Skywall Does Things Oddly

  The server change still has Bright and me shaking our heads at some of the stuff that happens here. We experienced this before after the dungeon finder came out and people across servers were thrown together. It was interesting to see how tanks from different servers would pull mobs in a seemingly odd way or how people talked or not talked in /p. Some servers seemed to be populated by nothing but d-bags and others seemed to have nothing but nice, friendly people. It was all very odd until we got used to it. It was like extended family members that you don’t see enough to really get to know but you are familiar with them and their eccentricities.

Being on Skywall is like that but on a more grand scale. We have to relearn how people do things. It is amazing how different people can play through the same content but does it in odd and colorful ways. We have seen both extremes in this. We had a DK tank with over a 6500 GS drag us through DTK in less than 9 minutes – leaving us all breathless in wonder. Then we had a warlock who thought it was really cool to hide behind the loot box for the duration of the Brann event in HoS – all the while telling Bright that he was going to do more DPS than Bright’s 6K GS Boomkin who constantly pulls around 11-13K DPS. 

The thing that really takes the cake is raiding on Skywall. They really, really like doing old raids. There is constantly an AQ40 or a Black Temple run going on. People love doing all sorts of old content like Molten Core or ZG. You can’t look at trade without seeing someone LFM for all sorts of old stuff. They really know how to enjoy the whole of the content and not just the current “end game”. On Suramar, you could never get enough people to do old world stuff – ever. I would even go as far to say that Skywall farms old content. This is good for me who likes to collect old gear. 

Speaking of trade chat – people really speak their minds in it. It’s amazing. The trade chat is really lively all the time. Suramar just had a few people that would stir the shit every now and then but Skywall has lots of people who do that. 

The trade trolls are treated differently, too. They aren’t as extreme as Brismore on Suramar was – he would start out the day by bashing the president or some other nonsense to get people riled up. He was a special kind of self-aware troll and did it to get a rise out of people. These Skywall trolls must be ignorant as to real effect they have on people. They know they get a rise out of people but not the one they were hoping for. I know my guildies and I are usually laughing at their idiocy instead of having an angry emotional reaction. 

Also, when doing “end game” ICC raids – people aren’t vetted in the same way as Suramar. I know we spent close to an hour filling an ICC 25 to look at people’s armories or achievements. There is no such thing on Skywall. You just PST the raid leader with your GS and you’re in – simple as that. I have some really nice 264 PVP gear I can throw on to “up” my GS if I wanted but I don’t because I don’t think its right. I am one of those people who use what works not just what is good for GS numbers. If that was the case, I would have rolled on a 264 caster neck in ICC 25 the other day with out any haste on it for my Pally. Bright got on to me about not rolling on it. I really didn’t care to lose the haste on my 232 neck from FoS. I’ve already compromised on the 264 shoulders over the T10 ones with haste and didn’t want to do that again. The 232 neck works just as well for what I need it to do. 

That being said, you also run into specimens like I did last week. There were 3 Holy Paladin healers and some Trees. One of the Pallies was really nicely geared and had a great Holy Light spec. He had the shield from 25 TotC to boot. The other Pally was just terrible. I can over look gear if the gear he had was itemized or gemmed correctly. 

Things this Pally did mind bogglingly wrong: 

* Caster + hit off hand from Lady D. You’re a Paladin, for fuck’s sake – get a shield. Farm regular PoS like I did or get the ilvl 200 one off the AH. 

* The Meta gem he used I didn’t even knew existed. It was something like +2% critical healing effect. Eh? His other gems included hybrid + spirit gems. *head desk

* His spec was 63 points into Holy, 5 in Prot and the rest in Ret. He spent so many points in Holy and didn’t get Imp Lay on Hands. Just… wow… 

* He spec’d into the range extending talent for judgments and not once judged anything on any target. 

* He constantly picked different tanks for his Beacon and SS to be on. He would never stay on the same tank but instead chose to muck around with my tank or the other Pally’s tank. This was a bit frustrating to me since I have my Vuhdo to track Beacons and SS. 

I could go on and on about this Paladin. He must only have around 200 haste total. He got the Mark of the Fallen Champion and didn’t even Beacon or heal himself. Ugh… The point is that this person would have been laughed out of any raid on Suramar and would most certainly have not been allowed into a Virtus raid to begin with. 

This little asshole had a better GS than me, too. I make decisions about gear based on stats not GS potential. Look at my damn shield. I could easily have had the same caster off hand or the off hand from H HoR to pad my GS but I won’t do it. I need a shield. I have DPS spells that require a shield to use. Paladins are designed to use shields, period. I don’t think it is ever acceptable for a Paladin to rock anything but a shield for an off hand. 

So… yeah… the transition from Suramar to Skywall is still on going. I have pretty much given up on PVP for this battle group. I will never get Justicar or “of the Alliance” title here. I have come to terms with it. The next crazy goal is Loremaster before Cataclysm. I hate questing – we shall see how far I get…


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