New and Improved Cata Bucket List

As new information is coming out about Cataclysm I’ve had to re-do my bucket list. The biggest change will have to be getting the parts together for a legendary weapon to help the guild get the Dark Phoenix mount. I’m still a little sketchy on the details but it seems like you can get the parts and then put them together after Cataclysm hits to get credit for it. I have a few options. I can get the healer mace on my Priest, or the DPS weapons for my Pally or Druid. None of them are “easy” to get – even the old level 60 ones. I am thinking of doing Thunderfury on my Pally. I need to go to MC for the Lawbringer set, might as well get it done at the same time.

General to do List:

1) Save up at least 30K gold. I’m sitting at 27K right now but my Hunter is going to need some gear when she hits 80. The 245 bracers and chest are really nice. I make a couple of thousand a week with my alchemy so it shouldn’t be much of an issue. I really, really want to do the Hilt quest line, too.

2) Read more Lore… especially about our smexy King Varian… oh yeah! (Must find hot VarianxArthas fan fiction)

3) Have a good stock of Northrend mats to get those last few profession skill points before Cataclsym patterns and mats.  

For the Priest:

1) Glory of the Hero proto drake. Only have 6 more achievements to go!

2) See all of Ulduar and Naxx

3) Get the Explorer title.

4) Northrend and Outlands Loremaster achievements done.

For the Pally:

1) Full Lawbringer set.

2) All the parts to make Thunderfury.

3) Damn shield from ICC 25! >< Stupid thing… Even thought it will be replaced the first couple days in Cataclysm – I want it!

For the Druid:

1) Ravenlord mount.

For the Hunter:

1) Get to level 80 with cute, fluffy pets.

2) Tame a spirit beast, preferably a kitty.


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