Skywall PvP

 I am still adjusting to my life on Skywall. I transferred my Pally from Suramar today and deleted all my low level toons there. I am completely done with Suramar. Bright’s hunter will coming over tonight. We have officially moved on. No more drama!

 Now Bright and I are faced with rebuilding our Arena rating. We were a few points shy of 1100 when we had to disband our team to transfer. We have reformed it and are slowly building it back.

 The first day on the new battle group didn’t go so well. We were so used to rolling over people that maybe we got comfortable and didn’t pay attention as well as we had before. I don’t think we won but around 5 games out of the 20 or so we played. We had an abysmal 200-odd rating by the time we got so fed up with it and quit.

 We went and joined the battle for Wintergrasp, instead. My best friend had told me that Alliance doesn’t have WG very often and at the time we were the side attacking. We zoned in to see 40 people in the raid group! I never saw that many on Suramar for Alliance and they always had it. We ran around capping the workshops and slaughtering the horde. I drove a siege tank to much greater effect than in the closer confines of Ulduar. We tried our very best but we could not get past the Horde.

 We did a few BGs and Alliance must suck everywhere. It took 3 BGs just to win one for our Arena Points for the day. There were a few moments of wtf are they doing?! Don’t take the flag that way! OMG why?!

 We went back and did some more Arena last night and we ended up with an over 800 rating! We made over 600 points in one day. We’re going back again tonight. I really want to hit 1K before reset. It does seem that we have gotten into the swing of things on Skywall and the new battle group. Now we just need to find a good partner for a 3’s team… hmmm…


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  1. Del
    Aug 08, 2010 @ 10:40:35

    Hey! I sent you a message on the old forums..

    I just remembered you had this up and read some of the more recent stuff, so I guess some of my questions have been answered already..

    Hope to hear back from you anyway =)



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