Argent Tourney

I have been slowly making my way through the Argent Tournament in Icecrown. I wanted to get all the mounts and achievements before Cata hits because, honestly, I am tired of looking at Northrend. I’m not saying that there are not some really pretty places in Northrend – because I love the slower pace of Grizzly Hills and its music. But, I yearn for something new to look at. I am tired of doing to same old thing and can’t wait to get into the new zones and rediscover the redone old zones.

Anyways… The Argent Tournament is a grind that doesn’t really feel like a grind to me. I just got my “of Darnassus” title today with only the Exodar left before I’m a Crusader. I think I do 10-odd daily quests a day and make around 200g doing them. Then I hop in the LFD and do a Heroic TOC for extra Champion’s Seals with the fringe benefit of extra gold and gear to vendor.

Greatest Achievement ever?

I like the Argent Tournament. I think some people don’t really understand the purpose of it in the lore, but I totally understand what Tirion was thinking when he started it. Tirion is like a raid leader who wants to down bosses with the least amount of fail possible. He doesn’t have the benefit of “gear score” or WoW Heroes or Achievement linking to vet people like we do so he weeds out the bad ones in his tournament. Tirion just wants to make a good raid with the best people he can find. What better way to get a bunch of really good people than by offering them titles, mounts, tabards and small pets? I don’t think there is a better way seeing that he also pays pretty well. Tirion could be the greatest raid leader of all time.

Tirion doesn't put up with bullshit from the Horde

Tirion figures that anyone who takes weeks and months to get his little Tourney done is worthy to face the Lich King on his march to the Citadel. He is an equal opportunity employer – he wants the best of the best, regardless of if they are Alliance or Horde. This is what I love about him. He is one of the figures in the Lore who sees people as people – not as their race. He learned a very hard lesson about this when he freed Eitrigg and was forced into exile by his own people. I think we need more characters like this but I understand that if everything was kittens and sunshine that we wouldn’t have much of an entertaining game.

 We need to have villains and heroes alike for it all to work. But I do love and respect that we have reasonable people like Tirion, Thrall and Jaina. They know what’s best for the world and not just Alliance or Horde.

That been said… I have 90 mounts now. 🙂 I won’t get enough from the Tourney to get to 100 by the time Cata hits. I’ll be up to 98 mounts with just the ones I have left to get. I still need 855 seals so at 15 a day… I still have 57 more days at the Tourney. That’s not counting the seals I’ll need for the squire’s little pony. I have 43 days until Cata’s release. I am so not going to make it… LOL


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