It’s not patch day… QQ

Here’s the gear that was damn near the same. The ring is from the AQ20 guy and the back is from the Princess in Mara.

they trade hit for haste

In Stormwind, you have to dress up as a Cultist to do most of the quests. I don’t normally like the more revealing outfits but I really like this one. Luckily, getting this outfit is nowhere near as frustrating as dressing up in Silithus for Cenarion rep. To get this outfit you just have to click on a box near the Cultists in SW. It’s way better than grinding mobs for hours.

Can I keep this, please?!

Another quest has you running around with a sandwich board over your pretty new outfit…

It's the end of the world as we know it...

When you turn in all of your quests Varian calls you a hero…

He knows my name... /swoon

The event on it’s own it pretty fun. Too bad those elementals can totally pwn squishy people like me. You get 3 or 4 of them on you and you are pretty much dead. 😦 I don’t know if it’s intentional or not. It is exciting but frustrating to have to run all the way back.

This the very begining and you have to stack sandbags

This the save the citizens phase

Once you save all the citizens you can Q for the event bosses and get ICC 10 ilvl 251 gear. The stats are pretty nice if you haven’t just spent the last nearly entire year in ICC. ><

Here's our lovely King helping out

Druid healing kinda blows right now. At least they gave us a beautiful new animation for Regrowth – if you ever get to cast it. I cast it 4 times and I was damn near OOM. Right now we won’t be able to keep this on the tank like we used to do.

oohhh.... prettty....

The new water looks amazing. It is so neat and it is just a huge upgrade from the Vanilla water.

You really have to see it yourself

The Archangel wings are fantastic! I luffs them… At 5 stacks of Evangelism they return nearly 7K mana with my Mana Pool.



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