Dear Thassarian,

 Please stop sending me on completely retarded quests. And how many more dailies are you going to give me, FFS? You must be very well funded because I swear I made around 500g off of you today. I am sure I will be singing a different tune when I use you to fill up my quest log the day before Cataclysm hits but right now you are annoying me to no end. And wash your damn face, have some pride in yourself.

You constantly give me “group” quests that I can easily solo as a Shadow Priest except for one. All the “group” quests are marked as [5] players needed but I ROFLstomp all of them until I get to one called “Basic Chemistry”. On this one I need to throw a vile of whatever into a cauldron to make it stop doing what it’s doing. I throw my vile in and then about 20 slimes come after me. I killed them and the elite scourge that pops out. But, the vile has a minute and half CD on it. When the quest prompts me to throw more in I can’t because it’s on CD. You tricked me, you ass. Luckily, that quest isn’t part of a quest line so I can skip it.

I go back to Thassarian to turn in other quests and now I get one to get the Cultists’ plans, also marked as a “group” quest. I get into the room where the Researchers spawn and kill everything right down to the last mob and only have 2 of 3 pages to show for it. I wait and kill things as they respawn and finally after about 20 minutes do I have the completed Cultist Plans.

Fly back to Thassarian on The Skybreaker, here you go, Sir Death Knight. I hand in my plans. He gives me another quest… Another “group” quest in that same damn room as the Researchers! OMFG… Maybe I’ll get lucky and they won’t have respawned yet… No luck. The quest calls for me to reassemble a mob from various items around the room. The problem with this is that the items are right on top of the all the respawned Researchers I just killed twice for the quest directly before this one. I kill all of them again to get my pieces and the stupid pages that I needed last quest all drop off the first 3 mobs I kill even though I am not on that quest anymore. Queue a very frustrated Priest. (But a Priest with 30 Bolts of Frostweave cloth to show for it.)

I summon the big bad guy with the sum of his parts. Turns out it’s a Shadow Priest in T6 who thinks it’s fun to Mind Flay me, well right back atcha. I run out of the room, narrowly avoiding aggro’ing any respawned Researchers, and mount to fly up to the Skybreaker again where Thassarian waits with more quests.

I get back to Thassarian and tell him I have killed the bad guy and that I am ready for my next daring, amazing quest. What vile creations of the Lich King do I need to slay next? What great beast shall I tame in the name of the Light? Shall I collect more spines of abominations for you to snack on?

No, fearless Priest, you shall take this building kit and fortify some fences! … OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!



Here I am, Slayer of Kings, Crusader and Ambassador of the Alliance, Argent Champion, beloved by tanks and I have to build a worthless fence in the middle of nowhere that has absolutely no purpose?!

What *exactly* did I fortify?

You go too far, Thassarian, too damn far.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kirintorfamiliar
    Nov 15, 2010 @ 05:04:13

    The fence-fortifying builds character. Plus you need to be more humble. Have you ever seen The Karate Kid? The sensei sends the kid on a bunch of seemingly useless errands that build character and strength. So step off your high horse, Slayer of Kings, Crusader and Ambassador of the Alliance, Argent Champion.



  2. tobeume
    Nov 15, 2010 @ 05:36:57

    I see your point. LOL I don’t mind getting my hands dirty. But, still… picking up Talbuk poo in Nagrand seems like a better way to spend time than building a fence with no purpose. There was a Draenai Paladin out there at the same time also doing the fence quest and it never looked like our chain of fences would amount to anything substantial. 😦


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