Dear Crywolf of Skywall,

  You, sir/madam, are an ass. How do you justify spending hours in a low level zone killing quest givers? Are you such a lifeless bastard that this gets your rocks off? Besides that, you have got to be the worst kind of ganking asshole because you left the Flight Master up. Everyone knows the first one you kill is the Flight Master for maximum annoyance of everyone in the zone. You are the Sarah Palin of trolls. You probably think the US has 57 states, as well.

I really hope you enjoyed me killing you not once, not twice but a staggering five times in Darkshore. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed being completely untouchable with 1200 resilience. There was at no time in which I was even remotely in danger of dying. All those diseases you put on me were quite funny seeing as I am a Priest and can cleanse them. Also, that ghoul of yours was secured in a lovely golden fence better known as Shackle.

That little move you did in the Inn where you thought you snuck up on me was quite amusing. Did you really think I didn’t see you ride up the side of the rocks with Path of Frost on, plain as day? Nice try but the poor Nelf Hunter you killed a few times had the presence of mind to have his tracking on and could see you. That Hunter knew to warn me whenever you were around because I was the only one doing anything about you for the longest time.

Yes, I was in Darkshore questing in a low level zone. I am working on getting Withers the pet. I have a clear purpose in going there and I try to be as nice and helpful to lowbie players as I can while I am in their zone. But, an 80 of the opposing faction just mucking about, trying to ruin other people’s game experience just fucking pisses me off. Yes, I protected those level 10 quest givers and players because that happened to me when I was level 10 over a year ago. I never forgot it. I never forgot how confused I was when the Flight Master was suddenly gone or the Innkeeper was dead and I couldn’t buy anymore water. I swore then that I would do whatever I could to prevent that from happening again to other people. It’s why I don’t kill Horde Flight Masters. (I did once and I was horribly guilty. I will never do it again.)

On a PvP server I might be able to understand it. But why on Azeroth would you go out to the boonies and slaughter everything (except the Flight Master) just because you can?

I know why. It’s because you are a Death Knight. Not just any Death Knight but an Orc one. If there has ever been a viler, needlessly violent, retched creature to ever exist I don’t know what it would be. I am quite honestly surprised that you didn’t pull out Army on one of those attempts to kill me. Not that it would have done anything at all but still surprising.

Now that I am looking at your Armory I cannot fathom how you got a 1550 Arena Rating because you clearly suck. You really must have been carried by an amazing healer because you hit like a pussy. Also, how does a full Wrathful DK only have 35K health? I have that much in my PvP set and I’m a clothie.

I must say that when I noticed you were wearing the Tabard of Brute Force it absolutely made me bust out laughing. Seeing your crumpled body eating the pavement while wearing THAT tabard has got to be the highlight of the day – maybe even for the next couple of days. I really wish I would have gotten a screen shot of me tea bagging your corpse but I didn’t have the good sense to do that after a hard day at work.

So, Crywolf – unguilded scrub of a Death Knight, I hope I see you again tonight in Darkshore. I don’t have to work tomorrow and I don’t have anything planned. I can spend hours and hours killing you or whatever Horde jackass decides to mess with my lowbie Alliance peeps. Don’t make me find the Horde Graveyard because I will corpse camp you until the cows come home. Count on it.

Here’s their Armory if interested:


Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving take time out to thank your healers. Especially the healers who have to deal with n00bs, idiots, people trying to tell you how to play your class, people not moving out of flame walls/breaths/fire/bad stuff in general, random dragon tail swipes, people getting into the whelp caves, people who think that stacking means to get away from each other, tanks who lost their taunt button, people who have to yell random shit while using an ability, suicidal DPS pulling aggro, DPS breaking Shackles, DKs who pop Army at the worst times, Warlocks who kill themselves with Life Tap, Paladins who run with Crusader Aura on all the time, Shadow Priests who Fear in dungeons, Disc Priests who don’t bubble for Infest, Boomkins who Typhoon mobs away from tanks, Shaman who don’t use totems because they cost too much mana, Hunters who claim not to have Feign Death, Rogues who Tricks to the healers, and Warrior tanks who don’t Thunder Clap.

 (Mages, by the way, are awesome. I never have a problem with them. They give us the best buff and yummy food. Hurray for Mages!)

“Holy” by Nyhm

I Can Has Raid Drake

Badassery in flight

Six of us got our Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher mounts on 22 Nov 2010. We are going back and working on the achievements the rest of the team missed so they can get their drakes, too. They deserve it just as much as the rest of us do.

On Sunday night we started working on “All You Can Eat” on Sindy. Unfortunately, Prins and Bag got DC’d, leaving us very bored in the middle of the night. This resulted in “Naked Bubble Dances”, comparing female toons’ “wedgies”, showing off various companion pets, looking at LOLcats and a bukkake. (I had to look up the correct spelling of that word. Wikipedia has a helpful picture on its entry.)


We came back the next day and got the achievement with minimal fuss, which was surprising. But, I’ll take it. The Lich King one took a bit to figure out the mechanics of it. But once we got the stacks up we killed him flawlessly.


Someone dropped a mailbox so we got our mounts right then.

Darion sent me a mount!

Drake party in Dalaran! We boasted in /trade about our achievement and, of course, Sugardreamz, had to rain on our parade. He is an absolute ass and he got trolled by a few of us long after we got our drakes. He said that we are stuck in the past and that drake is over 8 months go. If he really believed shit like that, he wouldn’t park himself in cities atop his Amani Warbear from freaking Zul’Aman that was removed in patch 3.0.2. According to him, 8 months is living in the past but 2 years ago is just fine as far as achievement mounts go.

SS courtesy of Luna

Once everyone has their drakes, we will take another screen shot. The ones I took weren’t centered very well since I was on the outide. Luna took the best shot for sure.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Shattering Patch dropped the next day. I reset my hearth to Stormwind with a heavy heart a few hours before it happened. I said my goodbyes to the Druid trainers in The Park before making my way to the Argent Tourney grounds for the night. I would ride out The Shattering under the protection of Tirion’s Peacekeepers.

I woke up the next day with achievements I didn’t have before. I had been granted the one for learning 310% flying and the revamped exploration ones for the new-old zones. I have a lot more Feats of Strengths now, too.  

Once I finished my AT dailies I hearthed home to Stormwind. I felt like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, I wasn’t in Kansas anymore. I did the new fishing and cooking dailies before going out into the new world.

I came to Goldshire and found the breadcrumbs quest for Westfall. That is what I wanted. I galloped over Horatio Laine to start the quests to find out what happened to Old Blanchy. I was a woman on a mission – a mission to avenge a horse. I found out who did it a few quests later. I killed those thugs.

Old Blanchy, you have been avenged!

Horatio Laine had me running all over the zone to gather clues as to the “big bad” that was behind all the murders and general bad stuff happening. A lot of familiar faces pop up and similiar quests to what was there before but no quest that I came upon was the same quest I had done before. Gone are the days of killing 50 goretusks for 8 livers. Quest items drop off of every mob you kill.

Go me!

There are some really fun quests. There is one to take control of a Harvester that is super fun! I wish I could have done that one a few more times.

One quest had me going into Westbrook to find propaganda that is circulating around the homeless people. You can right click on all of them to see what they say. I think this game reads my blog, for reals. I opened up the newspaper and this is what it said:

“Jim “Candles” McHannigan, an eye witness on the scene had this to say: “Yep. I saw the whole thing go down with my own two eyes. Was a female priest. She looked like she may have been on something. She slaughtered the poor bums in the board daylight while shouting obscenities and proclaiming her love for King Varian Wyrnn. I think she may have killed Lou immediately afterwards. I was too shaken up to see.”

OMG that is so me!

 The culmination of the quest line was quite predictable with the rise of the new Defias Brotherhood. There was a plot twist I did not see coming at all. I was pleasantly surprised by it. When you get the bread crumbs quest to Redridge you leave Sentinel Hill in flames.

No! Not the new roof!

I would like to say that if all Worgen men look like this in human form, sign me up! /purr

Hello, Admiral Ripsnarl!

Patch 4.0.3a PTR

There are spoilers in this post. If you don’t want to know anything about the upcoming patch, stay away!

I hopped on the PTR and logged into my Priest as she was a few weeks ago. I still had that damnable staff so I re-copied her the next day.

When I logged in that first time, I was at the bottom of the ocean outside of Theramore. An odd place to log into, for sure. I redid my talents as I waited for the boat to appear. Theremore looked like it did before from what I saw of it. I was begining to think this patch wasn’t really on the PTR. I was proven wrong as I entered into Menethil Harbor.

At least the gryphons are dry

From there I flew to Ironforge. I found the Council of Three Hammers in the throne room but other than that, I couldn’t see much of a change. There are guards who FLY around IF – not just patrol on foot. It’s pretty cool to watch them manuver around the city. And Hats off to Red Shirt Guy!

OMG! He's so tiny and adorable!

I will admit that I cried over my beloved Stormwind the first time I saw it. The entrance of the tram has been changed. There is a ramp outside the portal that slopes upward and leads to the Dwarven District. The first thing I noticed were the coblestones. Each section of the city has a different pattern of cobblestones. The city is easily twice as big as it was before and the new Keep is absolutely breathtaking.


There is a wooden bridge going across the moat that leads up to a massive water fountain. Varian thinks enough of himself to erect a huge statue of himself outside of the entrance to the Keep.

And how much did that cost, hhmm?

In the Trade Disctrict is an all new bank and auction house. It really feels like a real auction house now not just random people standing on a stage. In the city center there is a billboard that you can click on. I have no idea what this will be used for. Maybe daily quests?

Speaking of daily quests, I found the guy with the cooking Daily. It was interesting. I had to gather up crabs from the canals. When I turned it in I was award with 2 cooking awards and plus one skill point to my cooking. I didn’t actually get the skill point since it’s not actually Cata yet. I think it’s an interesting reward. I don’t know if it will give you a skill point all the way up to 500 whatever it is to max it out.

The same board can be found in IF

The city itself is amazing but once you get out into the human kingdom there are signs of unrest. Armed and mounted guards patrol the roads between Goldshire and Redridge. Many bodies of Horde lined the streets – most likely from these guards than Alliance players.

I decided to check out Westfall so I mounted up and merrily galloped through Elwynn. I wanted to see what happened to Old Blanchy. I recall Ghostcrawler saying that she would play a big part in Westfall and was interested to see what it was.

I have no words to describe the blasphemy of what happened to Old Blanchy.

But why?!?!

Not only was Old Blanchy cut down in cold blood there is some douche nozzle making a lame “cart before the horse” joke. Once this is on the live servers I am going to quest the human area to find out what happened to Blanchy and her people. One of my favorite quests is to find oats for her and I always did that quest on all of my alts. I just can’t believe this has happened to the poor horse.

In the field next to Blanchy there are homeless people fighting and robbing each other. Transients roam the countryside. As soon as someone is murdered in that field there is a call to check thier pockets and rob the body. It’s just horrible.
Riding into Sentinel Hill is really something to behold. The people have fortified the entire area and there is a huge wall being built up around it. There are a few battle tanks inside the walls. Outside the gates are the guards blocking homeless people from entering.

Horse poop indeed

The gryphons have been moved up to a platform near the tower. The view is amazing. I have no idea what this thing is in the distance but there’s all sorts of trees and chunks of earth flying up in it like a tornado. If you go down into it, there are elemental slimes running around.

I have a bad feeling about this...

The Inn at Sentinel Hill finally has a roof on it. My friend Bryan will be pleased by this as that roof was his biggest pet peeve in the game.

After 6 years, the roof is complete

There are tornadoes around Westfall that you can run up to and get thrown into the air. It’s pretty fun but I wouldn’t recommend it for low levels with low health. I took about 6K fall damage each time it slung me around.


After seeing enough of Westfall I headed back to Stormwind on the gryphon and logged out.

Damn you, Deathwing!

3rd on the server!

We successfully downed Heroic Sindragosa and rose to number 3 on the server for our catagory. It was a messy kill that we don’t much want to talk about.

Paladins aren't OP at all

It was a very messy attempt and most of us were dead so Luna and Borg released in anticipation of a full on wipe but the amazing happened and she died. They didn’t get their acheivements even though they had spent the two days and around 6-7 hours working on it. The grave yard bugged out and rez’d them alive instead of a ghost gryphon. We opened tickets and were told that even though they are eligble for loot they would not get the achievment. Luna stayed chatting with a GM about it for many hours to try to get credit for it but it was for naught. We will have to go back and kill her on Heroic again for our guys who didn’t get it.

We started on drake achievements this week. We got started a little late but managed to get all of the first wing achievements and the Plague wing achievements done. I only have 4 more to get before I get a nice boney drake to ride around on.

The funiest thing happened on Gunship. Somehow Saurfang heroically lept over to our boat! I sat there in amazement as he took one giant leap and landed on our boat, effectively killing Borg and everyone else in short succession.

Oh, Hai!

 Muradin, being the brave, dauntless Bronzebeard Dwarf he is, took on the tall order of intercepting Saurfang. The two great heroes battled fiercely on the arctic deck of The Skybreaker for supremacy of the skies over the Citadel. The bitter wind howled over the sounds of the stunned motley crew of raiders assisting The Alliance in defeating Arthas, who was once counted among their number. Muradin eyed the massive Orc with distain for befouling the deck of his precious air ship. The mighty Dwarf readied his great maces, his hands sweating despite the chill of the air. The wind blew through his thick beard as he charged the intruder but it was for nothing. Tirion’s carefully chosen heroes lain at Muradin’s plated feet, defeated by the savage Orc. Muradin swore to himself that the deaths of the heroes would not soon be forgotten and would be sung of for many generations in the taverns of Ironforge.

"Attacking You!" is never a good thing to see when healing

We got “I’m on a Boat” the next try and Saurfang was content to stay on the Horde ship that time. We just have the last 2 wings to work on before we get our drakes.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Earlier that day I got the title that I have wanted even before I started playing, Twilight Vanquisher. I remember seeing my BFF working on it hours after hours when Wrath was new.  I always thought it was cool sounding. I finally got into a group that did it and I am now a Twilight Vanquisher! Woot! I am ready to face Deathwing now that I have the appropriate title.

I was also dead set in fishing up the turtle mount. I’ve been trying for well over a year now and I didn’t want to leave Northrend behind with out it. I spent about hour and half fishing before I got one yesterday. I had enough fish for a stack of fish feasts and 60 odd Guru Elixers.

No, I didn't spam my space bar the next 10 minutes in gleeful joy

The Invasion event has begun in ernest in the capital cities. I’ve done it several times on the PTR so I knew what to expect. Apparently the IF event bugged out after the patch and no one can do 2 of the bosses because of it.

We were able to do the event in IF the first day, though. I have never seen so many people in Ironforge before.

Mammoth Party in IF!

Another dream came true, hunky King Varian took it upon himself to follow me around ZF and protect my squishy Priest self. AWWW… I would have prefered Tirion but Varian is a nice second option.

He's right behind me, isn't he?

Having run the event bosses, I retired to random BGs. I hadn’t had the pleasure of the random BG Queue since the battlegroups were combined so jumped right in. I got WSG for each of my randoms. Alliance won both of those matches. O.O This new BG thing might not be so bad, after all. I think I got 5 Killing Blows between the two – I like that.

Someone finally sees how epic I am in BGs...

Patch 4.0.3a is currently on the PTR so I logged on to check it out. There was Deathwing in all of his glory atop Stormwind. I looked around SW and Darnassus. I really needed to get to sleep so I left it.
This morning it dawned on me to make a Dwarf Shaman on the PTR. I miss my little Dwarf sometimes so what better thing to do than make another?
I get to the character creation screen and I make a female dwarf with dark pigtails. I think her starting outfit is really cute compaired to other starting gear. I log in and the frustration immediately sets in. The general chat is full of douche nozzles that won’t shut up or have a meaningful conversation in any way.
I get my very first quest and its to kill Trogs (of course). But, the NPCs in the starter areas are level 90 with almost 300K health. If a Trog even comes anywhere near the NPS, they get one shot. There is no time to even tag a Trog before, POW! They’re dead. I finally found my way over to another section of countryside with these Trogs and killed one. The game very helpfully told me to “Kill More Trogs!” I wish I was kidding. It really said that in big, bold letters in the center of my screen.
I killed my 6 Trogs and started running back to the NPC when I noticed that my cute little outfit is horrible! It is beyond horrible!
Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy
How… What? *sigh* My cloth start gear is defying gravity. My boobs are scientific wonders.
Yes, yes… I run into a tree at the end… Luckily, I had enough frontal cushion to soften the blow.

Dear Thassarian,

 Please stop sending me on completely retarded quests. And how many more dailies are you going to give me, FFS? You must be very well funded because I swear I made around 500g off of you today. I am sure I will be singing a different tune when I use you to fill up my quest log the day before Cataclysm hits but right now you are annoying me to no end. And wash your damn face, have some pride in yourself.

You constantly give me “group” quests that I can easily solo as a Shadow Priest except for one. All the “group” quests are marked as [5] players needed but I ROFLstomp all of them until I get to one called “Basic Chemistry”. On this one I need to throw a vile of whatever into a cauldron to make it stop doing what it’s doing. I throw my vile in and then about 20 slimes come after me. I killed them and the elite scourge that pops out. But, the vile has a minute and half CD on it. When the quest prompts me to throw more in I can’t because it’s on CD. You tricked me, you ass. Luckily, that quest isn’t part of a quest line so I can skip it.

I go back to Thassarian to turn in other quests and now I get one to get the Cultists’ plans, also marked as a “group” quest. I get into the room where the Researchers spawn and kill everything right down to the last mob and only have 2 of 3 pages to show for it. I wait and kill things as they respawn and finally after about 20 minutes do I have the completed Cultist Plans.

Fly back to Thassarian on The Skybreaker, here you go, Sir Death Knight. I hand in my plans. He gives me another quest… Another “group” quest in that same damn room as the Researchers! OMFG… Maybe I’ll get lucky and they won’t have respawned yet… No luck. The quest calls for me to reassemble a mob from various items around the room. The problem with this is that the items are right on top of the all the respawned Researchers I just killed twice for the quest directly before this one. I kill all of them again to get my pieces and the stupid pages that I needed last quest all drop off the first 3 mobs I kill even though I am not on that quest anymore. Queue a very frustrated Priest. (But a Priest with 30 Bolts of Frostweave cloth to show for it.)

I summon the big bad guy with the sum of his parts. Turns out it’s a Shadow Priest in T6 who thinks it’s fun to Mind Flay me, well right back atcha. I run out of the room, narrowly avoiding aggro’ing any respawned Researchers, and mount to fly up to the Skybreaker again where Thassarian waits with more quests.

I get back to Thassarian and tell him I have killed the bad guy and that I am ready for my next daring, amazing quest. What vile creations of the Lich King do I need to slay next? What great beast shall I tame in the name of the Light? Shall I collect more spines of abominations for you to snack on?

No, fearless Priest, you shall take this building kit and fortify some fences! … OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!



Here I am, Slayer of Kings, Crusader and Ambassador of the Alliance, Argent Champion, beloved by tanks and I have to build a worthless fence in the middle of nowhere that has absolutely no purpose?!

What *exactly* did I fortify?

You go too far, Thassarian, too damn far.

I got ganked today :(

I am only about 60 quests away from Loremaster of Northrend. I just have to finish up Icecrown. I’ve really been looking forward to this one for a long time. (More Tirion, yes, please!) I want to savor it, like that first sip of a Starbuck’s White Chocolate Mocha… mmmm…. so good… especially with lemon pound cake…

Anyway, I finished up all the Shadow Vault quests and solo’d the hard group quests in the area. (That damn arena thing can DIAF.) As such, I’ve been rocking in my Shadow spec. I’ve even taken to DPSing my daily TOC run.

Once I got done with those quests I kinda didn’t know where to go back to. There were no bread crumbs quest leading to anywhere else. I thought I was done with the Argent Vanguard but I went back just to make sure. I had apparently missed the human Priest in T8 stuck in a shack. He gave me a quest to talk to Tirion. (YES!) Then I had to protect a banner of some sort at the Crusader Pinnacle. That quest seems like it took longer than it should have but I got rewarded with more Tirion.

Tirion told me to go find some random person out in the middle of nowhere. I found the guy and he’s pretty badly sick. This begins a long quest line to save random dude that included me traveling to Moonglade, the Emerald Nightmare, Shattrath and all over Dragonblight. All of this for some random person. I had no interest in saving him but I needed the quests done so I did it. (I did get to see Krasus while I was at the Temple… Alexstrasza is one lucky lady.)

I finally got sent to the Skybreaker to start the quests there. I finally get into the meat of Icecrown. Along the way I managed to get flagged for PvP. I didn’t think much of it since there was literally no one else around. I didn’t even bother putting on my PvP gear – big mistake.

I got sent to a cave to free some slaves and as I am looting a body a freaking undead Rogue comes up behind me. I have no clue about Shadow PvP so I failed pretty miserably. Had I been in my Disc spec, I would have fucked him up and he would have been taught a hard lesson. But, alas, I was fumbling around trying to figure out what to do and where the hell is my “Every Man for Himself” button? Ugh, I died pretty quickly. Grrr. I rez’d at the Graveyard and could not find the damn cave where I had died. Then I got DC’d while still dead and flying around aimlessly. Oh, for fuck’s sake. I logged back in a managed to find my body but it was time to get to work by then. I couldn’t go Rogue hunting because I just didn’t have the time. 😦

EDIT: Today on my TOC run I had a Paladin (in full T10) that needed on everything plate and won. Normally not a big deal but then I see him DE’ing those items! Pop – there goes an abyss crystal for everything he rolled need on. What an ass…

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