Seriously People… wtf?!

So… my not-so-little Paladin has been trying for the Protector of Frigid Souls shield from regular Pit of Saron for a few weeks now, practically since I hit 80. It’s a nice upgrade from my ilvl 200 and I get Triumph badges from bosses, so it’s not too bad.

The Dungeon itself is easy. Finding sane people who stay the entire time is not. It takes me an average of 20 to 45 minutes just to get into the damn instance. I spend my time picking herbs; so much so that I made 30 frost wyrm flasks last night alone. I still have 5 Frost Lotus in my bag and about 5 full stacks of Lichbloom and 10 full stacks of Icethorn. (Which I hear is going for ridiculous prices on the AH. I farm my own so I don’t really know. I have never seen another person farming the herbs… I am confused…)

Anyways… what was I say? Oh, yeah…

It takes me seemingly years to get into the damn thing. I zone in and people are already mounting. I don’t have time to set Pally Power and buff everyone before we are in battle. I can’t use the Pally Power in battle and my Vuhdo wont set my Beacon/Sacred Shield target while in battle, either. So, I am all out of sorts and people are bitching about buffs or lack thereof. You will get King’s, I promise, assholes. Give me a god damn minute. Yes, I know Crusader Aura is still on – one thing at a damn time. I’ve just been flying around Stormpeaks for a fucking hour waiting on you douche nozzles. Fuck!

So I frantically buff and make my aura what it should be. We pull the first boss. People are too good to get behind the rock.  That damn caster staff drops like it always does. (Free 22g from a vendor tho.) People drop group. Wait 5-10 minutes for a replacement. May or may not loose another person from waiting too long and lack of patience. Whatever. We get more people – do Krick and Ick. People are too good to move out of poison nova, they die, complain about no heals and leave. I can’t do anything about a mage getting one shotted because they don’t know the meaning of the word “ranged” as it pertains to DPS. So… we wait for more people at the Hill of Doom. Remaining people may or may not leave. We get replacements and tackle the hill. Usually at this point the group remains intact until the last guy. The tank doesn’t wait for the boss to hit him first and it bugs out. If there is another pally, I get DI’d. We start again. People don’t stop DPS when they get the brand. I don’t mind blowing Lay on Hands, it’s CD will be well over by the time I get in here again. We live, collect lewts. Lewts that do not include the fucking shield.

Re-Queue for reg POS. Circle Stormpeaks again for more herbs. Change up the scenery and go to Sho Basin for Goldclover and Adder’s Tongue. Maybe make it back to Dalaran to craft some flasks because my bags are almost full again. Go to AH at Ironforge – post lots of pots, flasks and some gems.

POS pops again… Rinse and repeat…

Go to bed dejected that the damn thing didn’t drop again. Wake up the next day and smile at all the gold in the mailbox. 🙂


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