Skywall Adventures

I am so blessed to have the love and support of a great man. His love is so great that he farmed me this:

I can haz Hyacinth Macaw?

 And yes, I did fall off that stupid dock multiple times. It isn’t a trip to Booty Bay without me falling off that damn dock. WTB wider ramp to the boat.

I finally got the other wing achievements on ICC 10! I don’t feel like a scrub anymore. It was hard to explain why my main doesn’t have the wing achievements when my Druid alt does. The new guild is still learning the fights and how we all work together so it took us a few attempts at Prof P to get him down. I am disappointed the game wouldn’t let me /kick his dead body… but oh well…


We put in a few attempts at Lich King. I found myself having to explain the fight to everyone since I had actually done it many… many… many times. It was fun answering everyone’s questions and I felt kinda special. We saw the second phase a few times and I got carried away by the Val’Kyr for the first time ever. It’s amazing to me that she had never picked me up before.

Also, why the hell is Arthas so damn big? Would he not be intimidating to us if he were regular sized? Does his sword have to be person-sized so that we can stand up in it? I understand he’s a boss and all but he was human once. He is normal sized in CoS and in the old, old cinematics. Anyways… I just want to know if… um… *all* of him is in proportion?

My, what a large sword you have...

 Speaking of which! I re-rolled my Hunter and the first dungeon she entered was Ragefire Chasm. I found myself giving my Gift of the Naaru to the tank as the healer was having problems keeping him up. The tank was grateful and this happened:

Famous Last Words

 I love my hunter to bits. Her first pet was the rare spawn pink plainstrider flamingo that I named Pinklet. That damn pet is the strangest pet ever. He likes to randomly seek out critters and kill them. He runs away from me and kills snakes, bunnies, frogs – you name it and there he goes after it. I don’t tell him to do this – he does it on his own. He’s pretty funny in PvP. I can’t imagine how embarrassing it would be to be killed by a pink flamingo.

Pinklet laughs in the face of the Horde

 As I have said before, trade chat is rather lively on Skywall. People really express themselves freely. Bright and I were inbetween Arena matches to come back to all sorts of trade chat oddness like penis jokes and murloc movie titles.

If I had not already been in a raid, I would have joined this one. I love the honesty of it all… I hate healers who do nothing!

A valid point, I think

 I really don’t talk in other people’s vents because when I do talk I get all sorts of stuff like “OMG an actual girl!” or this:


I love that floor in ICC, btw. I think it’s amazing. I wish my floor at home looked like that.
The damn white polar bear mount refuses to drop for me from the big blue girls. I have a nice supply of snowballs and goat cheese for my troubles. At least I can still amuse myself with it…

That cannot be comfortable

 Oh, look! An Earthbender! Now to find a Waterbender, an Airbender and a Firebender…

Don't look at my crap tank set!

I think this was maybe the second raid Bright and I had gotten into once we got to Skywall. It made us question our move. This raid leader then went on to ninja the Paladin PvP pants so we left, wondering what the hell kind of back water server we found ourselves on… Also in the raid was a Priest called Helpme and a warrior called Tanknspank – who was not a tank…

Oh yeah, you can totally 26 man a 25 man instance... tard...

 I have a confession: I didn’t listen to Chris explaining the Mimiron flight in Ulduar. All I could think was OMG I AM ON THE TRAIN!!!! I’ve always wanted to see the damn train in Ulduar and never thought I would. I took a lot of screen shots of it…

ZOMG... train!!!

 My Druid is one step closer to both of my goals for her before Cataclysm drops. She did the second greatest quest in the game. I felt really motherly during this quest…

Is it just me or are they going for my tail?

And finally! My Druid has joined the ranks of the greatest Druids in all Azeroth! I am now a Guardian of Cenarius!



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