Things I’ve Noticed

I am after World Explorer. I’ll have it when I get home tonight – just about 4 zones to finish up. For some reason, I thought it was really cool to run around all willy nilly and never get any exploration achievements unless by accident. This left me with a ton of zones that I only needed to find one or two places in. I really don’t know which was more frustrating: knowing I was right there months ago and didn’t get it or the zones I had skipped completely – only going for the holiday achievements. I guess I didn’t really care at the time.

I have two reasons for starting this now. I really want to see the world before it is changed and I finally got my Talbuk mounts! Yay! They are so pretty I just had to run them ragged across the old world. I am a bit worried that all the old, really cool ground mounts will be something of a novelty once we are able to fly everywhere. That and there will not be a “hub” city for Cataclysm other than our faction cities. There’s not going to be anymore running circles around Dalaran so everyone can see that shiny new mount you worked hard to get. This makes me sad in a way. I liked seeing the different Horde mounts and the colors they came in. I was always jealous of Horde Paladins and their prettier red ponies. Now where will I ever see a giant Tauren Pally on his tiny horse? I just can’t roll into Org looking for a Pally without getting beaten to death. I understand they want clearer faction lines but I am still going to miss it. There’s really not going to be a reason why a level 85 will want to go to Dalaran now, except maybe to level cooking or buy a little pet. I wonder if people felt sad about Shattrath after BC the same way I feel about Dalaran… hhmmm…

Anyways… I have been exploring the old world on my days off. I have noticed a lot of ship wrecks. Any bit of coast line that is a bit out of the way has a sunken ship around it. It’s like the Devs just couldn’t let a piece of real estate go without adding something. I guess a beach in onto itself just wasn’t good enough – they had to fill it with something. And with beaches come Murlocs. I am convinced that every zone has some kind of Murloc inhabitant. I love Murlocs. Inevitably, I will stop and aggro a level 10 Murloc just to hear it yelling at me as I ride away.

I have also revisited zones that I loved while leveling my Priest. By the time I had hit my alts I was burned out on questing and raced to level 80 with very few stops in between. Duskwood is by far my favorite zone. My dearest wish is that Gilneas will have the same feel as Duskwood. In the same vein, I loved Silverpine Forest. I was surprised to find an Alliance refugee camp outside of the Greymane Wall. The guys running around were bugged and skated across the terrain. There was only a repair guy out of the handful of NPCs that you can interact with. I don’t know what these guys are for – maybe mobs for a Horde quest? There was a shit ton of Worgen out running around, too. Are these ones skinable, too? I have read that these Worgen are Human during the day and are friendly to Alliance players but turn Worgen at night.

I loved Ashenvale when I was leveling (and grinding Darnassus rep for my first kitty mount). There was only one section that I was missing on the map and it was directly in front of the eastern flight point. I could not believe I had never been here before since it just yards away from the FP. I rode up to the point to find it inhabited by level 57 elite Dragonkin – now I know why my little low level self didn’t try it.

There are other zones that I wish I never have to see again. Desolace and Stonetalon Mountains spring to mind. Bloodmyst Isle to a certain extent because it absolutely gives me a headache each time I go out there even though I like some of the colors used in it.

Eastern Plaguelands is another I would rather skip because it’s too damn big and you have to go all around the damn barn to get anywhere. Also, I hate Tirion there. He is such a great hero and he lives so terribly. I know the lore but it kills me to see him like that – all alone in tattered clothes with just a horse to keep him company. The text of one of the quests he gives says he doesn’t have much to give in return for completing it other than a little bit food and good conversion. I would love that! If that were true, I would do those terrible quests to kill 50 of different types of whatever. I would love to sit down and have a meal with him – regardless of how small. But, alas, WoW doesn’t really work that way, regardless of how much I want it to.

Poor Tirion... 😦 At least you have your horsey

WTB romantic dinner with Tirion, PST

I have come to realize things I will miss in Cataclysm, as well. I will miss the “hub cities” for one. I will also miss something as small as the water. The water the way it is now does have a certain serenity and beauty about it. I will miss the old Stormwind. I love SW with a passion. It feels like home to me. I don’t want to see anything bad happen to it even though I know its coming. I will miss hiding in Dalaran from low levels asking for gold. I never got a random whisper while in Dalaran from someone wanting something. If someone asked me in SW if they could have some gold, I just put them on ignore and hearthed back the safety of somewhere a low level couldn’t get to. Now I won’t be able to avoid those leaches.

I also know things I won’t miss. I won’t miss trying to find a creative way up the side of a mountain to get to a remote quest or area. I will just be able to fly up there. I won’t miss the Flight Points taking the long way to get anywhere. I can fly myself or the new FPs won’t be as long, according to TotalBiscuit. I won’t miss having to do two raid lock outs a week, especially because I hate 25’s with an all out passion.

I have exactly 2 months before Cataclysm hits. Now is the time to finish stuff I won’t have time to do come 07 Dec. I can’t imagine what the next thing will be. Maybe finishing up Aldor rep?


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