I have finally found an awesome guild and I can now call myself “progressed” without sounding like a douche. We turned on the hard mode this week and never looked back. We are now 6/12 HM ICC. I am so proud of my guild and what we have accomplished in a few short weeks.

Marrowgar and Lady D didn’t give us any trouble. We 8 manned Gunship because the people in the cannons didn’t get buffs so when they jumped out of the cannons – they died because it bugged out. I got the Heroic version of Midnight Sun to replace my damn staff I’ve had for almost a year.

Saurfang was the most difficult. I went Shadow for it and was assigned to take the right side Blood Beast with our Mage. Holy crap! Do not let those things get anywhere near you! Instant death if they touch you. We finally got it with our tanks switching out stuns on them – this gave us enough extra time to down them. Most of the time I was yelling EEEK! at my screen and trying to kite them. I think it took us 7 or 8 tries but we did get him down. The Heroic version of my staff dropped and I absolutely did not roll on it. I am sick to death of looking at that horse head.

It is really nice to wipe on encounters again to learn what the mechanics are. It was getting a bit boring to do the same thing over and over – one shotting everything up to LK.

We did a few attempts on Dreamwalker – which is ridiculously hard on healers. Our DPS wasn’t interrupting the Frost Bolt Volleys at all causing me to run out of mana within the first couple of minutes. We tried to switch and have me run into the portals to get mana back but that didn’t work at all so we called it for the night.

The next day we started on the Plague Wing. Rot and Fester dropped no problem. It was so hard to see the Malleable Goo that was being thrown at us! I think I got hit by everyone of them but one. It took ages for a Penance to cast! 😦 It was horrible but luckily the other healers could see them better than me so we got him down fairly easily.

We got stuck on Prof P. There is so much going on in that fight that people were focusing on just the disease and not the slimes – not stacking or dps’ing them down. We banged our heads against it for a few wipes before going back to Dreamwalker.

I loaded up on +Spirit food and flasks before hand. I watched the Tankspot video and stressed to the DPS that I simply must have mana or the raid dies. Everyone did a lot better about the Frost Bolt Volleys and we only let one or two happen the whole night.

I really had to pace myself as far as mana went. I had to stop myself from bubbling the whole raid like I normally do because I could not predict if the dps could stop a Volley in time. I kept POM bouncing around and bubbled the tanks as needed. I tried to keep a Renew up on the dragon and hit her with Penance or Flash Heal when I could. We did get her down that night before we called it. We even got the Portal Jockey achievement!

So we are now 6/12. Next week should be easier since we know what to expect. I fully expect for us to make some head way on Prof P and dabble with the Blood Wing. It is an amazing feeling knowing that I have done something that most of the WoW playing population has not done or even have gotten to see. Treston says we’ll start working on Drakes once we have the Heroic encounters down. I hope this happens before my days off change. 😦


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