Disc Priest’s Guide to Benediction

With Cataclysm ever looming on the horizon, I wanted to form the epic level 60 Priest staff: Benediction. I’ve always liked the design of it and it wasn’t until I researched it that I found out that it transforms into a darker form called Anathema. (Anathema has more stamina and replaces spirit with mp5.) I love collecting staves and I wanted to make sure I could really enjoy the quest line before I under took it. I needed to get the first 2 parts of it first.

I tried to farm the Eye of Shadow from elite demon mobs. I think I killed about 100 of them and gave up. It was mind numbingly boring and the scenery in Winterspring really left something to be desired. I normally farm everything but I really didn’t have the patience. I ran over to the Auction House and found it for 350 gold. Sold! That was a small price to save my sanity.  

It took me a few months there after to get the next part, Eye of Divinity. That Eye is dropped from Majordomo Exectus in Molten Core. I have read horror stories of other Priests could had to farm that boss many times before it dropped. I was lucky. It dropped the first time for me. I was able to 2 man the instance in Shadow with a Prot Pally. I am not going to say that it was easy. There were several hairy moments where I had to heal in Shadow Spec and AJ almost died a few times. We made it through with out any deaths.

Once you have each trinket you can equip them to get a hint on where to go. Equipping them does not give you the actual quest. The little hint is about a Priest who was not able to save people and directs you to the Eastern Plaguelands. Take the flappy from Ironforge to Light’s Hope Chapel and ride out to Stratholme. Once you get to the summoning stone, take a left. Ride a little ways and you’ll see a cave mouth. Keep going through the tunnel and it opens up into a road. You only need to have the Eye of Divinity equipped to be able to see the quest giver, Eris Havenfire. Eris is a beautiful human Priest decked out in T1 and she tells you of her attempts to save the people fleeing the Culling of Stratholme. She hasn’t been very successful in her attempts and asks you to do it. This starts the quest “The Balance of Light and Shadow”. The objective is to save 50 people before 15 have died.

I thought I would stream roll this quest. I thought because I am so OP in my T10 that I would totally rock this quest because it was old world content. I was wrong. It took me 3 tries to get it. I was like a fish out of water with out my Vuhdo raid frames. I have all the spells on my cast bars but I rarely use them that way outside of Penance to do damage in randoms or PVP.

Anyways… once you get the quest it starts the event. You need to run up to the cave you came in from. Groups of ghostly humans will spawn here and start walking VERY slowly down the road towards Eris. (I think I would be running as fast as I could, but, whatever.) Archers will spawn on the top of the cave and from the rocks surrounding it. DO NOT attempt to kill these – they cannot be killed and it is a waste of valuable time to try. You will notice some of the humans are shadowy – this means they need to be cleansed. You must cleanse them immediately. The disease will kill them way more quickly than the archers will. (If you have Decursive, it will make a noise if you mouse over the person but you cannot cleanse them from the little Decursive boxes since they are not party members.)

Once you cleanse the person, put a bubble and renew on them. If they are really low, hit them with Penance or a Flash Heal. Abolish disease is really nice to have on them since it clears 3 diseases, the bubble prevents them from taking damage and renew heals them back up. You really only need to get them to around 50% health (and maintain it) by the time they pass Eris. Once they pass her, they disappear.

You CANNOT go bubble happy. You will NOT get any rapture procs. You will blow through mana like crazy. Remember that you are down a trinket. I compromised Talisman of Resurgence for Althor’s Abacus – big mistake! The Abacus does NOT proc on the people you are trying to rescue – it only procs on party members – meaning just yourself. I know the tool tip says “nearby friendly targets” but it totally doesn’t hit the fleeing people. You will be much better off by having Talisman or even Tears of the Vanquished for mana return.

After a wave or two of people there will be a spawn of several skeleton guys on the ground. You can kill these ones. They will absolutely wreck the people you are trying to save. A Holy Nova will take care of them. The downside is that Holy Nova will not heal the people or proc Divine Aegis on them. You cannot complete the quest by just Holy Nova’ing the crap out of the people.

You cannot focus on just one wave of people at a time. I had as many as 3 waves going at the same time. They walk pretty slowly but they spawn out of the cave pretty quickly. You cannot obsess with the group at Eris while you have one at the cave getting eaten alive by skeletons and disease. This is a sure fire to fail the quest.

Speaking of failing: The quest giver will de-spawn if you fail. She will not return until 15 minutes after the last surviving human as passed where she was standing. It isn’t 15 minutes from when you failed the quest. Oddly enough, you will still be in combat even if there is nothing around. You must run to the cave and go about half way in before you are out of combat. You’ll have to abandon the quest and wait for Eris to come back. Once she’s back, you can start again. You will get the Splinter of Nordrassil, the last and final piece of Benediction, once you complete the quest. A quick click of the Splinter will make you Benediction.

I really, really enjoyed the lore – even to the point of getting misty-eyed over Eris’s cause. Culling of Stratholme is my favorite Wrath dungeon. I really loved seeing a side of the story I had never known existed before or even had thought of. We pretty much kill everything in COS and I can’t imagine anyone escaping it. It is nice to find something new and exciting the game, even if it is old world content. I am really getting burned out on it and it was very nice to find something that evoked a positive response in me.


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