Silly Post

I uploaded some screenies and I noticed all I had were silly ones of me and Bright on our various toons. We are quite silly at times.

We did a few really good attempts at the Lich King last weekend. We got him into the 2nd phase and got stuck with people being carried off the edge by the val’kyrs. I can tell this will be like we were before on Prof P – yelling at people to switch targets.

I didn’t make it across the ice ledge on the transition phase on an attempt… I feel really bad because I was just floating and staring at this, very Luke Skywalker-like. Alas, there was no Han Solo waiting at the bottom to save me…


Bright was my Holy Pally OT for the Blood Queen. It normally works pretty well… sometimes, not so good…

Humans die so dramatically

We had a mini-dance party in Ironforge the other day. A Druid that I have PUG’d my Pally with started to dance with me. Bright brought his Druid out and hilarty ensued.

Bears FTW!

Boomkins in rocket boots never get old. I could watch it all day… Love that determined look on his face…

This was the only shot I got before he blew past me

I decided my Hunter needed a new pet. My Hunter is all of level 29 so I was limited on what I could get. Bright ran me around Mulgore on his Mammoth for about 30 minutes before I found the one I was after: The Rake. I was about to give up and try again later when my Silver Dragon went off. I tamed him and he somehow has Bright’s epic Gear Score.

Epic Level 24 Kitty

Bright meet Bright the Kitteh

I bought Bright a Lil XT pet to show how much I love him. Lil XT is super huge! By huge, I mean Gnome-sized…

Little Bastard started running as I took the screenie 😦

I actually had to grind out some heroics for a triumph badge tank trinket. Bright had a bit of fun with my prone bear butt in Old Kingdom…

Hot Druid Lovin'

And now the greatest one of them all. I finally got my Violet Proto Drake. Woot!

Oh yeah, baby!


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