God damnit, Tirion!

I went back and started on Tirion’s quest line in EPL the other day. He was just so pitiful that I had to go back and kill a crap ton of mobs so he could eat for the winter. He offered me some of the Carrion Worm meat and said I would “get used to the taste” in due time. Somehow, I don’t think I would eat it to begin with.

Anyways, he really opened up about his son, Taelan. Taelan had lost his way and joined the Scarlet Crusade. Tirion wanted me to retrieve several items from their pasts to help Taelan remember who he was and leave the Scarlet Crusade. I had to get a childhood toy, a banner and a painting from Stratholme.

I haven’t really done Strat since the Baron gave me his pony but off I went anyways. I am so glad I did! I went in through the back gate and the rare spawn add on went off to tell me that Hearthsinger Forresten was around. I found him and killed him. The loot gods smiled on me and there was the Piccolo of the Flaming Fire! Oh, yes. It was totally mine! I cannot wait until I can use it on the gold spammers in IF and SW. I have honestly never seen it drop before and I have been in there SO MANY times.

I made my way over to the Scarlet side and slaughtered everything. I think I looted about 40g total and had enough cloth to make 50 bolts of Runecloth. I didn’t even try to clear all of it. I just killed what I aggro’d and made some nice money (and a fun trinket). It was worth it. Sadly, no Priest dungeon gear dropped. I got the painting and headed back to Tirion.

Tirion then sent me over to Uther’s tomb in the WPL. I talked to a gnome who said she had been Tirion’s advisor before his exile. She agreed to disguise me so that I could talk to Taelan in Hearthglen. I was made to look like a bald male human with a black goatee. >< Not exactly the best costume ever but it did the trick as the Scarlet guys now were green and friendly to me. I rode up to the keep and found him inside surrounded by 4 elite Scarlet guards.

I gave Taelan Tirion’s gift. Seeing this made Taelan snap out of his stupor and turn on the Scarlets. He ROFLstomped those guards and told me to take off my disguise or suffer his wrath unintentionally. I gladly took it off and outside we went, killing everything in our path. During this escort phase I was able to bubble him and protect him from mobs. We mounted and rode slowly out of Hearthglen until we were met with Isillien and his lackeys.

We dismounted to face him. I found that I could not bubble Taelan any longer and any Penance I hurled at him just healed myself. Oh, god. No. Just no. Isillien killed him and I could do nothing but watch it all unfold. In my mind I knew Taelan was killed but I didn’t think that the Devs would make us be part of it. It was like playing a half dead Zach at the end of Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. It absolutely tore me up. I couldn’t believe it. I killed that bastard Isillien and started the long journey back to Tirion.

Tirion was waiting for me down the hill. He was mounted on his trusty brown horse – just standing there. He had seen the death and didn’t do anything about it. I am fuzzy on why he didn’t help or maybe he had just arrived after Taelan was cut down. I don’t know. It just broke my heart to see him there on his lonely horse. He is resolved to start up the Knights of the Silverhand again and his title changes accordingly. This is where his quest line ends.

This quest tore me up. I haven’t cried this much on a quest since I set a baby gryphon free in the Hinterlands.

God damn it, Tirion. I thought I couldn’t love you more than I already did. I hear that you will be reclaiming your home in Hearthglen come Cataclysm. Whatever you need, I am totally there. I will wear my “the Argent Champion” title with pride.


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  1. Solidfaith
    Oct 13, 2010 @ 16:50:47

    “I made my way over to the Scarlet side and slaughtered everything. ”

    I’m curious, don’t the mobs give you any problems as a priest? Personally as a clothie I’m always getting grief even from lower level mobs since my armor is so low. Sure I kill them quick if I can DPS them, but if I get interrupted, locked out, silenced, stunned or whatever, I quickly start to lose health.

    Do you have any special tactics you use, maybe pull only small groups? Or do you just go in and mind-flay/sear like crazy?


    • tobeume
      Oct 13, 2010 @ 17:34:51

      I’m Disc so Mind Sear really doesn’t do much for me. What I do is pull a hallway at a time and line of sight the casters so that they group up. Then I just bubble myself and spam Holy Nova. The Holy Nova procs Divine Aegis so I’m never taking any damage and if I do I’m getting healed – regardless of how many I have on me. I try to Shadow Word: Death on the runners if I can. Other than that, just Holy Nova the place to the ground. Even with my mana pool it’s still rough on mana, though.


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