Dear BG healers,

  I love you guys. Thank you for healing my little Hunter ass today. Every heal I got was a gift from the gods. I only saw two of you today in the space of 5 AVs but I am glad you were there, Mr Disc Priest and Mr Tree Druid. My little heart filled with hope and joy when I saw a Penance aimed in my direction and the nice little green animation of a Rejuvenation.

 You two will never know that my main was just like you guys once – a scarce healer in a raid full of brainless DPS. I went through hell those first few BGs and then I learned to love the chaos. I love saving someone just as they are about to die. I can just imagine some guy yelling “no no no!” at this screen and then blinking a few times to make sure they are seeing things right and they really didn’t die. I love that feeling. I hope some new BG healers emerge soon and I hope they love it as much as I do.


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