‘Twas a Busy Day

Before I get into us getting to 10/11 HM in ICC I would like to address something that distresses me greatly. WoW Insider today confirmed that my Draenai Paladin is loosing her pony come Cataclsym and is being forced to ride an Elekk. WTF?!?!?!?!?! Do Dwarf Paladins get rams now? No? WTF Blizzard? Fuck you… I do believe the poster on WoW Insider (Matt Sacco of “The Queue”) said: “If you are concerned, don’t be – the Great Exarch’s Elekk looks really cool”. Just… what? How is a derping elephant wanna be cooler than a beautiful, elegant armored Pony? I don’t think it is. Blizz has screwed up their Lore so many times so why can I not keep my Pony? If my Paladin wasn’t a money matching machine I would delete her right this instant in protest. The Elek should be a choice. Let the player decide if they want to ride a horse or an elephant.

/end rant

Ah, that’s better

At least my Priest doesn’t royally piss me off now. I really, really love my Priest. She’s like an extension of me. I had a fleeting thought of turning her Worgen but she’s already been a Dwarf and a Human – I just can’t put her through anything like that again…


We headed back into ICC 10 HM this week. We knew what to expect from last week and damn well knew that Prof P was going to suck. The first wing fell with little to no drama. Lady D dropped her bracers for me. (Hurray!) The Lootship was easy. I went Shadow and I used my Equipment Manager to put on my Shadow set – forgetting to equip my rocket pack… Again… By the time I realized it, we were in combat and I couldn’t do anything about it. I got the Mark of the Fallen Champion on Saurfang. It was pretty funny to see everyone healing me all crazy like. I appreciate it, don’t get me wrong, but I was amazed by the constant stream of big green numbers scrolling across my screen.

The second wing went really well. We had a bit of a hiccup at one of the dogs but other than that it was really good. I got to stay out on… um… Festergut? (I get their names confused, the one on the left side of the hallway.) Thank you for that, guys! I didn’t get hit by the Malleable Goo this week! Woot! I got some really kick ass shoulders that I absolutely refuse to vendor or DE any time in the future. The model on them is so cool! It’s the same cloth shoulder model but the colors really work with my Sanctified Chest and cloak.

We then ventured into the Blood Wing for the first time on HM. Blood Council heroic is horrible! Tanks dying left and right! So much raid damage and so many people out of range. Oh, god, where’s my mana gone?! Why did I suddenly get punted across the room?! Oh right – healer tunnel vision; didn’t see the Vortex thingie. /facepalm Oh look, a floating purple testicle has attached itself to me… Treston, why are you way the hell over – shit, he’s dead… Too many purple testicles are bad for your health, apparently. Rinse and repeat for an hour or so before successfully downing the Blood Council. Go us! Treston tells us that we are moving up on the list of top guilds on the server… O.O No shit?

We did a few good attempts at Blood Queen before calling it for the night. (Damn near one shotted her.)

The next day we would have the really hard stuff to work on (Prof P, VDM and Sindy). The next day was really nice. I woke up to finally find Deathy in my mailbox. I know he has the wrong sounds and animations but he’s still cool as hell. I love clicking on him to hear the murloc sound he makes. That delights me to no end! No more do I need to run to Goldshire to hear murloc noises…

We cleared the trash up to Prof P again.

Bewbs FTW!

 We got to Prof P and discussed the Plague jumps. We had a really good plan for the plague but it needed some fine tuning. We wiped several times before swapping out Dijie in DPS for Luna in Shadow and we moved the location of the Plague further back. This really helped us a lot since we were heavy on melee DPS. It took us a few more attempts to really fine tune the transition phases and to get the slimes taken care of. Lorcu was really amazing with tracking the plague jumps and who needed to get it next. Before we knew it, we were in the third phase and the boss was dead.

In which Treston wins the Silly Goose of the Night award

 We went triumphantly onward to Blood Queen. I have a real problem with this fight. Luna and I both want to get bitten. We go week after week and never get bitten. That bite is a DPS wank. There, I said it. The mechanic is a circle jerk for DPS. “Oh look guys, I did X number of DPS on that one!” Then another one says “yeah, well look at MY numbers for this other time!” For fuck’s sake. It’s more important for a DPS to get bit so the fight doesn’t last as long. What does it matter? People need to get bit because it’s part of the boss mechanics so why not bite a healer? If us healers aren’t in danger of running out of mana, why does it matter that the fight lasts a few seconds longer? But, oh no! WTFBBQ a DPS might loose a tiny bit of bragging rights at the end of fight. /seethe

Here we are getting left out because we are healers – again. DPS, stop being so selfish all the damn time. Everyone is “wow, so and so really did epic DPS on that fight!” /linkrecount No one is ever saying “Damn, Tobe/Luna/Borg/Diji, you guys really rocked the healing charts that last fight. Thanks for keeping our asses alive when we didn’t move out of stuff because it might knock a point off our precious DPS numbers.”

We downed her and some shit dropped. I just… I mean… argh!

*takes a deep breath and finds her center*

To Dreamwalker we went. I love Captain Arnath. I think I just might have a thing for Belf Priests in T8. It saddens me when he dies, but maybe he should use a caster staff next time – not the +agi one he’s got equipped. And I really don’t get why we can’t reach the top shelf. He’s way taller than anyone in our raid and I am sure he’s bigger than most Belfs.

It took two tries to free Dreamwalker. The first time a few frost bolt volleys got through and I had to hymn for mana – leaving everyone without heals for a few fatal seconds. There was nothing I could do about it. It doesn’t matter how quickly that I cleanse it off of me – it still puts me OOM. It hit me when I had about 14K left and it sucked it right down until I had about 4K – not nearly enough.

I picked up the DPS staff for Shadow. Now I have two little green balls following me everywhere.

Look how well I match now!

We did three attempts on Sindy. It was quite funny seeing the fail when people didn’t get out of the way just right on the air phases. We had a good time laughing at each other for dying to it. It was late so we called it. We go back on Monday (my first Monday off since the Summer, days have switched again) to kill Sindy and take a look at Heroic Lich King. I have read that LK is damn near impossible on heroic but I read that about Prof P, too. I don’t really know what to expect but I can’t wait to see it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Elementals have really wreaked havoc on the world. I zoned into Hellfire the other day to find the Pit Commander near dead from raging fire elementals. I took advantage of it and killed his ass. That’s what you get for stomping on me when I was a very foolish level 58. Bastard… He killed me once before I got him down. All of the demon adds were on me at the same time and just got overwhelmed. They really should have made an achievement for this…

SS or it didn't happen!

I mourn my beloved Stormwind more and more as Cataclysm get closer. I take every chance I get to go and run through it, especially the Park. I managed to hit the Harbor just in time for sunset the other day…

The sun is setting for Stormwind


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Treston
    Nov 13, 2010 @ 10:48:36

    I must protest! Heroic blood queen should be taken seriously the first time we do it! That means biting the dps like normal. Has nothing to do with meters.

    Next week, when we’re working on the non-boss kill achievements, we’ll get everyone bit who needs to be bit (and people not bit who need to not be bit).

    When we’re trying to down the boss for the first time though, don’t we have to bring all the cards we can to the table? 😦


    • tobeume
      Nov 13, 2010 @ 22:00:15

      Honestly I shouldn’t even be worried about it since I will never have a raid drake of *any* kind but there is no next week for me. I am out of time because my days off switched. It is possible to get to the Blood Wing in one day but why would we want to switch it all back to normal since we can get better loot? This week is mostly likely the last time I will see Blood Queen in this expansion. Blood Queen heroic is ridiculously easy compared to Blood Council or Prof P. The mechanics are the same just on a little higher scale.

      Further, people have asked for this (and other achievements) long before we started heroics. I don’t expect us to try for “Boned” on heroic Marrowgar and we wouldn’t have gotten “Portal Jockey” on heroic if not for the amazingness of Luna calling out each portal. We sure didn’t get it intentionally. Stuff like “I’m on a Boat” and “Once Bitten, Twice Shy” can easily be done on Heroic or Normal. I don’t see why we can’t get it while we are there to begin with and not worry about it later when we could have more time to be working on the more difficult ones.

      But then again, my opinion doesn’t count since I can’t have a nice drake. I can’t even manage to get a Red Proto Drake.


  2. Treston
    Nov 14, 2010 @ 03:44:46

    Our focus next week is in fact doing the achievements in the most efficient way possible. We’re after the drakes. That’s our goal. We’re after then for all our regular raiders. If that means putting together an alt run on Monday night for the express purpose of getting to blood queen to get you bitten since that’s what you lack, then that’s what we’re going to do.

    You’ll still be there Tuesday night though right? We will likely blow through any heroics that no one needs the specific achievement on. Any boss that someone needs the actual achievement for though, we intend to do the easiest way we know how. Our goal isn’t to get shiny 264’s at the expense of drakes. Our goal was to get the drakes. Plain and simple.

    Why else would we be pushing so hard on all this? It isn’t just to get loot that’s going to be replaced in 3 weeks, it’s to get that mount and that achievement that can never be taken away or replaced.

    TO say “I will never have a raid drake of any kind” makes me sad.


    • tobeume
      Nov 14, 2010 @ 04:48:19

      It’s true, though. I am just not selfish enough to ask 9 other people to stop what they are doing to get me an achievement. I do want a drake so very badly but I accept that I can’t have one. I can’t in good conscience ask everyone do something they have already done and worked hard on just for me. If it does happen, I will be absolutely tickled pink. There’s really nothing more than I want out of the game right now than a raid drake.

      I will be there on Tues for sure. Have you seen the achievements? They all look very healing intensive to say the least…


  3. Treston
    Nov 14, 2010 @ 05:10:28

    Some moreso then others for sure. Some are just silly mechanic things.

    You’re not asking 9 other people to stop what they’re doing.

    You’re letting 9 other guildies return the favor to do for you what you’ve helped do for them for all this time.

    You’ve got nothing to feel sorry for. You will have that drake. You’re part of the team.


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