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In the wee hours of Wednesday morning, 29 September 10, it was decided that we would “work on the Lich King” for a bit. I had just gotten my Hunter into her first ICC run ever and I wanted to wait it out until it was called so they waited on me. They asked if I would mind tanking it and I didn’t. I thought we would just go in and learn the fight and down him the next day when I could bring my Priest. I was wrong.

We still had Sindy to go before we could move on to Arthas. Treston was a person I had not raided with but we turned out to have really great co-tank chemistry. I haven’t felt that way about another tank since I had run with Kells many moons ago. We just sort of clicked and knew what to do and when to do it. We wiped twice on Sindy since our Shaman hadn’t seen the fight before and ended up ice blocking over half of raid. That’s fine. We picked ourselves up again and downed her with relatively no drama. I have no idea what dropped – I really don’t need anything from her.

Say cheese, Arthas!

On we went up to Lich King. Thinking that we would need work on the first transition we only explained this part of the fight to the people who had never seen it. We were wrong. That first attempt took us well into the second phase with Val’kyrs and Defile. We wiped and explained more of the fight. We tried again – got better at slowing the Valks and running out on Defile. I got better with the tank swap from Raging Spirits to the Lich King. I think Paladin Treston had more slowing type things so I made sure to take LK before Valks. My Bash is pretty cool but on a long CD. We wiped. We came back in and our Shaman got drawn into the sword – not knowing what to do he said he “healed the spirit” and died. This signaled our next wipe.

Now we were getting really good at transition phases and we saw Vile Spirits. Janadras was yelling at me to soak something. Turns out I needed to run around and smack those spirits to absorb the damage so our healers would have less to do. (Fully buffed my health was at 77.7K) I needed to do this even if I still had a Raging Spirit on me.

Ok, we tried again. We did everything to near perfection but when the Vile Spirits came I was stuck on the wrong side of the platform (with a Raging Spirit) with a big blob of Defile in the center. There was no where for me to go and in the shuffle of me having to turn away the Raging Spirits I was well behind on getting across the platform and out of range of healers. The Defile had spread and there was nothing to help it – I died. At this point Arthas was within 10% of us winning. Squishy DPS had to soak up the Vile Spirit damage and we lost a few. All CDs were blown and people started dropping like flies with 2% to go. Treston was the last one standing for that last 1% and he was enough to take it over the edge before dying.

see how far away I was?!

I couldn’t really see what was going on from across the platform so I didn’t know if we had really done it. I noticed Arthas didn’t reset but I wasn’t really sure. My home internet fades out at night so my Vent was logging out and back in constantly so I couldn’t hear the boys for what seemed like ages. I didn’t know what was happening – I was in an information vacuum.

uumm... guys?

I saw Tirion come out of his ice block – I knew we had won. I took the rez and we proceeded to beat the shit out of Arthas until he fell and the cut scene started. I watched about half the cut scene because the previous Kingslayers in our group were getting annoyed we were taking so long because we could just go to the Dalaran fountain to watch it.

Go, Go, Tirion Tornado!

Take that, you bastard!

In my bliss I didn’t get to screen shot my achievement and no one would hold still for a group screen shot. I am a sad panda because of that. The loot consisted of the 2 hander mace and some rogue dagger. We have no rogues and that mace was a fantastic upgrade for me. I won the roll! Yay! My Druid now wields the Warmace of Menethil. (It looks pretty bad ass with Mongoose.)

Lich King is down for the count!

After all the elation of finally beating Arthas, I did what any tired Druid would do. I headed for Moonglade for some peace and serenity among my fellow Druids. I made my way down to the Barrow Dens and rested my bear head in a comfy den and slept.

Triumphantly back home in Moonglade

I honestly don’t care that I got Kingslayer on my Druid and not my Priest. I love that I have seen most of this expansion when I thought I would never see any of the raid content.

Apparently Kingslayer was the kick in the pants my guild needed to start raiding again. We put several good attempts on Halion in RS10 and we are going back to down him tonight. I can’t wait. Although, I do feel bad about killing such a pretty dragon.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

On a different note, the PTR seems to be fixed after last week’s patch. You can now complete all the Pre-Cataclysm event quests and bosses. The flame guy in BRD will wipe a group within seconds if people do not exit the fire. Anymore than one second in the fire, you are dead. I used to try to type out “get out of the fire” in /p but by the time I had done that the tank was down.

Tanks take an incredible amount of damage from each of these event bosses. I’ve had bear tanks, Paladin tanks, Warrior tanks and DK tanks – it doesn’t matter. They have nerfed armor hard on the PTR and tanks just don’t have other mitigation stats to keep up with it. Take my bear for example; I stopped looking at pieces with Agility and Attack Power – going instead for Armor Pen and Strength. I have lost a good bit of dodge and armor because of this. I was tired of people pulling off me because my threat was low so I went to maximize my threat with sacrificing some extra dodge and armor. This may turn out to be a very bad thing. I haven’t copied my Druid to the PTR yet because, frankly, I am afraid to tank on her with all the changes. I am just now getting a handle on Priesting again. I may not have anymore time to play on the PTR with new talents since the patch may be hitting live next week.

Oh, well. I have enjoyed the Pre-Cataclysm events immensely. I am surprised there’s no sort of achievement for it that I have seen. I still have one quest to finish up so maybe after I get that one done.


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