For the Horde… Denied!…

  … At least for as long as I was in SW… heh

I was running around Dalaran when Trade chat lit up with Horde in SW! Horde on the Tram! “Oh, hell no”, I thought to myself. I took my Druid ass out to the Tram to see what was going on. 

Now my Druid has NO PvP gear at all but I do have about 50K health self buffed and all manner of defensive CDs. I waited at the Tram entrance with some other 80’s and a crazy ass level 11 dwarf warrior. They started coming almost as soon as I got there. My bear lasted a good 10 seconds before going splat. I took a Tauren Tree with me, by god! 

I started to think it was pretty lame going splat that soon on my Druid so I hopped on my PvP geared Priest and joined the montley crew of Ally to protect the King. By then a good group of us had gathered. People of all classes and levels came together to fight for King Varian. We pushed them back from him and waited… and waited… and waited… Damn Horde graveyard is so far away that people started leaving, thinking it was over. I knew better. There were still a few Hordies hiding in the Keep so we cleaned them out. Still waiting… There came some trade chatter that they were in Goldshire – we cleared them out of there. I thought it was a good time to get my Druid her body back so logged over to my dead druid. 

I get back to SW and there’s more trade chatter about Horde in the Tram – again. My body is still at the tram entrance so I rez and a lone Troll Shaman decides it’s a good idea to try to gank me at half health. I would have had troubles with an ICC shaman but this was a fresh 80 in dungeon blues and a few purples. Needless to say he suffered a horrible bear induced death before that same Tauren Tree came out of the Tram portal. Oops… good bye Tree – again. Cropcircle, you are such a good sport to keep coming out and getting killed! (I know you were the spy – telling the rest of the Horde that we were all still standing there waiting.) I even remember your name! It’s cute… 

The cowardly Horde kept zoning in and out of the Tram portal. I guess they were looking to see if we were still there and surprise! We totally were still there. We took a few of them down before they could zone back to the Tram. I accidently got into the portal as I charged a Priest and followed him back. I was met with about 30 Horde and a summoning stone – oh shit. They almost had me killed when I zoned back. A very nice 77 Disco Priest healed me back to full as we waited some more to come out. 

And come out they did! All of their raid group came out at once and killed my little group of Tram defenders. Luckily, we still had lots of Ally at the King – even some that had come for the first wave. There were a few bewildered new players running around, trying to turn in quests or just wanted to see what was going on. A few of them had the bad luck of getting caught in the mess and dying. We rez’d a few low levels and sent them on their way. 

At that point it had been about an hour and I was tired of playing with the Horde. I got on the flight path to get attuned to Molten Core and left SW behind. I looked at Cropcircle’s armory today and it does look like they finally got the King down. (He’s not one for achievements so I can only imagine he was pretty bored or the raid leader’s friend.) They did get all the leaders down but at least we gave them a good run at it. 

I didn’t used to protect the leaders before I PvP’d a lot. Now, don’t you dare mess with MY King! I love King Varian! Poor guy’s been through a lot… His wife died, he was kidnapped and forced into killing, his best friend became the Lich King and tried to destroy the world… SW is about to be destroyed by Deathwing… Poor guy can’t catch a break! I ❤ King Varian and I’ll do whatever it takes to protect him. 

Also, I am kind of a sucky Guardian of Cenarius – seeing that I killed that poor Tauren Tree a few times. I know we shouldn’t fight each other because we are Druids and on a higher standard… but… but… he started it! /pout 

Also… Stay off my King, bitches!


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