Priesting on the PTR

I managed to get a random done on the PTR today before the server went down for whatever reason. I was a little leery of it since I would be without my beloved Vuhdo and Decursive. I can heal just fine with out them but it’s more efficient for me to use them. I would just have to suffer with being a little slow. My need to try out the Power Word: Barrier overrode my fears and into the random Q I went.

While I waited, I ran over to the training dummies in SW. Bad idea. Half the PTR population was there. Every class you can imagine was there on those damn dummies. I stayed long enough to make sure I could get my Evangelism to stack to 3 and I could pop the Archangel successfully – which I could with no problem. I really like the little white wings it gives you. It is about damn time we get some Priest wings!

I am marveling at my old, slow mounts are now going at 100% speed. I love my Black Stallion the most and now I don’t look like an idiot ridding him around. I rode around SW as I waited for my Q to pop – just looking around the harbor and the Park. I am going to miss the Park. I think it’s so pretty.

My Q popped and thankfully it was for The Nexus. I can totally heal The Nexus with no add-ons. I see my group mates and they are all Kingslayers in ICC 25 gear. This should be pretty awesome and off we went down the first hallway. Good thing the tank was well geared because I still have not downloaded the whole PTR and I ran right into a wall as the tank kept pulling. It was all good by the time I caught her but the Mage was half dead. I healed everyone up and we downed all the bosses no problem.

I have now got to use the new talents and gear itemization in a heroic and here’s my take:

The Good:

I don’t need to haul around candles for my group buffs anymore. I usually had anywhere from 80-100 candles on me at all times. More bag space, ahoy! There’s no difference in way I buff myself and the way I buff my group.

I am down to two group buffs – no more spirit buff at all.  

The Talent trees have trimmed out the bloat. The old Disc tree was garbage until about the 4th tier and then you got the really good stuff. I am so glad all those old “Improved” whatnot talents are gone. They always felt like filler to get the more useful stuff.

Renew ticks now crit. I was seeing 4-5K crits. It doesn’t seem like there is a limit on how much they can crit. I was having a few in a row.

Archangel is pretty bad ass when you can squeeze one in. I am seeing now that Disc is going to stack more Haste to make it really worth it.

Power Word: Barrier is the greatest thing ever. I am totally going to try it in PvP later. I want more hands on time with the new raid frames so it will be worth it to go. I cast it on the last boss and everyone just hopped in the golden goodness. We didn’t even need to jump because it absorbed everything and was still standing after the boss went down. I am very excited to see this in a raid.

No mana problems as of yet. Then again, I was only in The Nexus with a very OP group. My mana pool went from a touch over 41K to very nearly 49K with just the PTR changes.

I swear I ran and cast Penance at the same time. It was glorious.

The Odd:

I was constantly scrolling my mouse wheel down in an effort to see all the talents but they were all there right in front of me the whole time. When I was a newb, I never know the lowest talents existed and I now I must be afraid that I will miss them. I don’t know. It’s just odd to see all the talents in all three trees at one time.

I am still getting used to only seeing the Inner Fire and Fort buff by my mini map. It will take some time, for sure.

The new spell book is super useful. It needed to be all combined but I still hit “C” to try to find my mounts and pets. Another muscle memory that will fade in time, I’m sure.

All my +INT gems that were yellow are now all red. I didn’t even notice until Bright said something about it. A minor change but still a little odd for now. Also, no MP5 on gear. I have a crap ton of Spirit now.

The Bad:

We got hit with the nerf bat.

Renew crits don’t seem to proc Divine Aegis. I am sure we would be horribly OP if this were to occur. ><

My crit rating went down from 43% to 34%.

Borrowed time went from 25% haste to 15% on our next cast. I am going to have a lot more haste now. I had too much haste before and now it feels like I don’t have enough. Time to gear the Priest like the Pally and stack haste, haste and more haste.

Also, it was hard to keep up my Evangelism stacks between healing, shielding everyone and just running from mob to mob. I just didn’t even try on the trash mobs anymore. They died way too quickly for me to get more than one Smite off. I was thinking that it might be like a Pally’s Judgments and I was way off. I am sure it would be more helpful in a raid with other healers and a boss with more than 500K health.

All in all – I really like the direction they are going. I was so afraid I wouldn’t know what to do because the changes seemed so drastic but it was pretty painless. I cannot wait for Cataclysm! Please get here soon!


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