Patch Day, screw you!

It’s Patch Day, meaning everyone is screwed at the server coming back on time. Nice, now I can’t get anything done before work. ><

Anyways…. Here’s some screen shots…

AJ helped me run POS a few times for the shield. Towards the end it was pretty much a joke for our well over geared Paladins… I didn’t know you could tank with the monkey costume on…

AJ tanks Tyranus as a monkey

It paid off in the end tho:

this is actually right after I won the Heroic Abacus

Ever see a Tree working a cannon in SotA? No? You’re welcome.


I got to tank some in ICC the other day.

2 Tanks and a Baby

I got a shiny new polearm!


I deserved this after a few LK attempts:

That's better...

AJ and I did Molten Core the other day. I got the other part I need for Benediction. I am saving it for when I can really enjoy the quest after all this holiday bullshit is over.

It was amazing to see Ragnaros come up out of the lava. It literally took my breath away. I can see why some people prefer Vanilla WoW. The new raids lack a certain epic quality.

Holy crap, he's big!

To the face!


Don’t put your cold, wet nose there!

Bright's Druid getting frisky

Yeah, we’re a bit silly…

New Strat: Dance Off


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