Cata Delayed?

  We have all seen the “news” on MMO Champion about how Cata has been delayed until December – according to “inside sources”. It’s not official because we never had an official release date to begin with. MMO Champs is hardly ever wrong so I was a bit disappointed to see this “update”. My BFF told me about it while I was in Forge of Souls after that damnable Armpen trinket.

I was a bit taken aback by it. I had thrown my lot in with MMO Champ’s and had taken the first of November off to wait in the “nerd herd” outside of Gamestop. I had a day I needed to take or loose it so I went with their prediction. Now I have a free day off and no new content to keep me entertained. 

So I headed dejectedly (and unable to sleep) over to the new PTR to check out the actual Pre-Cata event. I still had not finished all the quests in SW from the previous PTR so I ran up to where the King is supposed to be – only he was not there. There was a yellow “?” where he was supposed to be but no smexy king in sight. 

This is when I noticed the scrawl at the top of my screen saying we need 6 more sandbags. Um, ok then. I ran myself out of the Keep and noticed a very small pile of sandbags. Being a good citizen of SW, I valiantly picked one up and ran back to the Keep entrance but I could not rid myself of the sandbag – now awkwardly attached to my back. I ran all around the “dams” of sandbags around the city but I could not get rid of it for the life of me. 

All across the city were level 80 elite water elementals just pwning the shit out of people. One very nearly killed me – it ate right through my seemly unbreakable bubbles. There were guards running around everywhere. I talked to an Earthen Ring guy and he gave me a totem that wasn’t useful at all. I just decided to run around killing the elementals like everyone else. Apparently these elementals trap the citizens and we have to free them and kill the elementals in order to secure that district of the city. Once all the districts are secure the event ends and it goes back to normal. I am not sure what kind of timer this is on but I was there for an hour after it ended and it hadn’t started back up again yet. 

Now that King Varian was back in his allotted spot I could turn in my quest. I turned it in and he called me a hero for exposing the Cultists… Blah blah blah… Then nothing. No follow up quest from the King. I had the bread crumbs quest for IF so off I went on the Tram. (I was riding with a Nelf Hunter and buffed her with my Fort but it wouldn’t let me buff her pet – odd to be sure.) 

I exited the Tram to see IF just like it is on the live servers. It looks like the gnome king is still handing out his quests because there were gnomish citizens around Tinker Town. I head in the direction of the Explorer’s section to turn in that other quest and there’s something a bit off about the ride over there. I found my quest turning in person and attempt to turn it in. I can’t. I can click on the NPC but it doesn’t recognize my quest or do anything at all. Ok then. I run over to the bank area where the other quest person, Mylra, is. All I see is a floating gryphon called Stormbeak. That is it. Every now and again he flies away and comes back. 

Suddenly, Mylra spawns and I get a good look at her. She’s a freaking Dwarf Shaman! She is so damn cool! I can’t wait to have a Dwarf Shaman! Anyways… the event has already started in IF from the looks of it. She’s telling me to do the same thing I was just doing in SW. Difference with this one is that there is nothing around – there’s no mailbox or bank people. There’s no NPCs in all of IF except her and a random gryphon. I run back to Tinker Town – no gnomes. Nobody in the Explorer’s area, either. There’s no flight master, either. 

By now I figure I must be lagging out so I stand in front of Mylra and wait for me to “catch up” to what is happening. But I never do. There are other players running around trying to find something, anything at all. We start talking to each other in /s. There’s no NPC around for anyone. There’s a Pally that wanted to see a trainer so we tell him to hop back on the Tram since there are no NPCs to speak of. He goes to the Tram portal and he cannot get out of IF. We are all trapped in IF and can’t even get out of the front gates. I just logged out. Nothing else to do. 

I logged into my pre-made Belf Priest and sat about the task of trying to find my way around Undercity. I found the quest to go to Org but I got on the wrong damn zeppelin (I talked to the goblin to make sure but he is apparently bugged, too) – ending up in Howling Fjord. I made my way halfway to Dalaran when I got fed up and logged back into my actual Priest. 

I logged into a fully functional IF, complete with NPCs! All the Brewfest stuff was up and Mylra had a quest for me to turn in! Yay! I turned it in and I got the one to cleanse little elementals around IF. That was pretty fun. I got to see the Dwarf totems up close and personal. I gotta say that I really like the design of them. So I cleansed my 20 elementals and then nothing – no follow up quest. I turned in my other quest and nothing. 

The only other quest was one to go out to Nagrand. So off I went to Outlands. My Violet Proto-Drake bugged out and is only going 280% speed. >< I land in the Throne of Elementals to find another Dwarf Shaman and Thrall! Holy shit, I love Thrall! (I wish Jaina and him would hook up. She totally needs a man not bent on world domination and/or destruction.) I turn that quest in. There’s nothing left! No other quests! WTF?!?!?! Shouldn’t I get something along the lines of “save x number of citizens” or “pile x number of sandbags” or “defeat this certain event boss in some shitty old world dungeon” quest? 

I go back to SW and look around. There’s a guard in front of the AH with a yellow “!” over his head. I pick it up and I need to go check out the people trying to get into SW for refuge. I ride out to the gates and there’s a crowd of people there trying to get into the city but can’t get past the guards. I click on the people to check them out. Some of them say “I don’t have anything to hide” and I let them pass. Other’s are found with Cultist medallions and the guards escort them away. I have to do this 5 times and read King Varian’s little speech. I love this quest. It speaks volumes about our society today and the fear mongering that goes on. 

I had in my immigration quest and get another to arrest Cultist Infiltrators. I need to arrest 5 of them and take them to The Stockades. Ok, easy enough. There are a ton of them around. I find one and “arrest” him with the hand cuffs in my bag. He disappears. He’s completely gone. I don’t get credit for arresting him and there’s no way I can “escort” him to The Stocks because he’s gone without a trace. He doesn’t try to retaliate or say anything – he just disappears into thin air. I logged out and back on hoping that would fix it. I came back and the same thing happened. I opened a bug report so hopefully it will be fixed when I get home tonight. 

So, now that I’ve seen the disarray on the PTR – I am glad Cata has been allegedly delayed. They still have a shit ton of work to do if just the PTR is any indication. It has been nearly a year since we had any new tier of raid content and since the official Cata expansion was announced at Blizz Con. They have had more than enough time to get shit straight. I can understand Cata not being all the way done due to huge size and scope of it but it is just unbelievable that the Pre-Cata event is in such a state.


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