Tanking 101

It’s AB weekend and my baby Hunter is soaking up massive amounts of XP there. The only problem with this is that my adorable little wolf, Corey, falls behind on levels since he doesn’t get the same XP. This means I have to haul his fluffy butt in some random dungeons. Bright and I Q’d for the random and got BRD – Prison, a nice short one. The first time we had a butt pulling Warrior who lost this thunderclap and taunt abilities. The second was a bear who didn’t know what Swipe is. He used Maul so at least he knows that. Bad tanks make even a 10 min BRD run take ages. I am sure they will be good tanks with a little guidance.

Here’s my list of tips for new tanks:

1) Do not butt pull. Pull with an ability or you get no threat on those mobs and immediately loose them when a DPS hits them or the healer gets aggro from healing. Same with auto attack – they generate no threat whatsoever.

2) Please find your AOE ability in your spellbook. Add it to you cast bars. Look for things like Swipe, Consecrate, Thuderclap and Death and Decay. Use them liberally and whenever they are off CD if you have more than one mob on you.

3) Look at your party’s mana bars, especially the healer. If I see the Mage sitting to drink, I’ll give them a second before rushing into the next pack. DPS play a vital part of the group just like a healer. It would take me ages to kill a pack if it was just me and the healer hitting them. Wait a few seconds and shave minutes off a run by waiting for mana.

4) Make sure you have aggro on caster mobs or make an LOS pull to bring them to melee range. Caster mobs away from the main pack are most likely to peel off and munch on the healer.

5) Turn the bad things away from the group. Mobs like Abominations and snakes should always be faced away since they spew poison and disease – making more work for the healer. It is good practice to turn all mobs away since kitty Druids and Rogues have abilities that only hit the backs of mobs.

6) Do not let the mobs get behind you. They do more damage to you if they are attacking your behind. The best way to do this is to take a few steps backwards. They will automatically get positioned in front of you.

7) Pull mobs out of the bad stuff on the floor so your DPS doesn’t have to stand in it, too. This would be anything on the floor that isn’t the same color and/or pattern as the rest of the floor.

8 ) Once you have all the mobs in front of you and out of bad stuff, stay put. Don’t drag them all around the room and out of DPS range. Stay your ass in one safe spot so that DPS can channel whatever and kill them quick so you can move on to the next pack.

9) Know where your healer is at all times. This goes with watching their mana bar. Do not go into another room to pull unless the healer is with you. A healer drinking in another room way over yonder during a pull is just a recipe of disaster unless you over gear the content by a significant margin.


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