Arena: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the PVP

I finally dipped my dainy, little foot into Arena this weekend. I have been wanting to do Arena for quite sometime and I drug Bright’s Boomkin into it. He had a lot more forethought that I did and brought Tribo the Hunter along. I wasn’t really expecting much but I wanted the experiance.

We settled on a goofy name and Q’d for our first match. We zoned in and got buffed up. We rode the little elevator up to the area of the match. We got off the elevator platform and died within 20 seconds. I was so surprized on how quickly it went. I am still amazed by it. I have never been in something that lasted for such a short amount of time before.

Anyways… we did 20 games. We won more than we lost and wound up with a rating of 505. Bright tells me I’ll get some Arena Points awarded to me on Tuesday. That would be really cool. We are trying for 1200 rating so we can get the + resil boots and belt. I would really love to get to 1800 so I can get the really cool looking staff but I don’t see that happening any time soon. 😦

Things I have learned so far (the hard way):

* Mana Burn is there for a reason – use it! That reason is Resto Druids and Holy Paladins. I had burned a Druid to about 100 mana and he Innervated. I had to do the whole thing over again. He effectively tied me up for a good while.

* Mass Dispell is also there for a reason. My Decursive has a lag issue in Arena that it doesn’t have in raids. It is quiet frustrating, especially with DKs and Priests throwing around dieases. WTB Mass Abolish Disease. Mass Dispell also hits the tree behind the column.

* Keep POM bouncing around. I put it on myself since I am mostly likely to be hit first. The Boomkin is a giant target, tho. Sometimes people go after him instead of me first – which is just fine with me. It still bounces when I’m stunned or out of LOS. It crits and gives nice, shiny soap bubbles.

* Bubble everyone, all the time. Keep 100% uptime of Weaked Soul. But, do not bubble until you actually get into the zone. The bubble goes away once the gate opens but the Weaked Soul debuff stays – meaning no bubbles for a the most important part of the match.

* Keep Renew on everyone, all the time. Two reasons: it heals when I am stunned and it procs my Abacus trinket. (But, really what doesn’t proc that thing?)

* It is silly to run around columns chasing a Tree. Run the opposite direction and hit them head-on.

* You cannot use the Flask of Toughness or the Onyxia off hand in the Arena. That is total bullshit. I wanted to see a little skeleton running around after a Tree. 😦

* Shadowfiend is your friend. My mana regen and mana pool are very small compaired to my raid gear. I have about half the regen and 8-9K less of a mana pool. I haven’t had to Hymn for mana yet but I really don’t want to open myself up like that.

* Stay LOS of ALL blood elves. Fuckers be stealing my mana!

* Be as annoying as possible to the other team when I’m the last one standing. Pain Suppression, Fear, Shackle DK pets, DOTs… Anything… Make them work for it…

* Teams that are only DPS (no healers) are my favorite. Unless the team is a Shadow Priest and a Warlock, all those fears really suck.

* The +1% spell reflect meta gem is about the greatest thing ever. I really didn’t know Shamen could polymorph until I was a cute little frog with no mage around. This one Shaman thought it was really funny to chain that on me until one got reflected back at him. He didn’t turn me into a frog again after that.

* When polymorphed, the least appropriate reaction would be “oh, look! I’m a cute little turtle with a tiny flag! OMG, so cute!” The better reaction would be to “Every Man for Himself” out of it.

* If everyone it out of mana, it is OK to smack them with your staff.

* The most hysterical thing is watching two DKs have a Death Grip battle over the Boomkin. He’s the big, fuzzy ball in a game of DK tennis. WTB Life Grip already so I can yoink him back.

* Kill the Tremor Totem BEFORE using a fear – not after. /facepalm Way to blow a CD…

* Keep Inner Fire up. WTB Cataclysm so stupid Inner Fire doesn’t have charges. ><


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