Halion Down!

After three grueling days in Ruby Sanctum, we finally got Halion down.

It just boggles my mind that this same Kingslaying group had so much trouble with one purple dragon. I honestly think the Lich King fight is way harder than Halion. Shit, even Sindragosa is harder. Halion is a “don’t stand in the bad” fight and requires the DPS to actually pay attention.

I came in at the tail end of it, after all the trash had been cleared. I was to be the outside tank and Treston would lead our motley crew inside the portal. Jan would stay outside with me to provide epic Holy Pally heals.

The first phase is a cake walk: run out of bad stuff – switch sides to avoid bad stuff. Pew Pew until he goes in the portal. The outside tank then will dance with the Holy Pally while 8 other people do all the work. The said tank will get very worried as she can see everyone’s health on her raid frames. Treston stays at 11% health for way too long. The Priest yells out that no one cleansed him, even though he is the designated cleanse bitch. Bodies start dropping out the sky. It’s no use b-rezing anyone because it’s a wipe. We jump in the portal and dutifully die like everyone else.

And so begins 3 nights of wipes on an easy boss.

They finally got phase two figured out and then came the inevitable DPS have to think and listen to instructions phase – which ended badly. Granted, it was the middle of the night and I myself was a bit tired so I can’t really say much to other people’s mistakes. But damn, “white damage only on the outside” does not mean “blow all CDs on the outside”.

I went from taking manageable 9-13K hits to 18-23K hits. Fully raid buffed in there I was at 60.4K health with a touch over 34K armor. Most of the damage is physical so I was able to mitigate a good bit of it. But, 23K hits are almost half my health pool. It got especially bad when Jan got the consumption and had to run away for a few seconds. I did everything I could to stay alive – popping everything I had each time. I even had Lock Rocks but I could not stay alive with the DPS trying to brute force that dragon in and out of the real world.

We finally got it on that third day and he dropped a pretty nice Holy Pally belt and a Feral Druid/Rogue chest. Nobody needed that loot. We gave the belt to the Ret for his off-off spec and we disenchanted the leather chest because I have the far superior 264 chest. Boo… At least we got him down…

Such a pretty dragon... 😦

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Cataclysm on 07 Dec! Woot! I can’t wait… I am off that week, too. The Universe has smiled on me today. I woke up to the official release date and then I got the Kodo out of my Priest’s Brewfest Goodie Bag! Thank you, Loot Gods! I now have 77 mounts and should have the Talbuks sometime this week.

I was on the PTR again last night to see what was going on. I got to see the two event bosses I hadn’t seen before. I am still a little shaky on how you get each boss. Last week I could Q for the flame guy and the princess in SW – this week I could do it in IF and then the other two were in SW.

The two I saw were with King Varian. (Be still my heart!) They were for ZF and AQ20. The most annoying thing about it was the Varian was following our tank around. Our tank was a bit erratic in their pulling methods and it took me forever to get the quest to kill the bosses. Every time I would talk to Varian, the tank would be off killing trash and there goes Varian to “help”. It was frustrating. I don’t recall the dwarf king acting like that. He waited at the entrance for the pull and then joined the battle. Is Varian more proactive? Or is the dwarf king just more chill?

These other bosses are less tough on the tanks. They are pretty much free loot. I saw a ring and a cloak drop with almost the exact same stats. They both have gem slots. I can totally see myself farming these bosses for my Hunter if they drop something Huntery.


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