Dear Tanks pt 2:

Dear Tanks:

When tanking my instance, please wear PVE gear and not PVP gear. Badges are easy to get. One would say easier to get than the mass amount of honor/arena points needed to get a full purple PVP set. And by full set, I also mean the boots and the belt. A full Relentless tank makes my brain hurt. If you have that much time to play, get some fucking regular gear. How about rolling need on those blue plate tank legs that just dropped? See that stat called “defense”? You need that and lots of it.  Don’t forget expertise, either. You need that, too.

Now, I know that PVP gear has lots of stamina on it but the only tank that should be stacking stamina is a bear. Even then there comes a point when you don’t need it. I have dropped higher stam pieces in order to get more armor penetration or attack power to help my threat. Tanking is about a lot more than Stamina.

No Love,

The “Elitist” Disco Priest that carries 3 gear sets on her at all times.

PS –> You lay Consecration *before* the mobs are dead… not after. ><


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