Dear Headless Horseman, (pt2)


I hate you. Take this stupid pet back – I’ve looted at least 20 of them this year alone. Or maybe I could trade them in for a mask that I actually need for the achievement and not the same old Flimsy Female Dwarf that I have been getting. I used to be a female dwarf – not funny, asshole.

Looks like I will go *another* year without a flying pony of doom.

No love,

Tobe – The Priest stuck at 92 mounts


Dear Headless Horseman,

Please give my Priest a pony. She likes ponies and he will have a good home among the other ponies.


Tobe – The Priest with 92 mounts

Argent Tourney

I have been slowly making my way through the Argent Tournament in Icecrown. I wanted to get all the mounts and achievements before Cata hits because, honestly, I am tired of looking at Northrend. I’m not saying that there are not some really pretty places in Northrend – because I love the slower pace of Grizzly Hills and its music. But, I yearn for something new to look at. I am tired of doing to same old thing and can’t wait to get into the new zones and rediscover the redone old zones.

Anyways… The Argent Tournament is a grind that doesn’t really feel like a grind to me. I just got my “of Darnassus” title today with only the Exodar left before I’m a Crusader. I think I do 10-odd daily quests a day and make around 200g doing them. Then I hop in the LFD and do a Heroic TOC for extra Champion’s Seals with the fringe benefit of extra gold and gear to vendor.

Greatest Achievement ever?

I like the Argent Tournament. I think some people don’t really understand the purpose of it in the lore, but I totally understand what Tirion was thinking when he started it. Tirion is like a raid leader who wants to down bosses with the least amount of fail possible. He doesn’t have the benefit of “gear score” or WoW Heroes or Achievement linking to vet people like we do so he weeds out the bad ones in his tournament. Tirion just wants to make a good raid with the best people he can find. What better way to get a bunch of really good people than by offering them titles, mounts, tabards and small pets? I don’t think there is a better way seeing that he also pays pretty well. Tirion could be the greatest raid leader of all time.

Tirion doesn't put up with bullshit from the Horde

Tirion figures that anyone who takes weeks and months to get his little Tourney done is worthy to face the Lich King on his march to the Citadel. He is an equal opportunity employer – he wants the best of the best, regardless of if they are Alliance or Horde. This is what I love about him. He is one of the figures in the Lore who sees people as people – not as their race. He learned a very hard lesson about this when he freed Eitrigg and was forced into exile by his own people. I think we need more characters like this but I understand that if everything was kittens and sunshine that we wouldn’t have much of an entertaining game.

 We need to have villains and heroes alike for it all to work. But I do love and respect that we have reasonable people like Tirion, Thrall and Jaina. They know what’s best for the world and not just Alliance or Horde.

That been said… I have 90 mounts now. 🙂 I won’t get enough from the Tourney to get to 100 by the time Cata hits. I’ll be up to 98 mounts with just the ones I have left to get. I still need 855 seals so at 15 a day… I still have 57 more days at the Tourney. That’s not counting the seals I’ll need for the squire’s little pony. I have 43 days until Cata’s release. I am so not going to make it… LOL

I officially have too much time on my hands

3rd Kingslayer

Treston needed DPS for our ICC run so in came in my Hunter. I am not the best Hunter in the world, I will freely admitt it but I could not pass up the chance at the rep and Justice Points. Off I went into ICC not really expecting much. I honestly thought they would ask me to leave due to my low (5400-5700) DPS but we persevered. We one shot all of the instance, including Sindragosa, up to the Lich King. We got him down on the second day. When we downed him we even had no one dying the whole time. We’ve gotten really good at moving as a group now.

I got the Tainted Twig of the Nordarassil staff. My Druid is forever jelous and I am jelous of Lunassa who got the Halion staff. We are for sure doing Hard Mode next week. Treston has already said that we are going to wipe on a boss until we get it – no more doing a few attempts and switching back to normal. Next week is srs bsns. I will be back on my Priest next week for that.

Here's my pretty new staff

Lady RNG decided to give my Druid the HH mount today. /cry I’m never on my Druid anymore… This happened at Brewfest, too. My Druid got it first and then my Priest got it the last day of the holiday. I hope this luck continues. But I do have to say that seeing “no loot” on the screen after opening the loot bag is mighty depressing.

I’ve been doing the Argent Tourney dailies and they are rough. It takes about an hour and half to do them all because I can’t really joust well. There is a little something that makes it all better, though…

Fangirl? Who me?


I do like my new outfit. That’s my budding Shadow set. I need the matching gloves and belt now.

I have also been messing around with a Troll Shaman. She’s level 15 now and I did the quest to find Mankrik’s wife. What a sad quest! I’ve been running around The Barrens and sometimes this game really amazes me of how beautiful it can be.

the new water is amazing

Hallow’s End!

  OMG my favorite holiday is upon us! /dance

I stayed up late this morning to get a head start on the Headless Horseman and to get my Druid ready to do achievements. I got her all settled but I am still shaky on the tank rotation. It looks like it is going to be a lot of tab targeting and applying bleeds to AOE packs when Swipe is on CD. I was amazed to see that I had damn near 2500 Justice Points when I logged in to her that first time. I had enough to get her Resto set in good shape – got the T10 shoulders and gloves with the 264 belt. I still have about 400 points left over so I should be able to get the 264 cloak in a few days. I am sad that my Lockjaw is turning out to be a better weapon than my Trauma. I am happy I saved it in bank “just in case”.

The tank set that I so lovingly crafted underwent a few changes. The biggest being all of the Armor Pen is now crit rating – which isn’t all bad. The biggest thing that changed and I knew it would, was the armor value of my set. I went from a touch over 34K armor to barely 29K armor in bear form. I gained about 4 or 5K in health so I guess it balances everything.

I made my way to the training dummies but the rotation just seemed “off” so I went to Heroic Sethekk Halls to try it out on Anzu. It took ages to kill a pack of trash with more than 2 mobs. I think I have figured out the new Thorns and that helped a lot but it still took considerably longer. My DPS was nerfed, too. I was putting out about 3400 but now it’s down to 2900.

Anzu was waiting for me in his little room. I knew this was true since I read about it but I wasn’t expecting for him to be there on his own. Those damned annoying fearing trash mobs were gone, thankfully. The mount didn’t drop but I am a little more comfortable with the tank rotation now.

But not comfortable enough to tank the Headless Horseman yet. I am glad I didn’t! Every tank I had DC’d at the pumpkin and then random party members would DC for no reason. I don’t like healing in caster form. I don’t like seeing my perky boobs bouncing all over the place. I am thinking a Worgen race transfer will be on the menu once it’s available.

I finally got it done on my Druid after about 4 failed starts. The group I did it with successfully (on my Druid) had a rogue and a hunter who started the event and then tricked and MD’d to the tank so it was OK by the time the tank came back online. I got the sword on my Druid and the pet on my Priest. My Priest already has the pet, ffs! At least I got a goofy broom to fly around on…

Today when I got up all I got was Justice Points – which is OK. I would rather have had the mount but I am going to get some Frost badge stuff for my Shadow set so it’s all good.

I am amazed that I can’t recite the HH’s lines anymore. I thought it was engraved into my brain after last year. I would ride up to SM and all I could think of were his lines on an endless loop. I need to go fight the fires in Goldshire still so maybe I will end up remembering a few…

Golden Boobies of Healing

The other day my fellow Disco Priest, Lunassa, and I were discussing our new talents and spec. We talked about Atonement and pretty wings. He made the remark that our new Power Word: Barrier looks like a golden boobie. I was honestly relieved when he said it because I had thought the same thing in WG earlier that day.

Golden Boobies of Healing!

Kingslayer Again and Patch Nonsense

  I haven’t done much raiding after a major patch before so I really didn’t know what to expect come Tuesday. I knew about all the talent changes and what not from playing on the PTR. I made it a point to heal one last dungeon as a Tree to say good bye to it. I had the unfortunate luck of running with a really horrible tank and the experience was made all the more sad. I had one last dance with my Sproutling.

The servers took their sweet time coming up on Tuesday – like they always do on a major patch. You would think Bliz would have perfected this after all these years. But, alas, they haven’t. My day leading up to the realms coming back consisted of eating Mexican food with BFF, taking the dog for a ride, watching a lot of Bleach episodes and napping. A nice day had it not have been a near constant checking of the forums to see when the realms would be back up.

When it did come back I was greeted with new talents and no guild tab. To see who in my guild was on at any one time I had to /who – kind of odd but not the worst thing ever.

I got my hunter up first. I got a new BM spec and started running around Azeroth taming all the animals I didn’t have room for before. (Still no Spirit Beast – why do you mock me, Locque?!) I went and got a color changing Gundrak raptor and called it HoneyRaptor since I am huge Yogscast nerd. The next one I got was a silvery white Corehound that I named Toshiro after the Captain of Squad 10 in Bleach. I then traversed to Outlands and got a Violet Dragonhawk called Orihime (after another Bleach character). I made a raid and got a tiger from ZG, too. (My BFF thinks I’m a nerd for doing that since the tigers in SVT are the same skin but it matters to ME.) Once I have a Spirit Beast, I will be happy until I can have a Fox.

It took a few days to really get used to the Focus system. I was doing 4-5K in heroics as MM and then hit rock bottom at 1900. I felt just horrible so I read up on it. Apparently, BM is spam Arcane Shot and Steady Shot for Focus so you can continue spamming Arcane Shot. It took a while to get used to a simple rotation after the larger MM one but I managed to be around 4K again. I also picked up my T10 gloves and the 264 cloak and belt. I still need the other T10 but I’m not entirely sure if I want to put that much work into with less than 2 months to go.

I logged over to my Priest to get her settled for what I thought would be raid night. I decided to get my secondary Shadow spec back since my crazy ass Arena spec wasn’t something I could duplicate with the new talent system. There’s no way I can have both Penance and Mind Flay both like I used to. /cry

I got my Disc spec going next. I’m sure mine is a little different from everyone else’s. I totally forsake the Holy tree instead choosing to put 3 points into the Shadow tree for that extra 3% haste. My BFF got on his Priest and we had a “heal off” in Ironforge. Chakra looks damn cool! I made him follow me to the training dummies so I could pop my wings. It does kind of blow that I have to attack something to get my “bonus”. I think they changed up the animation on the wings a little bit from the PTR – they seem prettier now, more translucent and fluttery.

We didn’t raid on Tuesday night so off I went to H TOC to try out my new spec. I took Atonement since I would be Smiting anyway. It doesn’t heal every time. It procs very sporadically but when it does crit it will proc a Divine Aegis. The Divine Aegis buff on the buff bar has changed – it will tell you exactly how much it will absorb and how much it has left to absorb if a hit has been taken on it. Renew will also proc Divine Aegis now, unlike on the PTR where it does not.

Come Wednesday we were all ready to start raiding again. Everyone had their talents, glyphs and gems sorted out so off we went to ICC. We had a few stragglers so Locru put up his summoning stone. Try as we might, the damn thing would not work. Then we had to figure out who was in phase with another person to go outside to summon. Finally, everyone was present and standing at the ready by Tirion and Varian. We go to buff – apparently Blessing of Kings and Gift of the Wild are the same buff. You cannot have one and the other – you can only have one! WTFBBQ… And Blessing of Might gives you Mp5 now but still doesn’t stack with Mana tide totem.

We started pulling trash up to Marrowgar with no problems. We get to that last “room” in front of the boss when suddenly ALL of the big bone guard guys spawn. No one was even in that other room so we thought we’ll just leave them there and it will be OK. Not so! Those two wandered straight up into our room and started to wreak havoc! We had 3 of them up at one time – not fun at all to try to heal through 3 Disrupting Shouts in a row for several minutes. We got them down and on we went to Marrowgar – who we downed with out any issue.

The next trash packs died easily and we pulled Lady Deathwhisper. Then it began to be very obvious that something was wrong . Her Death and Decay was not showing up on the ground. Our mods were yelling at us to get out of the bad but we could not tell where it was exactly. There was the barest hint of green on the ground but it had no discernable shape or size. Her mana pool seemed to fall rather drastically, as well.

We got up to the next, um tier, when we noticed the drakes flying around ICC were bugged out and flapping their wings spastically. They were moving at the normal speed but their wings were flapping like a humming bird’s wings.

Then began our Gunship Odyssey. We thought it would be a good idea to do heroic Gunship since we have Kingslayers now. It got changed to heroic and this is where our problems really started. Everyone got their rocket packs and assignments were made of who would be in the cannons. I got knocked off the boat by a cannon blast so we knew it was on heroic – thankfully I got teleported back. Unfortunately, the away team didn’t make it back to our boat in time and they died. Normally this is not a big deal since their bodies get teleported to Deathbringer’s Rise so we can rez them. This didn’t happen. There were no bodies to be found anywhere on the platform or on our boat. Our guys released and tried to run back into the instance but could not since we were still in combat. We looked around – the Horde ship was completely gone and the loot box had spawned on our ship. We discussed this for a few minutes when it was decided on for everyone to jump off the side of our ship to get us all out of battle.

We jumped and managed to get back into the instance and up to Deathbringer’s Rise. There was no boat – it had disappeared with our loot. Once we zoned in, we were immediately back in combat. We were all in the process of opening tickets when someone stumbled into a hidden NPC on the Rise. It was called “martyr” something and started to attack us. We finished it off but still no boat. We switched it back to normal and then heroic again. The boat came back with our loot and on we went to Saurfang (heroic) – failing miserably. Back to normal it went since this was not to be progression night but just a quick run to test out new talents and specs. We downed him no problem.

The Plague wing went off without a hitch. We one shotted everything, including Professor Putricide with no deaths. The Blood wing went just as well – no bugs to report and no deaths. On to Dreamwalker we went. The little gauntlet thing bugged out at the Val’kyr. She said her line about summoning her reinforcements but never rez’d the dead guys to fight us. We didn’t get our Justice Points or rep, either.

I am absolutely horrible at the portals on Dreamwalker so I went Shadow and Lunassa got to portal hop in his Disc spec. I got a quick run down of the kill order and bumbled my way through that fight – tossing heals and bubbles to the tank if I saw Bright was getting behind on the healing. We saved Dreamwalker and got loot no one needed.

On we went to the horrible spider gauntlet. This is the most pointless thing in all of ICC. Was it really necessary? I totally get the little frost whelps going up to Sindy but random Nerubian spider things after 3 wings of not having any spiders at all? Makes no sense at all. Bad design, Bliz.

Amazingly, none of the frost whelps bugged out and they all ended up on the ground when they died. We pulled the big dragons before Sindy with no drama and we bugged her out by running back out the gate. This is when the projected textures really started to make a difference. Lady D is a push over even with people standing in D&D for the full duration. Sindy is still the hardest fight in ICC and take away us being able to see all of her frost shit on the ground was just a recipe for disaster. We could not see anything on the ground at this point – no spell effects at all. We could not see every Paladin’s Consecration but some people could see Bright’s but no one could see Treston’s or Chris’s. This wasn’t as big of an issue as no one seeing the icy shit on the floor to avoid or the icy cloud stuff Sindy shoots at you during the air phases. This made for very frustrating wipes because we all know this fight and we can all do it and have before. We called it for the night.

The next day wasn’t any better but we managed to down her after a few tries. I am guessing we got used to not seeing anything and just let instinct take over that part of our brains. Whatever it was I am glad we got the bitch down. The attempt in which we got her down my stack of instability got up to a staggering 20. I was the only healer up so there was really nothing I could do other than blow every CD and hope for the best.

We got up to Lich King. I had honestly never noticed Bolvar in chains up there on the throne with Arthas until someone pointed it out. Of course we all had to run up and take a look at him before we could do anything else. We buffed up and I got to talk to Tirion this time (squee!) to start it. We wiped.

We have some slow people and I usually beat others back inside so I go to rez Dijie since her body is still there. I send her a rez but the whole death thing is bugged out. She had rez’d at the graveyard with a sliver of health and was on her own flying mount heading to the entrance. I sent her the rez and she took it. Bad move because it dismounted her in mid air and she plummeted to her death. But, her body was still at Lich King’s platform so I sent her another rez but it didn’t work this time so she had to run in. Luckily, the ghost gryphon worked and she was able to fly in like normal.

We tried again. We wiped again a lot of times. Sometimes we would rez normally and other times we would be alive in the Graveyard. Sometimes half the raid would rez normally and the other half would be alive in the Graveyard. There was no predicting how you would rez Some people would get all the way back to the top and not be able to see anyone else in there. They would have to hearth or leap to their deaths to get back to the same place as the rest of us.

I think we got Arthas down on the 10th or 11th attempt in about 3 hours. It was so FUBAR and bugged that we would go ages between attempts just to get everyone back and ready to go. It was so frustrating.

All the frustration was forgotten at ths point

Priest and Pally Wings FTW!

I was ready for the achievement this time!

We've come a long way, Tirion.

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