Hallow’s End!

  OMG my favorite holiday is upon us! /dance

I stayed up late this morning to get a head start on the Headless Horseman and to get my Druid ready to do achievements. I got her all settled but I am still shaky on the tank rotation. It looks like it is going to be a lot of tab targeting and applying bleeds to AOE packs when Swipe is on CD. I was amazed to see that I had damn near 2500 Justice Points when I logged in to her that first time. I had enough to get her Resto set in good shape – got the T10 shoulders and gloves with the 264 belt. I still have about 400 points left over so I should be able to get the 264 cloak in a few days. I am sad that my Lockjaw is turning out to be a better weapon than my Trauma. I am happy I saved it in bank “just in case”.

The tank set that I so lovingly crafted underwent a few changes. The biggest being all of the Armor Pen is now crit rating – which isn’t all bad. The biggest thing that changed and I knew it would, was the armor value of my set. I went from a touch over 34K armor to barely 29K armor in bear form. I gained about 4 or 5K in health so I guess it balances everything.

I made my way to the training dummies but the rotation just seemed “off” so I went to Heroic Sethekk Halls to try it out on Anzu. It took ages to kill a pack of trash with more than 2 mobs. I think I have figured out the new Thorns and that helped a lot but it still took considerably longer. My DPS was nerfed, too. I was putting out about 3400 but now it’s down to 2900.

Anzu was waiting for me in his little room. I knew this was true since I read about it but I wasn’t expecting for him to be there on his own. Those damned annoying fearing trash mobs were gone, thankfully. The mount didn’t drop but I am a little more comfortable with the tank rotation now.

But not comfortable enough to tank the Headless Horseman yet. I am glad I didn’t! Every tank I had DC’d at the pumpkin and then random party members would DC for no reason. I don’t like healing in caster form. I don’t like seeing my perky boobs bouncing all over the place. I am thinking a Worgen race transfer will be on the menu once it’s available.

I finally got it done on my Druid after about 4 failed starts. The group I did it with successfully (on my Druid) had a rogue and a hunter who started the event and then tricked and MD’d to the tank so it was OK by the time the tank came back online. I got the sword on my Druid and the pet on my Priest. My Priest already has the pet, ffs! At least I got a goofy broom to fly around on…

Today when I got up all I got was Justice Points – which is OK. I would rather have had the mount but I am going to get some Frost badge stuff for my Shadow set so it’s all good.

I am amazed that I can’t recite the HH’s lines anymore. I thought it was engraved into my brain after last year. I would ride up to SM and all I could think of were his lines on an endless loop. I need to go fight the fires in Goldshire still so maybe I will end up remembering a few…


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