Pally is Ally again

I finally got fed up with the silence that is Horde on my server and brought my Pally back to being a Draenai girl. I loaded up my level 7 Belf pally with some bags and 500 gold so he should be fine for leveling.

Just as soon as I brought her back I got into an ICC 10 man. I picked up some new boots and gloves. I have the boots on but I do not want to loose the haste on the gloves right now. ICC healing plate is so jacked up on stats. It killed me to loose the POS mail boots with haste but the ICC ones were far supperior in every other way. I collected enough badges for my T10 chest so I made a little bit of a haste gain, even with loosing the boots. I am at 619 haste right now, unbuffed. Almost to that magic number of 656!

I really, super need the shield from ICC 25 – I am going to work on that tonight, hopefully. It seems like all the ICC groups start up right as I head out the door for work. 😦 I had 3 attempts at the sheild from regular POS today. Each was a trial of my patience. The last one was a group of 4 guildies from Draenor that was horrendous. The tank kept whispering me to appoligize for his tanking but it was the 3 DPS only doing around 1,300 DPS that was the problem. It took FOREVER to get through. If it hadn’t taken me 30 minutes to get into the damn thing I would have left. I let one of the DKs die on Garfrost – he had a staggering 50 stacks of the ice de-buff on him. I asked for him to get behind the rock but he didn’t. I made up my mind that rez’ing him was more mana efficient than healing through 50 stacks. The tank seemed like a really nice person but he was totally pulled down by crap DPS.

Other things that happened:

My Druid got all the way to the Lich King! I tanked all of it except Dreamwalker and the Lich King, himself. Those I got to heal in my crap Resto Set. I really need to work on it but all my upgrades are in ICC but I can’t just roll on off spec stuff if some one needs it for Main Spec. 😦 I don’t think my Resto Gear as it is now can get me into a PUG as Resto and why would it? My tank gear is over 1k higher gear score than my Resto gear. I can’t imagine a PUG taking a limp tree when they could have a 60K health bear. I’ve flirted with the idea of buying the healing LW patterns from ICC but I think it would be a waste. I spent 4K gold on mats for my new pants 2 weeks ago. I really don’t want to spend that kind of money for something I’ll only use a few times.  

My Priest got all her PVP mounts. I now have 71 mounts. I am working on getting around 1K resilence so I can look for an Arena team partner. I have a little over 600 right now. I really need a good PVP weapon. I have been using my TotC dagger and Onyxia off hand. I’m going to re-gem the dagger once I have a PVP helm. The gems in it now are unlocking my meta.

Alliance in my battle group seem to like PVP’ing in PVE gear. I see multiple 6K gear score “King Slayers” just get owned by Horde since they have zero resil. I really don’t understand this at all. I used to do that but only to farm honor for the PVP gear. The contrast between how much longer I live with and with out resil is amazing. It’s a remarkable difference. I have gotten used to the horrible patterns of the PVP gear. The cloak is really pretty, why is it so hard to make the chest match it?! Don’t even get me started on the Wintergrasp shoulders… It’s like a two UFOs hovering on my shoulders, moving up and down… up and down…. ugh!


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