3rd on the server!

We successfully downed Heroic Sindragosa and rose to number 3 on the server for our catagory. It was a messy kill that we don’t much want to talk about.

Paladins aren't OP at all

It was a very messy attempt and most of us were dead so Luna and Borg released in anticipation of a full on wipe but the amazing happened and she died. They didn’t get their acheivements even though they had spent the two days and around 6-7 hours working on it. The grave yard bugged out and rez’d them alive instead of a ghost gryphon. We opened tickets and were told that even though they are eligble for loot they would not get the achievment. Luna stayed chatting with a GM about it for many hours to try to get credit for it but it was for naught. We will have to go back and kill her on Heroic again for our guys who didn’t get it.

We started on drake achievements this week. We got started a little late but managed to get all of the first wing achievements and the Plague wing achievements done. I only have 4 more to get before I get a nice boney drake to ride around on.

The funiest thing happened on Gunship. Somehow Saurfang heroically lept over to our boat! I sat there in amazement as he took one giant leap and landed on our boat, effectively killing Borg and everyone else in short succession.

Oh, Hai!

 Muradin, being the brave, dauntless Bronzebeard Dwarf he is, took on the tall order of intercepting Saurfang. The two great heroes battled fiercely on the arctic deck of The Skybreaker for supremacy of the skies over the Citadel. The bitter wind howled over the sounds of the stunned motley crew of raiders assisting The Alliance in defeating Arthas, who was once counted among their number. Muradin eyed the massive Orc with distain for befouling the deck of his precious air ship. The mighty Dwarf readied his great maces, his hands sweating despite the chill of the air. The wind blew through his thick beard as he charged the intruder but it was for nothing. Tirion’s carefully chosen heroes lain at Muradin’s plated feet, defeated by the savage Orc. Muradin swore to himself that the deaths of the heroes would not soon be forgotten and would be sung of for many generations in the taverns of Ironforge.

"Attacking You!" is never a good thing to see when healing

We got “I’m on a Boat” the next try and Saurfang was content to stay on the Horde ship that time. We just have the last 2 wings to work on before we get our drakes.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Earlier that day I got the title that I have wanted even before I started playing, Twilight Vanquisher. I remember seeing my BFF working on it hours after hours when Wrath was new.  I always thought it was cool sounding. I finally got into a group that did it and I am now a Twilight Vanquisher! Woot! I am ready to face Deathwing now that I have the appropriate title.

I was also dead set in fishing up the turtle mount. I’ve been trying for well over a year now and I didn’t want to leave Northrend behind with out it. I spent about hour and half fishing before I got one yesterday. I had enough fish for a stack of fish feasts and 60 odd Guru Elixers.

No, I didn't spam my space bar the next 10 minutes in gleeful joy

The Invasion event has begun in ernest in the capital cities. I’ve done it several times on the PTR so I knew what to expect. Apparently the IF event bugged out after the patch and no one can do 2 of the bosses because of it.

We were able to do the event in IF the first day, though. I have never seen so many people in Ironforge before.

Mammoth Party in IF!

Another dream came true, hunky King Varian took it upon himself to follow me around ZF and protect my squishy Priest self. AWWW… I would have prefered Tirion but Varian is a nice second option.

He's right behind me, isn't he?

Having run the event bosses, I retired to random BGs. I hadn’t had the pleasure of the random BG Queue since the battlegroups were combined so jumped right in. I got WSG for each of my randoms. Alliance won both of those matches. O.O This new BG thing might not be so bad, after all. I think I got 5 Killing Blows between the two – I like that.

Someone finally sees how epic I am in BGs...

Patch 4.0.3a is currently on the PTR so I logged on to check it out. There was Deathwing in all of his glory atop Stormwind. I looked around SW and Darnassus. I really needed to get to sleep so I left it.
This morning it dawned on me to make a Dwarf Shaman on the PTR. I miss my little Dwarf sometimes so what better thing to do than make another?
I get to the character creation screen and I make a female dwarf with dark pigtails. I think her starting outfit is really cute compaired to other starting gear. I log in and the frustration immediately sets in. The general chat is full of douche nozzles that won’t shut up or have a meaningful conversation in any way.
I get my very first quest and its to kill Trogs (of course). But, the NPCs in the starter areas are level 90 with almost 300K health. If a Trog even comes anywhere near the NPS, they get one shot. There is no time to even tag a Trog before, POW! They’re dead. I finally found my way over to another section of countryside with these Trogs and killed one. The game very helpfully told me to “Kill More Trogs!” I wish I was kidding. It really said that in big, bold letters in the center of my screen.
I killed my 6 Trogs and started running back to the NPC when I noticed that my cute little outfit is horrible! It is beyond horrible!
Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy
How… What? *sigh* My cloth start gear is defying gravity. My boobs are scientific wonders.
Yes, yes… I run into a tree at the end… Luckily, I had enough frontal cushion to soften the blow.

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