Am I an Elitist?

Early this morning, I was in H UP with Bright and Krakkle on my Holy Pally. I still needed my Daily Heroic so off we went. Bright was on his Boomkin and Krakkle on his ‘Lock. We got a PUG tank with around 23K health. No problem, I thought. The first pull he gets hammered… badly… I look at his gear – all blues and quest rewards. He evidently just turned 80 since he only had 2 pieces of level 80 gear, which is fine in itself. I know that everyone starts somewhere. Not everyone has a rich main that can outfit a new 80 in all purples right off the bat. He was nowhere near def cap and normally I would have told him to leave but I was tired and wanted to get to bed. I knew between Bright and Krakkle the mobs would die very quickly. I just had to keep this baby tank alive long enough for them to kill the mobs. The tank spoke mostly in gibberish consisting of the letters D and T and F. I don’t know if he didn’t speak English or couldn’t type or what. But, that’s what it was.  

I had to make sure I had 100% uptime of Sacred Shield. If SS dropped, I (and the tank) was in a world of hurt. I nearly lost him a few times when my SS went down for a split second while I healed another party member. We got through Skadi with Bright’s Boomkin tanking most of it. He survived the whirlwind better than the tank could have, I think.

I had to BOP Bright a few times and spam heal Krakkle a few times. I actually lost Bright on a pack of mobs that feared everyone. Stupid tank kept pulling as I tried to rez him. I had to tell the tank to stop and hope he knew what I was trying to say. His response was “my bad – dead guy” followed by some gibberish.

I asked the tank to please gem/enchant what gear he had in the future. His response was “Fuk that” and something about gems being 200g apiece. I get that but he could have gotten some cheap blue gems, they go for around 20-30g on my server, sometimes less.
Do these things make me an “Elitist”?

Proper Spec and Glyphs

Proper gear – meaning gems, enchants and stats in order

I think these are things everyone should strive for. Gems and enchants aren’t optional when running with a group. If you are out questing on your own, go for it. I know I’ve run around Hellfire with gear missing gems/enchants but I was by myself… I didn’t inflict myself on a group of people who took the time/money to better themselves.

Yes, I raid. I enjoy raiding and put a few good attempts at the Lich King last week. I take pride in my toons because I spent a lot of time on them. We did an alt ICC 10 run the other day and I healed it as a tree. I was able to pick up a few really nice upgrades for my Resto set. I am not ashamed of my Resto set anymore. I actually healed it without Innervate on constant CD like I was before. My spell power is a lot better and my regen is easily twice what it was now. I learned to calm down on the HOTs and let them roll. Wild Growth really is awesome but I kept looking for my Beacon.

My point is: you get what you put into it. I can’t imagine the groups after mine will be as lenient on that tank as mine was. I can remember quite a few healers that let me have it when I was a fresh bear tank. I did nothing wrong but aggro was difficult for me and I was a bit slow at times. I was very unsure of myself and lacked a certain “air” of a tank.

Tanks are the default leaders of parties – like it or not. They are the ones charging ahead and taking the hits – physically leading the group into battle. The rest of the group looks to the tank for guidance on what pace the run will take. I think a lot of new tanks don’t realize this. If the tank is in disarray, the rest of party starts to fall apart. The DPS aren’t able to do their jobs at the best of their abilities due to the fear of pulling off the tank and dying. The Healer struggles to keep up with the mass damage the party is taking and to keep the tank up. Then people get forced into survival mode and tempers flair – making for an unpleasant run for everyone.

Anyways, if making my characters be the best they can be with what tools I have available makes me an elitist, sign me up. I refuse to inflict myself onto a group of total strangers just trying to have fun the way they want to – by not having to worry about the little things like if the tank is def capped or if the healer has enough mana or regen to run a dungeon.


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