The Case for Renew as Disc

My guild and I were in HM ICC the other day and Lunassa remarked about my use of the spell Renew. He said something to the effect of “damn, that’s a lot of Renew!” as we were looking at the healing parse. I don’t see anything wrong with using Renew as Discipline. I never have, in fact. I think people need to think outside of the box and use every tool at their disposal. If Blizzard didn’t want us to use Renew, they would not have given it to us. I am aware that the Holy tree has some really nice Renew talents but the Disc tree isn’t devoid of buffs to Renew, either.

 Let’s look at our first tier of the new (4.0.1) Disc Tree. We have Twin Disciplines: Increases Shadow and Holy spell damage and healing by 6%. Also there is Mental Agility that: Reduces mana cost of your instant cast spells by 10%.

 Ok, let’s take a look at the Renew spell itself. Renew: 21% of base mana. Instant cast. Heals the target for 1095 every 3 seconds for 12 seconds.

 So as Disc we have just shaved 10% off the mana cost and increased it’s healing by 6%. Renew ticks will also crit – creating a stacking Divine Aegis up to a total of 20% of the caster’s health pool.

 Right now I have around 34K health so I could protentially create a DA that absorbs around 6800 damage. Who wouldn’t want to keep a Renew rolling on a tank? If nothing else, Renew keeps a constant stream of healing and a damn good chance of multiple DA procs. And what if that tank also had a 3 stack of Grace on them? That’s another 12% healing buff to Renew as Disc because Grace buffs ALL healing once it is on the target.

 1 Cast Penance on the tank to build up Grace

2 Bubble tank

3 Cast Renew on the tank

4 ?????

5 Success! Boss is dead and loot is handed out.

 Think about this, what if you were also running with the PW:B glyph that gives you another 10% healing buff to whomever is under that bubble. If all the above conditions are in effect (full stack of Grace, fully talented Twin Disciplines and PW:B glyph) we have effectively added 28% extra healing to Renew – as Discipline with no talents spent in the Holy Tree. If my math is correct this would mean a baseline Renew tick would hit for 251.85 extra – disregarding any gear coefficients like spell power or Tier bonuses.

 Being that Renew is also an instant cast spell it is the only healing spell that we can cast on the run, not counting a glyphed PW:S. Renew doesn’t have a debuff like Weakened Soul so I would have to say that is more reliable than a glyphed bubble and it heals for more.

 I can think of countless high mobility fights where Renew has been really helpful. Icehowl in TotC is a good example. When he does his bash into the wall – the raid can get really scattered. Having a Renew on the tank can give you a little bit of a cushion while you are running back in range to heal them back up. This same thing can happen on Lord Marrowgar in ICC once he Bonestorms. Sindragosa is another good example because there is always someone lagging behind (usually me, damn keyboard turning skills) when she draws everyone in – pop a Renew on them and keep on running. Also, keep a Renew running on the Ice Blocked people just before the Ice Block forms – it lasts for 12 seconds and keeps healing under the Ice Block. I could really think of a lot more examples but I won’t drone on and on about it.

 In closing, Renew was a good spell to use before 4.0.1 but now that it can crit and proc a Divine Aegis it has turned into a really awesome spell for all healing Priests not just Holy. I hope that other Disc Priests will look at what they have going for them rather than looking at what Holy has when thinking about Renew. I don’t think their mentality should be “well Holy has this other stuff” so I won’t use a perfectly good spell because Holy has a little bit of an edge. They need to stop thinking so negativity and utilize all the wonderful tools we have been given.

 So yes, I am a Renew using Disc Priest. I am not ashamed to think outside the box.

EDIT: I totally forgot about Archangel! Stack it up to 5 and you have another 15% extra healing to Renew! It just got even better…


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lunassa
    Nov 11, 2010 @ 22:38:14


    In my own defense, I hadn’t really looked at renew since 4.0. I just ignored it for the most part like I did previously.

    You also forgot that renew now lasts the full length of time like other heal over time effects. This means as you stack haste you start to get extra ticks of healing with the renew.

    I’ve been reviewing logs and you can bet that I use renew now. Not quite to the effect that I would as holy, though.


  2. Lunassa
    Nov 11, 2010 @ 22:40:49

    Here’s a breakdown for the haste effect on renew:

    Ticks Haste
    5 12.5%
    6 37.5%
    7 62.5%


    • tobeume
      Nov 12, 2010 @ 04:59:12

      I wrote this post just for you! LOL We were going to talk more about specs and stuff but then we kinda ran out of time so I thought it would be easier just to write for the interwebz to see. I keep up with various healing communities and I hate to see Disc Priests raging against Renew.

      I used it a bunch on Dreamwalker the other day. I tried to keep my Renew ticking on her as I healed the raid if I could spare the GCD. I reflexivly put it on the portal hoppers a few times, too. I just hate seeing health bars that aren’t green…

      That haste to HOT tick ratio is very interesting! I am thinking of reforging some crit now.

      Here’s something else interesting about DA and Mastery Rating:


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