Brewfest started early this morning and I am thrilled! It is my second favorite holiday and I am excited to get my baby hunter a decent damn trinket for level 80. I couldn’t Q with her last night for Coren, though. I am level 77 and I think I need to get to 78 to do it. I am about halfway through 77 so hopefully tomorrow I can kill the holiday boss and get some Frost badges going.

I was so shocked when I did the boss on my Priest this morning. Last year was utter chaos. The day started out by asking everyone on your friend’s list if they were able to do the daily quest to summon the boss. Then you had to spam trade for people to fill in the rest. There would be some people who had already done it for the day who tried to scam people into using their summons to farm for the mount, mace or trinkets. Once you were sure you had trustworthy people you would all have to fly out to the boonies and run the maze that is BRD to try to find the damn bar. Sometimes you would get lucky and someone would have the remote but more often than not, you were stuck riding the gryphon.

Once you found your way to the bar you had to insult the boss so that he fights you. My Priest was damn near one shotted last year doing this. I am positive my yelling EEEEEKKKK!!! must have been heard several counties over. I barely survived the summoning and then the adds came. The adds came from seemingly all directions – from the right and left… Even from the floor! So many adds! So many of them munching on my little Priestie self! Oh, the humanity! It took ages to kill that damn boss – that is if everyone was still alive and you didn’t wipe to it. I remember using those caster trinkets. I still have the egg in my bags… Just in case… >.>

Anyways… It was an absolute trial to get it done. Then everyone else would use their summons and then everyone would bring their high level alts. This was before they fixed the summon stones so we would have to wait for them to come back and then do it all over again. It was just a mess and took an hour to do – on a good day.

But, now we have the dungeon finder to do all the dirty work for us. We don’t even need to farm the boss on multiple toons, hoping the get a mount drop. Now, you either get it in your bag or you don’t get it all. No more loot drama over the mounts, either. No more people saying they don’t care about the mount only for them to win the roll on it.

I Q’d for the boss right after Brewfest started and was immediately whisked away to BRD where the tank was already pulling the boss. I had enough time to buff everyone with Fort and Spirit before the boss was dead. Yes, it was that quick. It took all of 3 seconds to down the holiday boss. I was left looking around in bewilderment. What just happened? Where were the adds? Where were the drill things that come up from the floor? Where was the tank taking massive damage from that first hit? WTF had just happened?

Just as soon as we were done with the boss, everyone dropped group. I was left standing in BRD wondering what in the fuck had just happened. This was nothing like last year at all. It took all of 1 minute from start to finish. It took one minute to Q, enter the dungeon and kill the boss.

I opened my goodie bag to Frost badges and nothing else. At least Alune made you work for your badges. It literally took me one minute to get the end game currency – simply astounding. I understand Bliz wants to make the game accessible to everyone and I know it’s at the end of the expansion. But this just feels wrong somehow. I feel like I should have put up with a crappy tank or mouthy DPS at the very least to get some Frost badges. I didn’t have to do anything but be a warm body in the room.

It’s rare these days that something in this game challenges me and I was looking forward to some chaos like it was last year. I am disappointed. I was really hoping for something… more… Not to say I won’t take the Frost badges because I did. Those Frost badges will go towards my Cataclysm gear.

I did think about what gear I had this time last year. I turned 80 on 12 September 2009. I am pretty sure I was in all quest rewards or maybe still even in my Hat of Wintry Doom. (I was so proud of that damn hat that I made for myself.) We weren’t handed pre-made groups with free badges then. It was fairly hard to get a group together for the Daily Heroic quest, especially if it was a dungeon no one liked – Halls of Lightening and Oculus were the worst. I couldn’t even get into a group to do Heroic Trial of the Champion because my gear was so terrible – long before I could even dream of seeing the inside of a raid. Even if I did get into a group for HToC – there was no way I could keep up a tank with under 35K health. It was an absolute struggle to get stuff done. Now… not so much…

Maybe I would have been happier with the holiday boss if they would have updated him a bit. Maybe given him some more health or a new ability. Now, a year later in our 251-264+ gear levels, we just ROFLstomp him. He’s nothing more than a one second barrier to some free badges we don’t even really need anymore – badges that will be carried over in some form to Cataclysm.

I get that Bliz is working on Cataclysm 24/7 but this year’s Brewfest is damn lazy on their part. There’s nothing new. We don’t even get a different colored beer stein or a different achievement. Would it have been so hard to make a different color? Now, we get a Feat of Strength for getting last year’s green stein this year.

Just amazing… I am… Disappointed.

I’ll just take the free badges and console myself knowing I have a tiny bit of a head start on Cataclysm. Hopefully, the loot gods will smile on me and give me a mount. I don’t even care which one it is at this point.


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