In the field next to Blanchy there are homeless people fighting and robbing each other. Transients roam the countryside. As soon as someone is murdered in that field there is a call to check thier pockets and rob the body. It’s just horrible.
Riding into Sentinel Hill is really something to behold. The people have fortified the entire area and there is a huge wall being built up around it. There are a few battle tanks inside the walls. Outside the gates are the guards blocking homeless people from entering.

Horse poop indeed

The gryphons have been moved up to a platform near the tower. The view is amazing. I have no idea what this thing is in the distance but there’s all sorts of trees and chunks of earth flying up in it like a tornado. If you go down into it, there are elemental slimes running around.

I have a bad feeling about this...

The Inn at Sentinel Hill finally has a roof on it. My friend Bryan will be pleased by this as that roof was his biggest pet peeve in the game.

After 6 years, the roof is complete

There are tornadoes around Westfall that you can run up to and get thrown into the air. It’s pretty fun but I wouldn’t recommend it for low levels with low health. I took about 6K fall damage each time it slung me around.


After seeing enough of Westfall I headed back to Stormwind on the gryphon and logged out.

Damn you, Deathwing!


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