That god damn shield finally dropped! Weeks of farming finally paid off! I had pvp’d on my priest with Bright most of the day and lost all patience for it after a string of stupid losses. (My priest is now exalted with Stormpike… Justicar 1/3 of the way done.) I switched over to my Pally and jumped into the POS Q for the millionth time.

The most amazing thing happened. The Q popped as soon as I entered it. I started to get a good feeling about this one. I zoned in to a warrior tank with around 24K health but the dps was all ranged. They actually waited for me to buff before running off! Holy shit! We didn’t have any problems until I had to take a “brb” to help my mom get the groceries in. The tank didn’t see my invisible healer text and pulled the first pack of the Hill of Doom. I came back to the computer to see everyone dead but me and the rest of party telling the tank I was AFK. 

I rez’d who I could and we made it up the hill and through the cave. Tyranus didn’t even glitch out on us. He fell and there was my new shield! I freaked out on vent with Bright. I was all “OMGOMGOMG! IT DROPPED!!!” Bright was all, “what are you talking about?” I celebrated my new shield by getting into an ICC 25 and winning the HEROIC Abacus trinket! +201 Spellpower! OMG, yes, please! Yummy, yummy spellpower. My Pally now has the 2 BiS trinkets in the GAME. I am thrilled. 

 Sorry to the other Holy Paladin in the group that didn’t pay attention to the loot rolls and didn’t roll on the trinket. Maybe next time you will listen in vent and read your raid chat. I won with a 94 so it probably wouldn’t have helped you anyway, idiot. Way to rage DC and screw over the rest of the group, real mature. 

I also got into an ICC 10 the next day and won the HEROIC Mail Helm off of the Lootship. I had been looking at the Loot table for it and there was that helm. I was thinking that it would be really cool if it dropped since there was no shaman in the group and there it was. I know it’s a Shaman helm but it has HASTE, more haste than any of the 264 badge stuff I could wear. It is a very solid upgrade. It has 20 more haste than my T10 helm, 31 more spellpower and 8 more int. I just saved 95 Frosties. Thank you, <Chromatic>, for allowing me into one of your semi-guild runs. 

I am going to go home and make the 264 mail healing boots for my Pally (more haste than the plate ones by 14). After that, all I will need is the 25 ICC shield from Marrowgar and bracers from Lady D, the neck from Rotface and the ring off Marrowgar. I have been farming the holiday boss for the new +haste cloak to upgrade my 213 one. So far, after 4 attempts on the Pally, I have only seen the tank cloak. The two extra Frosties were nice, too. 


Bright is on a personal crusade to get me all the pets I don’t have. I think he’s nuts but it makes me very, very happy. It is hard to find another person to farm stuff with and he is a joy to be with and talk to. I think he got me 4 pets last week. I am starting to loose count now. 

We’ve been in Zul’Aman twice now. He got Mojo the first night and we came up empty handed last night. We learned the hard way not to try to do any bosses. We attempted one and it was just horrible. We failed pretty badly. 

We have also been in Magister’s Terrace for the Phoenix and the mount the last two nights. I asked him if the Orb of Sindorei dropped in there and he said it did. It dropped from Kael the first night and I ninja’d it. It dropped from the Priestess last night so he got one, too. Kael dropped the Phoenix last night and I was SO, so very happy! I’ve wanted it even before I played the game. My best friend has it on all of his toons and I always thought it was cool seeing a little phoenix follow him around. 

I started the Fire Festival stuff on my Priest, too. It is all that stands between me and the Violet Proto. So far the LFG for the holiday boss has been really cool! Gone are the days of struggling through miles of trash and everyone toon swapping to summon the boss multiple times. Also gone is the constant spamming of trade chat to find people who can summon and hoping not to get screwed by a loot ninja. I don’t have to worry about trekking all over creation to get to a low level dungeon and possibly getting lost on the way. (Looking at you, BRD.) 

I only had time for one boss run on my Priest before work. I got it into my head that I needed the caster staff that looks like a scythe. I don’t really NEED it but it would be a nice addition to my collection of staves. I think I might have found my Lich King weapon, too. I opened my goodie bag at the end to find it in there! Only one run to get it! Bright was with me at the time, he must be good luck! I am totally bringing him along with me from now on.


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