I officially have too much time on my hands

3rd Kingslayer

Treston needed DPS for our ICC run so in came in my Hunter. I am not the best Hunter in the world, I will freely admitt it but I could not pass up the chance at the rep and Justice Points. Off I went into ICC not really expecting much. I honestly thought they would ask me to leave due to my low (5400-5700) DPS but we persevered. We one shot all of the instance, including Sindragosa, up to the Lich King. We got him down on the second day. When we downed him we even had no one dying the whole time. We’ve gotten really good at moving as a group now.

I got the Tainted Twig of the Nordarassil staff. My Druid is forever jelous and I am jelous of Lunassa who got the Halion staff. We are for sure doing Hard Mode next week. Treston has already said that we are going to wipe on a boss until we get it – no more doing a few attempts and switching back to normal. Next week is srs bsns. I will be back on my Priest next week for that.

Here's my pretty new staff

Lady RNG decided to give my Druid the HH mount today. /cry I’m never on my Druid anymore… This happened at Brewfest, too. My Druid got it first and then my Priest got it the last day of the holiday. I hope this luck continues. But I do have to say that seeing “no loot” on the screen after opening the loot bag is mighty depressing.

I’ve been doing the Argent Tourney dailies and they are rough. It takes about an hour and half to do them all because I can’t really joust well. There is a little something that makes it all better, though…

Fangirl? Who me?


I do like my new outfit. That’s my budding Shadow set. I need the matching gloves and belt now.

I have also been messing around with a Troll Shaman. She’s level 15 now and I did the quest to find Mankrik’s wife. What a sad quest! I’ve been running around The Barrens and sometimes this game really amazes me of how beautiful it can be.

the new water is amazing


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