Skywall PvP

 I am still adjusting to my life on Skywall. I transferred my Pally from Suramar today and deleted all my low level toons there. I am completely done with Suramar. Bright’s hunter will coming over tonight. We have officially moved on. No more drama!

 Now Bright and I are faced with rebuilding our Arena rating. We were a few points shy of 1100 when we had to disband our team to transfer. We have reformed it and are slowly building it back.

 The first day on the new battle group didn’t go so well. We were so used to rolling over people that maybe we got comfortable and didn’t pay attention as well as we had before. I don’t think we won but around 5 games out of the 20 or so we played. We had an abysmal 200-odd rating by the time we got so fed up with it and quit.

 We went and joined the battle for Wintergrasp, instead. My best friend had told me that Alliance doesn’t have WG very often and at the time we were the side attacking. We zoned in to see 40 people in the raid group! I never saw that many on Suramar for Alliance and they always had it. We ran around capping the workshops and slaughtering the horde. I drove a siege tank to much greater effect than in the closer confines of Ulduar. We tried our very best but we could not get past the Horde.

 We did a few BGs and Alliance must suck everywhere. It took 3 BGs just to win one for our Arena Points for the day. There were a few moments of wtf are they doing?! Don’t take the flag that way! OMG why?!

 We went back and did some more Arena last night and we ended up with an over 800 rating! We made over 600 points in one day. We’re going back again tonight. I really want to hit 1K before reset. It does seem that we have gotten into the swing of things on Skywall and the new battle group. Now we just need to find a good partner for a 3’s team… hmmm…

I’m a Free Bitch, Baby!

After weeks of being snubbed and feeling like a second class citizen in <Virtus>, I left. I picked up my things and moved to the greener pastures on the Skywall server.

I was an officer and a raid leader in <Virtus> but no one gave me the respect I deserved there towards the end. I had to stop my Short Bus team because my team members couldn’t raid on the same days I could. I chilled out for a few weeks and got my Pally to level 80. Krakkle’s team was in need of a healer for Friday/Saturday runs. I had told them (Krakkle and Keeb) that my days off were changing. I never got one invite. I was always a sub for someone else. I never got invited because they didn’t want me there as a first string player. This was very (and still is) hurtful to me. Bright was the only one who stood up for me. No one else dared to say anything.

I have spent over a year on my Priest. I know my class inside and out. I have spent countless hours researching encounters. I provide raid consumables. I rarely ever screw up and when I do, I own up to it. I am a perfect raider. Why would anyone in their right mind take a new person over me? A new person right off the street that hasn’t even been tested in fucking 5 man heroic by any other guild member. Why? What is so horrible about my Priest that you would have to do that? Why would you go to such great lengths to not include me? You need a healer. I have a very epic Disc Priest that you had no problems running with even a month ago.

I have so much history with Keeb that I cannot believe he would sit back and let Krakkle take over everything. I mean everything. Krakkle will not move without a Shaman holding his dick up. This is the truth. I asked Keeb about it and the reply I got was “Krakkle has a hard on for Shamen”. He didn’t move to correct the situation. He did nothing. He sat back and let Krakkle get them to the Lich King every week – no questions asked. Whether or not it was good for the guild as a whole, he let it all happen. Keeb let Krakkle make all sorts of inappropriate comments everywhere – not just in the “privacy” of guild chat. He constantly spewed hate about anything and everything under the sun. Myself and others spoke out about it. Keeb attempted to talk to Krakkle. This resorted in much ass kissing from Keeb when Krakkle took his army of alts out of the guild. And when I spoke out about it? I got chewed out – completely reamed. I got told I made a pregnant lady cry and rage g quit. Nice, now I feel guilty about stepping up and actually saying something for once. No more. Like Lady GaGa says, “I’m a free bitch, baby”.

I had a legitimate problem. I took it to the GM – Keeb. I was brushed off. I can handle people treating me like shit. I deal with it everyday. But when Aciel told me that he was getting treated like shit, I really wanted to physically hurt someone. I noticed that Val was getting blown off, as well. Val used to be our GM before he had work commitments. He recently came back after a long, several month break. I personally blame Krakkle for Kells taking the extreme measures he did for leaving. Krakkle was a big part of that. All the guys who were the “core” of Virtus have either left or are about to leave. Virtus was their guild. They had a very clear idea of what they wanted to be and Keeb has ruined it. He has absolutely shit all over it.

Virtus never did anything but ICC. The only hard mode they attempted was Loot ship. We have had many King Slayers in our groups but they never budged on anything. We could have done hard modes on both 10 and 25 just to get our feet wet if nothing else. But, no. They are ridged in their resolve not to do anything different. They attempted Ruby Sanctum once since it came out. They wiped and left.

I didn’t realize how miserable I was until after I left. The final straw, for me, was when I had asked him many times to make my Priest the 264 cloth boots. I had even made the Mooncloth for him when he went to make his own boots. I had all the mats ready to go. I asked about 3 times. He completely and utterly ignored me – like he has for weeks. He had the gall to ask me the other day why we don’t talk anymore. How can we talk if it’s just me doing the talking?  You can’t. It isn’t possible.

Fuck you, Keeb. You take your broken guild and shove it up your ass – sans lube. While you’re at it, shove Krakkle up there, too. You guys already need to get a room.

I had been talking to my best friend about my troubles in the guild. Turns out, his guild needs healers (and people in general). He started to tell me all about his guildies. I know some of them from real life. They are really cool people. I knew I would be treated with respect there. He said they don’t raid very often because most of them took a break from serious raiding and they don’t have enough people for an all guild raid yet. I am so used to pug’ing everything – it didn’t really matter to me. I just wanted out. I told Bright about it and he came with me. Virtus just lost their two best healers and I doubt anyone says anything about it. I would love to know if I rocked the boat at all. But, I am almost sure I didn’t.

I’ll admit the first couple of hours on Skywall were a little odd. The was down and I couldn’t transfer right when I wanted to. I rolled a cute little gnome warrior so I could get into my new guild to start to get to know them. The scenery on Skywall is still the same as it is on Suramar but the people are different. I know the trade chat troll on Skywall is Tor-something. He’s not as amusing as Brismoore on Suramar. It was odd walking around the cities and not knowing anyone or the names of any notable guild.

I have looked at the people and so far have only seen a handful of 6K gear scores. Maybe I just wasn’t on at the peak time but it does seem like Suramar was more progressed and had better gear than Skywall. Bright and I are the best geared in our new guild but that’s not surprising given the amount of raiding we were doing compared to them. I felt really under geared on Suramar but now I think I stand out a little more. Bright asked in /g what they considered to be well geared. One guildie said “all 232’s”. I honestly cannot remember what the last 232 piece I replaced was. I remember the last 200 piece I replaced – good old Faces of Doom off hand.

Bright and I got into a Black Temple run and got stuck on a boss. That was our first raid experience on Skywall – freaking Black Temple. Who would have thought? LOL I got into an ICC 10 and out healed a Resto Shaman by double. (Are you listening, Krakkle?!) He called me a dick when I called him out on it and I refused to sit there through that. I left and got on my Druid to do some rep grinding. I now know a few people NOT to run with on Skywall. We didn’t get transferred in time to really do anything but pugs that first night.

The next day was much better. Our new guildies had gotten used to seeing us and we got some responses from guild chat. I was off grinding rep in Outlands when some one said; hey we almost have enough for a real raid! This was followed by, let’s do Ony!!! Oh, hells yeah! We had 7 of our new guildies raiding again. They brought in some of their friends and off we went to Onyxia. I got to tank her! Only the second time ever! One of the warriors pulled aggro as I was getting her into position and got one shotted. The other tank taunted off me and I battle rez’d him. No mistakes after that. We downed her just fine – no drama at all.

Onyxia wasn’t enough raiding for everyone and we found ourselves in Ulduar. I got on my Priest for this one. I have to say that I can’t drive the siege tank very well at all. I was always way behind everyone because I would get stuck on the towers. I remember when Flame Leviathan was hard. We just steamrolled over him and went on to XT. Bright and I did a hard mode! It took a few tries but we totally did XT on hard mode! The only hard mode we had ever seen before that was Loot ship.

Bright and I both have never seen all of Ulduar. Here we were in a hardened group of raiders that had done every boss on every mode when it was still end game. I remember being almost late for a midnight showing of Transformers when the guild got Yogg down one night. (Just one more attempt!) We went on to get Kologam, Auriya, Hodir, Thorim, and Freya down. We did a lot of attempts on Mimiron but it was really super late and we were all burnt out.

We wiped so many times but it was glorious! I know I must have spent a few hundred gold on repairs but I didn’t care in the least. I haven’t had so much fun raiding in absolute ages. My new guildies are so respectful of each other. There was no “wtf, do you have downs?” or any mention of AIDS or any kind of beating people down in any way. I cannot describe how refreshing that was. There were no raised voices or people with hurt feelings. I didn’t realize how bad it had gotten until I was away from it. I see now how it used to be in Virtus – before we were taken over. I didn’t realize how much abuse we had all taken until I saw the other side of fence again. It makes me sad and happy all at the same time. Bright and I were messaging each other the whole night in disbelief of how much fun we were having and how nice they are to each other. Unfortunately, my best friend was on an alt and didn’t make it to Ulduar with us. I can’t wait to raid with him.

Bright and I are very happy on our new server. We heard that Krakkle’s team got Lich King down last night. I can’t say that I’m happy for them. I am just glad I wasn’t still sitting in a puddle of anguish in Virtus last night. I had way more fun in Ulduar than I could have ever had still being in that guild. I can’t imagine how much I would have cried if I would have still been in that guild when the achievement hit and I wasn’t there to get it, as well.

Virtus is the past. AWOL is the future. I look forward to what we can do together.

Disc Priest’s Guide to Benediction

With Cataclysm ever looming on the horizon, I wanted to form the epic level 60 Priest staff: Benediction. I’ve always liked the design of it and it wasn’t until I researched it that I found out that it transforms into a darker form called Anathema. (Anathema has more stamina and replaces spirit with mp5.) I love collecting staves and I wanted to make sure I could really enjoy the quest line before I under took it. I needed to get the first 2 parts of it first.

I tried to farm the Eye of Shadow from elite demon mobs. I think I killed about 100 of them and gave up. It was mind numbingly boring and the scenery in Winterspring really left something to be desired. I normally farm everything but I really didn’t have the patience. I ran over to the Auction House and found it for 350 gold. Sold! That was a small price to save my sanity.  

It took me a few months there after to get the next part, Eye of Divinity. That Eye is dropped from Majordomo Exectus in Molten Core. I have read horror stories of other Priests could had to farm that boss many times before it dropped. I was lucky. It dropped the first time for me. I was able to 2 man the instance in Shadow with a Prot Pally. I am not going to say that it was easy. There were several hairy moments where I had to heal in Shadow Spec and AJ almost died a few times. We made it through with out any deaths.

Once you have each trinket you can equip them to get a hint on where to go. Equipping them does not give you the actual quest. The little hint is about a Priest who was not able to save people and directs you to the Eastern Plaguelands. Take the flappy from Ironforge to Light’s Hope Chapel and ride out to Stratholme. Once you get to the summoning stone, take a left. Ride a little ways and you’ll see a cave mouth. Keep going through the tunnel and it opens up into a road. You only need to have the Eye of Divinity equipped to be able to see the quest giver, Eris Havenfire. Eris is a beautiful human Priest decked out in T1 and she tells you of her attempts to save the people fleeing the Culling of Stratholme. She hasn’t been very successful in her attempts and asks you to do it. This starts the quest “The Balance of Light and Shadow”. The objective is to save 50 people before 15 have died.

I thought I would stream roll this quest. I thought because I am so OP in my T10 that I would totally rock this quest because it was old world content. I was wrong. It took me 3 tries to get it. I was like a fish out of water with out my Vuhdo raid frames. I have all the spells on my cast bars but I rarely use them that way outside of Penance to do damage in randoms or PVP.

Anyways… once you get the quest it starts the event. You need to run up to the cave you came in from. Groups of ghostly humans will spawn here and start walking VERY slowly down the road towards Eris. (I think I would be running as fast as I could, but, whatever.) Archers will spawn on the top of the cave and from the rocks surrounding it. DO NOT attempt to kill these – they cannot be killed and it is a waste of valuable time to try. You will notice some of the humans are shadowy – this means they need to be cleansed. You must cleanse them immediately. The disease will kill them way more quickly than the archers will. (If you have Decursive, it will make a noise if you mouse over the person but you cannot cleanse them from the little Decursive boxes since they are not party members.)

Once you cleanse the person, put a bubble and renew on them. If they are really low, hit them with Penance or a Flash Heal. Abolish disease is really nice to have on them since it clears 3 diseases, the bubble prevents them from taking damage and renew heals them back up. You really only need to get them to around 50% health (and maintain it) by the time they pass Eris. Once they pass her, they disappear.

You CANNOT go bubble happy. You will NOT get any rapture procs. You will blow through mana like crazy. Remember that you are down a trinket. I compromised Talisman of Resurgence for Althor’s Abacus – big mistake! The Abacus does NOT proc on the people you are trying to rescue – it only procs on party members – meaning just yourself. I know the tool tip says “nearby friendly targets” but it totally doesn’t hit the fleeing people. You will be much better off by having Talisman or even Tears of the Vanquished for mana return.

After a wave or two of people there will be a spawn of several skeleton guys on the ground. You can kill these ones. They will absolutely wreck the people you are trying to save. A Holy Nova will take care of them. The downside is that Holy Nova will not heal the people or proc Divine Aegis on them. You cannot complete the quest by just Holy Nova’ing the crap out of the people.

You cannot focus on just one wave of people at a time. I had as many as 3 waves going at the same time. They walk pretty slowly but they spawn out of the cave pretty quickly. You cannot obsess with the group at Eris while you have one at the cave getting eaten alive by skeletons and disease. This is a sure fire to fail the quest.

Speaking of failing: The quest giver will de-spawn if you fail. She will not return until 15 minutes after the last surviving human as passed where she was standing. It isn’t 15 minutes from when you failed the quest. Oddly enough, you will still be in combat even if there is nothing around. You must run to the cave and go about half way in before you are out of combat. You’ll have to abandon the quest and wait for Eris to come back. Once she’s back, you can start again. You will get the Splinter of Nordrassil, the last and final piece of Benediction, once you complete the quest. A quick click of the Splinter will make you Benediction.

I really, really enjoyed the lore – even to the point of getting misty-eyed over Eris’s cause. Culling of Stratholme is my favorite Wrath dungeon. I really loved seeing a side of the story I had never known existed before or even had thought of. We pretty much kill everything in COS and I can’t imagine anyone escaping it. It is nice to find something new and exciting the game, even if it is old world content. I am really getting burned out on it and it was very nice to find something that evoked a positive response in me.

Thoughts on Pally Tanking: by a Fluffy Bear

  I got a wild hair yesterday and decided to start tanking on my Paladin. I had a whopping 5 pieces of tank gear in the bank with none of them gemmed or enchanted. I had Rimefang’s Claw for a weapon, the tank cloak from the midsummer boss, a blue ring from DTK (I think?), a chest from H TOC, and Ick’s Rotting Thumb for a trinket. I had enough Triumph badges for T9 shoulders and legs and the 245 off set helm. (I really do love those walnut shaped T9 shoulders.) I found some crafted boots in the guild bank. I bought the crafted Titansteel shield from the AH along with the 245 bracers. I found a blue neck and some blue level 78 gloves on the cheap, about 30 gold each on the AH. This left me with just needing a ring, a trinket and a new libram.

I had amassed 520 something defense just from about an hour of working the AH and turning in badges. If I can coble together a tank set in about an hour that is almost def-capped, anyone can. I spent around 2900 gold total. The bracers were pretty expensive at around 2k and the shield was around 700. I made some +def elixirs and made it to 550 something defense with just that. My tank set had a massive 4300 gear score when I was done; way down from my Holy set at 5500 something. I hoped the dungeon finder would be kind to my baby tank. 

I watched some You Tube videos and talked to Krakkle about the rotation. I was really concerned about the 69696 rotation. It was confusing to me on paper but in the actual doing of it – it flows quite nicely. I made my way over to the training dummies in Stormwind and decided to give it ago. 

I have to say that I love Avenger’s Shield! I giggle whenever I get to use it. I think I just stood at the dummies for a few minutes hitting it and then waiting for it to come off CD so I could hit it again. Bears don’t really have anything like it. We don’t get a cool animation when we pull nor do we get a taut that hits multiple targets on a reasonable CD. 

The training dummies made it painfully obvious that I was well under the hit cap. I was rocking a hit rating of 63. Oh, shit. Hit cap is 260 something and I am way low. I bought some +hit food and made the +hit elixirs so I wound up at 160 something after changing some gear out. It would have to work for the time being. My expertise is at 34 since I glyphed Seal of Vengeance (24 without). No worries there. I ended up with around 27K health and 26K armor. 

I played around with the rotation and got pretty comfortable with it. I hoped getting healed would help with my mana problems. It is the pits to go from 32K mana to 7K since I still had my +128 int healing trinket on and my 251 healing ring on. I got a friend to heal me through the first one I attempted. 

The first instance I ever tanked with the Pally was Violet Hold. Oh nice! Thank you, dungeon finder! Here I go, running up to the portal. My sword bounces around my hip as I run. (Pursuit of Justice FTW!) I get to the portal, lay down my Concentrate like a boss and wait. The mobs come right at me. Woot! I take my first swing with Hammer of the Righteous! Where the hell did my mana go?! Divine Plea is super weak sauce! Oh, shit… There’s a new portal up. Run over and Consecrate again. No mana at all! OMG this is bad… Must remember to drink between pulls. 

We made it to the first boss and it was the guy you have to kite. How the hell do I kite as a Paladin!? Damn, hadn’t thought about that until just this second. As a bear I just strafe and swipe, run backwards and Faerie Fire. Well, I tried to stay in melee range so I could smack him but that ended up being too slow and I lost almost all of my party to the orbs. Note to self: ask Krakkle about kiting as a Paladin… 

The rest of the dungeon went really well. My healer friend went back to his Ret spec for another one and that one went just fine. By then, Bright came on and we did some more. (Even Halls of Reflection! zomg) 

I have learned that mana does not equal rage. I really didn’t know how different the tanking classes were from each other until I actually had some hands on time with each. I thought since I’m a Bear I could also be a Tankadin because I had “tank” experience. I know all the pulls and the patting paths for every dungeon. I didn’t think it would be a glaringly different as it has been. 

Ways Paladins are NOT Bears: 

* Paladins need mana to tank and it does not regen as quickly as rage. You cannot make chain pulls the same way a Bear can. 

* Paladins do not have a swipe like ability. Hammer of the Righteous is kind of like Maul in that it hits a few targets. 

* Paladin “oh shit” is Ardent Defender. You do nothing to proc it other than getting your ass kicked. There is no Paladin equivalent of Barkskin. Lay on Hands has no Bear equivalent. Tranquility is not really something Bears use and that hits the whole party and not just yourself. It also has a much shorter CD. 

* I could sometimes butt pull if I didn’t have any rage and that would give me rage from taking hits. If my Pally runs up to a mob and smacks it, I still don’t get mana unless I have Seal of Wisdom up. Rage is much more “instant” where mana takes a long as time to regen. 

* Pally tanking is more “fluid” and well designed than Bear tanking from the standpoint of an actual “rotation”. If done right, the things come back up all in order and you just repeat the same thing. Bear tanking is about priorities and not rotation. Do I have FFF up or are all stacks of lacerate on the target? No? Let me do this. Crap, the lacerate fell off… 

* Paladins generate a crap ton of threat. I was shocked to see it. My Bear has to work her ass off for that kind of threat. It’s pretty lame if you ask me. I think a big ass, snarling bear is way more threatening than a beautiful Draenei girl with a bouncy pony tail. I am wrong, apparently, according to the Bliz Devs. 

All in all – Paladin tanking is boring. There, I said it. I am bored to tears tanking on my Pally. The Bear has so much more going on. People who just spam Swipe are doing it wrong. Bears are really dynamic and force you to think about what you are doing. While it is nice to see the battle text telling me X-ability is up and then I just push the button as a Paladin. But, it’s freaking boring. I can just press the number keys in order and I have all the hate in the room. I do and don’t like it, all at the same time. My Bear weeps for this kind of threat but at the same time there’s no challenge in it.

Dear Tanks pt 2:

Dear Tanks:

When tanking my instance, please wear PVE gear and not PVP gear. Badges are easy to get. One would say easier to get than the mass amount of honor/arena points needed to get a full purple PVP set. And by full set, I also mean the boots and the belt. A full Relentless tank makes my brain hurt. If you have that much time to play, get some fucking regular gear. How about rolling need on those blue plate tank legs that just dropped? See that stat called “defense”? You need that and lots of it.  Don’t forget expertise, either. You need that, too.

Now, I know that PVP gear has lots of stamina on it but the only tank that should be stacking stamina is a bear. Even then there comes a point when you don’t need it. I have dropped higher stam pieces in order to get more armor penetration or attack power to help my threat. Tanking is about a lot more than Stamina.

No Love,

The “Elitist” Disco Priest that carries 3 gear sets on her at all times.

PS –> You lay Consecration *before* the mobs are dead… not after. ><

Arena: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the PVP

I finally dipped my dainy, little foot into Arena this weekend. I have been wanting to do Arena for quite sometime and I drug Bright’s Boomkin into it. He had a lot more forethought that I did and brought Tribo the Hunter along. I wasn’t really expecting much but I wanted the experiance.

We settled on a goofy name and Q’d for our first match. We zoned in and got buffed up. We rode the little elevator up to the area of the match. We got off the elevator platform and died within 20 seconds. I was so surprized on how quickly it went. I am still amazed by it. I have never been in something that lasted for such a short amount of time before.

Anyways… we did 20 games. We won more than we lost and wound up with a rating of 505. Bright tells me I’ll get some Arena Points awarded to me on Tuesday. That would be really cool. We are trying for 1200 rating so we can get the + resil boots and belt. I would really love to get to 1800 so I can get the really cool looking staff but I don’t see that happening any time soon. 😦

Things I have learned so far (the hard way):

* Mana Burn is there for a reason – use it! That reason is Resto Druids and Holy Paladins. I had burned a Druid to about 100 mana and he Innervated. I had to do the whole thing over again. He effectively tied me up for a good while.

* Mass Dispell is also there for a reason. My Decursive has a lag issue in Arena that it doesn’t have in raids. It is quiet frustrating, especially with DKs and Priests throwing around dieases. WTB Mass Abolish Disease. Mass Dispell also hits the tree behind the column.

* Keep POM bouncing around. I put it on myself since I am mostly likely to be hit first. The Boomkin is a giant target, tho. Sometimes people go after him instead of me first – which is just fine with me. It still bounces when I’m stunned or out of LOS. It crits and gives nice, shiny soap bubbles.

* Bubble everyone, all the time. Keep 100% uptime of Weaked Soul. But, do not bubble until you actually get into the zone. The bubble goes away once the gate opens but the Weaked Soul debuff stays – meaning no bubbles for a the most important part of the match.

* Keep Renew on everyone, all the time. Two reasons: it heals when I am stunned and it procs my Abacus trinket. (But, really what doesn’t proc that thing?)

* It is silly to run around columns chasing a Tree. Run the opposite direction and hit them head-on.

* You cannot use the Flask of Toughness or the Onyxia off hand in the Arena. That is total bullshit. I wanted to see a little skeleton running around after a Tree. 😦

* Shadowfiend is your friend. My mana regen and mana pool are very small compaired to my raid gear. I have about half the regen and 8-9K less of a mana pool. I haven’t had to Hymn for mana yet but I really don’t want to open myself up like that.

* Stay LOS of ALL blood elves. Fuckers be stealing my mana!

* Be as annoying as possible to the other team when I’m the last one standing. Pain Suppression, Fear, Shackle DK pets, DOTs… Anything… Make them work for it…

* Teams that are only DPS (no healers) are my favorite. Unless the team is a Shadow Priest and a Warlock, all those fears really suck.

* The +1% spell reflect meta gem is about the greatest thing ever. I really didn’t know Shamen could polymorph until I was a cute little frog with no mage around. This one Shaman thought it was really funny to chain that on me until one got reflected back at him. He didn’t turn me into a frog again after that.

* When polymorphed, the least appropriate reaction would be “oh, look! I’m a cute little turtle with a tiny flag! OMG, so cute!” The better reaction would be to “Every Man for Himself” out of it.

* If everyone it out of mana, it is OK to smack them with your staff.

* The most hysterical thing is watching two DKs have a Death Grip battle over the Boomkin. He’s the big, fuzzy ball in a game of DK tennis. WTB Life Grip already so I can yoink him back.

* Kill the Tremor Totem BEFORE using a fear – not after. /facepalm Way to blow a CD…

* Keep Inner Fire up. WTB Cataclysm so stupid Inner Fire doesn’t have charges. ><

Silly Post

I uploaded some screenies and I noticed all I had were silly ones of me and Bright on our various toons. We are quite silly at times.

We did a few really good attempts at the Lich King last weekend. We got him into the 2nd phase and got stuck with people being carried off the edge by the val’kyrs. I can tell this will be like we were before on Prof P – yelling at people to switch targets.

I didn’t make it across the ice ledge on the transition phase on an attempt… I feel really bad because I was just floating and staring at this, very Luke Skywalker-like. Alas, there was no Han Solo waiting at the bottom to save me…


Bright was my Holy Pally OT for the Blood Queen. It normally works pretty well… sometimes, not so good…

Humans die so dramatically

We had a mini-dance party in Ironforge the other day. A Druid that I have PUG’d my Pally with started to dance with me. Bright brought his Druid out and hilarty ensued.

Bears FTW!

Boomkins in rocket boots never get old. I could watch it all day… Love that determined look on his face…

This was the only shot I got before he blew past me

I decided my Hunter needed a new pet. My Hunter is all of level 29 so I was limited on what I could get. Bright ran me around Mulgore on his Mammoth for about 30 minutes before I found the one I was after: The Rake. I was about to give up and try again later when my Silver Dragon went off. I tamed him and he somehow has Bright’s epic Gear Score.

Epic Level 24 Kitty

Bright meet Bright the Kitteh

I bought Bright a Lil XT pet to show how much I love him. Lil XT is super huge! By huge, I mean Gnome-sized…

Little Bastard started running as I took the screenie 😦

I actually had to grind out some heroics for a triumph badge tank trinket. Bright had a bit of fun with my prone bear butt in Old Kingdom…

Hot Druid Lovin'

And now the greatest one of them all. I finally got my Violet Proto Drake. Woot!

Oh yeah, baby!

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