Things I have had it with:

  1) Suck ass tanks. Get your shit together before you tank my run. I had a Prot Pally the other day that forgot to switch gear when he zoned in. He noticed after a few pulls, said he was sorry, swapped gear and off we went again. I understand mistakes happen. But if your big bear ass is pointed to the caster mob that is eating my face off – you are a suck ass tank. Also, never tank an abom facing the group. I have to tell every tank I come into contact with not to tank them facing the group. I am convinced all the good tanks have either quit the game or quit doing randoms for badges. If I didn’t have a baby hunter in the works I wouldn’t step my ass into another heroic until Cataclysm. My hunter is going to look really cute in the 264 crafted pants and boots so I keep doing them for saronites. I have mostly stopped doing the raid weekly quests unless it’s something I like such as Jaraxxus.

2) Going to raids and never getting anything to show for it except a repair bill and some badges. The only upgrades for any of my 80s are from 25 mans or heroic 10 mans – which we can’t do yet. This means its pugs or nothing. I still have yet to see the shield or the plate gloves on 25 ICC in all the weeks since I’ve been there on my Pally. I turned 80 on 22 May – 3 months ago. I did my first ICC 25 on 01 June so I’ve been there every week since then – 10 weeks total and nothing but the borderline crappy 264 shoulders to show for it. 

3) Having to run 25 mans for better gear. I hate 25 mans with an all out passion. It lags my connection down and it lacks any feeling of community with the other people. Maybe I would feel different if I was in a guild that did 25 mans but I’m not. I prefer the intimacy of a 10 man. Cataclysm will be a much needed change of pace. Instead of doing 6 different raids on my 3 toons I can now do half as many for the same gear. I love it! 

4) I am sick of doing to same old things everyday. The same dailies, the same dungeons, the same quests, the same raids, etc. I am tired of it. The only thing that really challenged me was 2 healing Ulduar. We 7 manned Tempest Keep with me being the only healer and it was glorious because it wasn’t the same thing for the millionth time. I thought about doing Loremaster and I’m half way through the old content but I’m getting so bored with it… I really don’t know if I’ll make it to 100 mounts before Cataclysm because I can’t imagine doing all that rep grinding… 

5) I am sick of waiting for Brewfest. Just get here already! Perhaps Lady RNG will be kind to me and give me a mount this year. I would settle for the remote but a mount would be so nice!


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