I got ganked today :(

I am only about 60 quests away from Loremaster of Northrend. I just have to finish up Icecrown. I’ve really been looking forward to this one for a long time. (More Tirion, yes, please!) I want to savor it, like that first sip of a Starbuck’s White Chocolate Mocha… mmmm…. so good… especially with lemon pound cake…

Anyway, I finished up all the Shadow Vault quests and solo’d the hard group quests in the area. (That damn arena thing can DIAF.) As such, I’ve been rocking in my Shadow spec. I’ve even taken to DPSing my daily TOC run.

Once I got done with those quests I kinda didn’t know where to go back to. There were no bread crumbs quest leading to anywhere else. I thought I was done with the Argent Vanguard but I went back just to make sure. I had apparently missed the human Priest in T8 stuck in a shack. He gave me a quest to talk to Tirion. (YES!) Then I had to protect a banner of some sort at the Crusader Pinnacle. That quest seems like it took longer than it should have but I got rewarded with more Tirion.

Tirion told me to go find some random person out in the middle of nowhere. I found the guy and he’s pretty badly sick. This begins a long quest line to save random dude that included me traveling to Moonglade, the Emerald Nightmare, Shattrath and all over Dragonblight. All of this for some random person. I had no interest in saving him but I needed the quests done so I did it. (I did get to see Krasus while I was at the Temple… Alexstrasza is one lucky lady.)

I finally got sent to the Skybreaker to start the quests there. I finally get into the meat of Icecrown. Along the way I managed to get flagged for PvP. I didn’t think much of it since there was literally no one else around. I didn’t even bother putting on my PvP gear – big mistake.

I got sent to a cave to free some slaves and as I am looting a body a freaking undead Rogue comes up behind me. I have no clue about Shadow PvP so I failed pretty miserably. Had I been in my Disc spec, I would have fucked him up and he would have been taught a hard lesson. But, alas, I was fumbling around trying to figure out what to do and where the hell is my “Every Man for Himself” button? Ugh, I died pretty quickly. Grrr. I rez’d at the Graveyard and could not find the damn cave where I had died. Then I got DC’d while still dead and flying around aimlessly. Oh, for fuck’s sake. I logged back in a managed to find my body but it was time to get to work by then. I couldn’t go Rogue hunting because I just didn’t have the time. 😦

EDIT: Today on my TOC run I had a Paladin (in full T10) that needed on everything plate and won. Normally not a big deal but then I see him DE’ing those items! Pop – there goes an abyss crystal for everything he rolled need on. What an ass…


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