I have heard it all now…

I am leading our ICC try outs… again… in TotC 10, which happened to be my server’s weekly raid quest thingie. I had to lead it on my Priest since my Pally is now a Blood Elf  (sex on 2 legs) and I found myself in need of another healer. I found a nice enough Pally to go with my Disc Priest and Snapp’s Resto Druid.

So, we zone in, buff up, eat some fish when the Pally says:

Be right back, have to smoke. My friend’s pet rabbit died.

Umm… yeah… he tried to clarify what was happening with:

I don’t smoke in my apartment.

OK then… This has to be the first time a rabbit death has stopped a raid… It wasn’t even his own pet rabbit…

I have, officially, heard it all now.

It must not have been an ordinary rabbit.


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