Dear Jaina,

You used to be my favorite character. I have since seen the Light and have taken Tirion as my favorite. But, Jaina, I still love you. I still carry around your gold coin from the Dalaran fountain in my bags. You were there with me in spirit as I killed your one time fiancé, Arthas. I like to think that my Priest is from Theremore and is tolerant of other races due to your wonderful example.

I can’t imagine the anguish you must feel. Do you wonder what would have happened if you would have stayed in Stratholme and forcefully made Arthas stop slaughtering the townspeople? Would that have really helped anything? Arthas still would have gone mad and went after Mal’Ganis – regardless of what had happened differently in Stratholme. Do you ever think “what if” you had done something different somewhere along the time line? I am sure you can think of at least a few times that you could have intervened and tried to stop the inevitable.

I used to think of you as in need of a good, strong man to help you through this tough time after loosing Arthas. I know your suitors haven’t been the best men to walk Azeroth. You were actually with Arthas but we cannot deny that Kael’thalas had the hots for you, either. I thought that a good, decent person, like Thrall, would do you good. I felt you needed someone to lean on – someone to sweep you off your feet and make you forget about that horrible ordeal.

I was wrong.

Jaina, you don’t need anyone, much less a man. You have proved time and time again how resilient you are. I let my own romantic notions take hold of my senses when I thought you and Thrall would be a good match. Yes, Thrall is a good man with the best of intentions but it would never work – neither the Horde nor the Alliance would tolerate it. You two are better off as friends and confidants – working together for the good of the world as a whole.

So, Jaina, I hope you stay exactly the way you are now – a friend to all peoples from gnomes to tauren alike. Please continue to steer young Anduin in the right direction. He is the future of the Alliance, after all. Also, whatever you do, do not fall for Varian! That man is a douche and nothing but trouble.


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