Dear Tanks:

Dear Tanks who are not Bears:

Get some fucking Defense – 500 is a big number but it’s not enough. Keep trying and come back when you’re capped for heroics.

No Love,

The Disco Priest that burns her Pain Suppression in the first hallway of H UK. 😦

Twice in a week I have experienced a tank not at def cap. Bright and I had one in H UP when he was healing that was at 504 def and had turned 80 not 5 minutes before. His health was 18K unbuffed and was an astounding 20K buffed with my Fort. I did not set a paw into a heroic unless I had at least 25K health. I was not about to inflict myself on a group or a healer.

Anyways… Bright tanked most of that instance in a Holy PVP spec and gear. He would hold aggro better and could take hits better. He tanked, dps’d AND healed bosses in H UP all at the same time! I helped him out and spot healed – popping out of shadow. But, for the most part, it was all him.

I had a DK tank in H UK with 520 def that pulled the entire first hallway. I blew my Pain Suppression and everything I had. She had the nerve to ask where her heals were: “lol no heals?” I told her to leave and she did. I really didn’t have the patience to deal with that shit. Any other day I would have seen it as a good challenge but I was just trying to get my damn Frosties in a dungeon I’ve seen 100’s of times.

I feel bad now when I think back on it. I should have been a little more patient but damn it. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time and effort on my toon. I know people are new to the game but they knew they would hit 80 soon. I’m not saying they need to be well read but they need to do some forward planning. Forward planning could be getting an alchemist to make you some +def elixers or leveling your cooking to make some +def food to eat – that would be around +80 def right there. I wouldn’t mind healing an 18K health tank that was def capped. I’ve done it before. People don’t realize how hard things hit to begin with. A tank could be getting a string of 2-3K hits and double that same string and you are looking at a new tank’s entire health pool in a very short amount of time.

Bliz makes all these little side things to help new people and I don’t understand why people can’t or won’t find it. I remember I got a quest reward in Outlands that was Adept’s Elixer. That was my first brush with anything that could improve my healing that wasn’t gear or food. I made it a point to have some of it on me for when people asked me to do dungeons. I couldn’t find it in the AH and I had an alchemist make me some. I had one alchemist give me a Frost Wyrm flask with strict instructions to try it when I turned 80. I am so glad he did.


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