Hunter is 80! … and Priest got a Ram!

 The LFG dungeon tool thingie sure has a sense of humor.

 Both my Druid and Paladin hit level 80 in Culling of Stratholme. I love COS to bits. I love the Lore behind it and I do side with Arthas on that one. (Even though, yes, I have done the Benediction quest line and see the other side of the story. He wasn’t necessarily right but what else could he really do?)

 Anyways… I did a lot of questing on my Hunter due to shit PvP and long random Qs. I got most of the Sons of Hodir quests done before I said screw it. I am not doing this crap for a fourth time. I did get a whole level from them so I can’t really complain. It was hard on a hunter to have no pet on some of the vehicle quests. The one with leaping proto drakes to get to Thorim was an absolute nightmare. I had to open my spell book and click on raptor strike and mongoose bite – it took me ages to kill anything with just those two.

 I was questing with the Argent guys in Icecrown at the very end of level 79. I was worried I would ding from some stupid quest like I had on my Priest. It would take about 25-30 minutes to get into a random so it’s not very efficient to just stand around. I would farm or look for rare kitties to tame in my down time. Then I did a lot of quests in Zul’Drak and Stormpeaks – getting used to the pacing of questing and randoms in between.

 I stayed with a tank farming UP for a few of runs and got to about 90% before resigning myself to questing. I hopped in the Q just in case. I am so glad I did! About 5 minutes later I am talking to Chromie in COS. My Hunter’s human form is really quite nice. I looked like Jaina had become a Hunter instead of a Mage – with some badass goggles.

 We had gotten all the way through it and I could see my little bar inching ever so slowly to 100%. We pulled the last bit of the alley to Mal’Ganis and I dinged 80. I threw on all of my level 80 gear and kicked Ma’Ganis’s butt.

 Once again, I have dinged 80 in COS.


 Makes me wonder where my girls will ding level 85 in the coming months. Will it be the beauty of Throne of Tides or the majesty of the Vortex Pinnacle? I can’t wait! Cataclysm, please come soon! /beg

Random pet shot…

Damn it, Little Corey, stop chasing cars!

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 And my Priest got the Brewfest Ram!!! OMFG, yes!!! I didn’t see any drop last year and I waited just for this year for another opportunity at him. He was in my goodie bag a few days ago. I got the remote the next day, too. Now all I need is the Kodo on my Priest.

Finally! /cheer

 I wonder if the drop rate on the Headless Horseman’s mount will be increased like the Brewfest mounts this year. I surely hope so. I have 76 mounts now. The more the merrier!


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