I’m a Free Bitch, Baby!

After weeks of being snubbed and feeling like a second class citizen in <Virtus>, I left. I picked up my things and moved to the greener pastures on the Skywall server.

I was an officer and a raid leader in <Virtus> but no one gave me the respect I deserved there towards the end. I had to stop my Short Bus team because my team members couldn’t raid on the same days I could. I chilled out for a few weeks and got my Pally to level 80. Krakkle’s team was in need of a healer for Friday/Saturday runs. I had told them (Krakkle and Keeb) that my days off were changing. I never got one invite. I was always a sub for someone else. I never got invited because they didn’t want me there as a first string player. This was very (and still is) hurtful to me. Bright was the only one who stood up for me. No one else dared to say anything.

I have spent over a year on my Priest. I know my class inside and out. I have spent countless hours researching encounters. I provide raid consumables. I rarely ever screw up and when I do, I own up to it. I am a perfect raider. Why would anyone in their right mind take a new person over me? A new person right off the street that hasn’t even been tested in fucking 5 man heroic by any other guild member. Why? What is so horrible about my Priest that you would have to do that? Why would you go to such great lengths to not include me? You need a healer. I have a very epic Disc Priest that you had no problems running with even a month ago.

I have so much history with Keeb that I cannot believe he would sit back and let Krakkle take over everything. I mean everything. Krakkle will not move without a Shaman holding his dick up. This is the truth. I asked Keeb about it and the reply I got was “Krakkle has a hard on for Shamen”. He didn’t move to correct the situation. He did nothing. He sat back and let Krakkle get them to the Lich King every week – no questions asked. Whether or not it was good for the guild as a whole, he let it all happen. Keeb let Krakkle make all sorts of inappropriate comments everywhere – not just in the “privacy” of guild chat. He constantly spewed hate about anything and everything under the sun. Myself and others spoke out about it. Keeb attempted to talk to Krakkle. This resorted in much ass kissing from Keeb when Krakkle took his army of alts out of the guild. And when I spoke out about it? I got chewed out – completely reamed. I got told I made a pregnant lady cry and rage g quit. Nice, now I feel guilty about stepping up and actually saying something for once. No more. Like Lady GaGa says, “I’m a free bitch, baby”.

I had a legitimate problem. I took it to the GM – Keeb. I was brushed off. I can handle people treating me like shit. I deal with it everyday. But when Aciel told me that he was getting treated like shit, I really wanted to physically hurt someone. I noticed that Val was getting blown off, as well. Val used to be our GM before he had work commitments. He recently came back after a long, several month break. I personally blame Krakkle for Kells taking the extreme measures he did for leaving. Krakkle was a big part of that. All the guys who were the “core” of Virtus have either left or are about to leave. Virtus was their guild. They had a very clear idea of what they wanted to be and Keeb has ruined it. He has absolutely shit all over it.

Virtus never did anything but ICC. The only hard mode they attempted was Loot ship. We have had many King Slayers in our groups but they never budged on anything. We could have done hard modes on both 10 and 25 just to get our feet wet if nothing else. But, no. They are ridged in their resolve not to do anything different. They attempted Ruby Sanctum once since it came out. They wiped and left.

I didn’t realize how miserable I was until after I left. The final straw, for me, was when I had asked him many times to make my Priest the 264 cloth boots. I had even made the Mooncloth for him when he went to make his own boots. I had all the mats ready to go. I asked about 3 times. He completely and utterly ignored me – like he has for weeks. He had the gall to ask me the other day why we don’t talk anymore. How can we talk if it’s just me doing the talking?  You can’t. It isn’t possible.

Fuck you, Keeb. You take your broken guild and shove it up your ass – sans lube. While you’re at it, shove Krakkle up there, too. You guys already need to get a room.

I had been talking to my best friend about my troubles in the guild. Turns out, his guild needs healers (and people in general). He started to tell me all about his guildies. I know some of them from real life. They are really cool people. I knew I would be treated with respect there. He said they don’t raid very often because most of them took a break from serious raiding and they don’t have enough people for an all guild raid yet. I am so used to pug’ing everything – it didn’t really matter to me. I just wanted out. I told Bright about it and he came with me. Virtus just lost their two best healers and I doubt anyone says anything about it. I would love to know if I rocked the boat at all. But, I am almost sure I didn’t.

I’ll admit the first couple of hours on Skywall were a little odd. The battle.net was down and I couldn’t transfer right when I wanted to. I rolled a cute little gnome warrior so I could get into my new guild to start to get to know them. The scenery on Skywall is still the same as it is on Suramar but the people are different. I know the trade chat troll on Skywall is Tor-something. He’s not as amusing as Brismoore on Suramar. It was odd walking around the cities and not knowing anyone or the names of any notable guild.

I have looked at the people and so far have only seen a handful of 6K gear scores. Maybe I just wasn’t on at the peak time but it does seem like Suramar was more progressed and had better gear than Skywall. Bright and I are the best geared in our new guild but that’s not surprising given the amount of raiding we were doing compared to them. I felt really under geared on Suramar but now I think I stand out a little more. Bright asked in /g what they considered to be well geared. One guildie said “all 232’s”. I honestly cannot remember what the last 232 piece I replaced was. I remember the last 200 piece I replaced – good old Faces of Doom off hand.

Bright and I got into a Black Temple run and got stuck on a boss. That was our first raid experience on Skywall – freaking Black Temple. Who would have thought? LOL I got into an ICC 10 and out healed a Resto Shaman by double. (Are you listening, Krakkle?!) He called me a dick when I called him out on it and I refused to sit there through that. I left and got on my Druid to do some rep grinding. I now know a few people NOT to run with on Skywall. We didn’t get transferred in time to really do anything but pugs that first night.

The next day was much better. Our new guildies had gotten used to seeing us and we got some responses from guild chat. I was off grinding rep in Outlands when some one said; hey we almost have enough for a real raid! This was followed by, let’s do Ony!!! Oh, hells yeah! We had 7 of our new guildies raiding again. They brought in some of their friends and off we went to Onyxia. I got to tank her! Only the second time ever! One of the warriors pulled aggro as I was getting her into position and got one shotted. The other tank taunted off me and I battle rez’d him. No mistakes after that. We downed her just fine – no drama at all.

Onyxia wasn’t enough raiding for everyone and we found ourselves in Ulduar. I got on my Priest for this one. I have to say that I can’t drive the siege tank very well at all. I was always way behind everyone because I would get stuck on the towers. I remember when Flame Leviathan was hard. We just steamrolled over him and went on to XT. Bright and I did a hard mode! It took a few tries but we totally did XT on hard mode! The only hard mode we had ever seen before that was Loot ship.

Bright and I both have never seen all of Ulduar. Here we were in a hardened group of raiders that had done every boss on every mode when it was still end game. I remember being almost late for a midnight showing of Transformers when the guild got Yogg down one night. (Just one more attempt!) We went on to get Kologam, Auriya, Hodir, Thorim, and Freya down. We did a lot of attempts on Mimiron but it was really super late and we were all burnt out.

We wiped so many times but it was glorious! I know I must have spent a few hundred gold on repairs but I didn’t care in the least. I haven’t had so much fun raiding in absolute ages. My new guildies are so respectful of each other. There was no “wtf, do you have downs?” or any mention of AIDS or any kind of beating people down in any way. I cannot describe how refreshing that was. There were no raised voices or people with hurt feelings. I didn’t realize how bad it had gotten until I was away from it. I see now how it used to be in Virtus – before we were taken over. I didn’t realize how much abuse we had all taken until I saw the other side of fence again. It makes me sad and happy all at the same time. Bright and I were messaging each other the whole night in disbelief of how much fun we were having and how nice they are to each other. Unfortunately, my best friend was on an alt and didn’t make it to Ulduar with us. I can’t wait to raid with him.

Bright and I are very happy on our new server. We heard that Krakkle’s team got Lich King down last night. I can’t say that I’m happy for them. I am just glad I wasn’t still sitting in a puddle of anguish in Virtus last night. I had way more fun in Ulduar than I could have ever had still being in that guild. I can’t imagine how much I would have cried if I would have still been in that guild when the achievement hit and I wasn’t there to get it, as well.

Virtus is the past. AWOL is the future. I look forward to what we can do together.


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