Things that annoy me

I am super bored so I am going to compile a list of things that annoy the crap out of me in Northrend dungeons.

Utgarde Keep

* Low geared tanks pulling the entire first hallway. No, I can’t keep you alive, Mr DK with 25K health. Yes, I know how well geared I am and I am sure to you it didn’t look like my mana pool budged. I have over thirty thousand in my mana pool with a very mana effiecient spec. Try gemming for something other than spellpower next time.

* DPS that doesn’t attack the frost tombs on Kelseth. My druid died in one a few days ago becuase the DPS thought it was better to zerg the boss than save the healer’s life. I died and my group didn’t have one class that could rez me. Thanks for the corpse run, assholes. I slow ass kitty prowled the whole way back, too.

* People who don’t stack on Skarvald and Dalronn. Skarvald can’t run away and attack someone if you are right on his ass – simple logic that some people just don’t get.

* People who don’t avoid the AoE damage on Ingvar. It’s not that damn hard to avoid.


* Tank not pulling the commander back far enough to avoid people getting feared into other mobs.

* No one dps’ing the Chaotic Rifts. The Chaotic Rifts, on the other hand, think gee that healer looks tasty.

* People not moving from the spikes on Oromok. Who in their right mind stands in any kind of shit on the floor that wasn’t there before the fight started?

* People not jumping on Keristrasza. If you get stuck in ice, that’s fine. But your next move should be to jump not a DPS once the ice goes away.


* People not DPS’ing the web wraps. I can’t “hael plz, ffs” while inside a spider web. Try pulling that stunt in ICC and see how far you go.

* The tank running in too soon on Hadronox when the little spider things are still out. This almost always ends badly. Wait another 10-15 seconds and save us a wipe.

* People standing in green shit on the floor. These people get no heals anymore. I am sick to death of tards standing in green shit. That green on the floor isn’t a nice soft grassy area with fluffy bunnehs that just sprang up for you to chill out in.

* People who aren’t the tank taking a pound because they were in front of Anub, not behind him like any good melee DPS should be. For that matter, the tank can avoid the Pound, too.


The whole place can DIAF. I don’t like healing on a dragon, it freaking blows. The less time on this one the better. Its been so nerfed into the ground, feel free to stand in the mage guy’s explosion – it won’t hurt you that much.

Old Kingdom

* People not pulling the adds off of me on the first boss fight. I cannot heal anyone other than myself with 10 stupid bugs up my ass. It’s better on the druid because thorns take care of most of them now. But, still… When I dps/tank and I see something nomming on my healer, I do my best to pull it off of them.

* Tanks not LOS pulling trash up the steps right after the prince boss. And on the same trash, no one moving out of the fire the caster trash casts on the floor.

* No one moving out of lightning pool thingies on Jedoga. Of all the bad to stand in, how do you miss the swirly bright lights?

* Everyone announcing in /p to kill the healer first on the last boss. I don’t appreciate that… at… all… I go for the tank because he’s the hardest to kill. I have seen my priest smite other people and you can bet it wasn’t enough to really hurt them. And apparently my druid tree punches people, which is awesome! Tree punching FTW!


* Not killing the little snakes on the floor before the first boss. Those stupid snakes love to snack on healers. Further, when you kill these snakes, make sure your AoE doesn’t accidentaly pull the boss before we are all ready. Thank you for that lesson, shadow priest who thinks Holy Nova is too expensive and forgets that mind sear has a bigger radius.

* People standing in purple shit on the floor. Points to Blizz for using a different color than green for poison.

* The DK who doesn’t turn on Path of Frost until after everyone clears the water containing the fish of doom.


I really can’t think of anything other than people not keeping up or not talking to Arthas. CoS is my very favorite instance. I love the challenge of the gauntlet. I love Holy Nova’ing the crap out of zombies.


* I cannot joust for shit. I am no help on this one.

* People standing in green shit if the rogue is out. Also, tanks not moving the rogue out of the pools of poison.

* People not turning away from the Radiance that Edric does. How hard is it to turn around and wait?! Apparently, too hard for some people.

* I used to get really upset about the Black Knight’s ghouls but they don’t bother me much any more. They used to eat me alive. I would just cry at the thought of going in there.


* I hate this place. There’s a lot of shit on the ground for people to stand in from the black pancakes of doom to giant orange lasers.

* People who don’t spread out on the rock boss. People die from getting too close to each other when they are “stoned”.


* People running ahead of the tank in the slag pit. The tank not waiting for my HoTs and/or bubble and just charging in. The tank pulling that shit up the stairs, stay at the bottom, tard.


* Standing in black pancakes of doom.

* Tanks not turning the abominations away from the group.

* That stupid boss with all the adds. We can skip that.

* We can also skip the dino boss.

* People not moving out of the green shit on the last boss! Also, people who aren’t the tank using the taunt when we are all changed to skeletons.


* People not moving out of the whirlwind on Skadi. I have been guilty of this, too. He can still one shot people.

* The tank not LOS’ing the trash that fears after Skadi and before the ramp to the King.

Violet Hold

* I really don’t care what people do here. I heal it with bubbles only on my priest unless the boss is the one that needs to be kited and he doesn’t get kited. Other than that, people sould loot the bodies in case there is a skinner present. And really, why wouldn’t you be looting everything in the first place?


* Tanks not kiting Brohnjon away from the severed souls isn’t really much of a problem anymore since more and more people have ICC 10 or better gear. I’ve seen groups DPS him so fast that we have the first soul and the swirly death phase right about at the same time.

* People not stopping damage if they get the mark at the end. My poor Paladin got one shotted for three days in a row in there. I have learned that the bubble is my friend on that fight. I understand that you can’t stop dots but no smacking the boss during this time, please.


* Tanks not pulling that first caster group. Someone in the back always manages to aggro it and it can be a big mess.

* People not getting behind the saronite rocks on Garfrost. I can’t heal through 15 stacks of the debuff, on any toon.

* People not getting out of green shit on Krick and Ick. I am noticing a pattern here…

* People, again, not stopping DPS when they get the brand on the last boss. Jor got hit for 48K the other day and I am pretty sure he doesn’t have 48K health to begin with. Lay on Hands couldn’t even save him.


* I hate it. It can DIAF. This is a tank check, pure and simple. The better the tank, the less I have to heal through and the less time I spend in the ice block from the riflemen who like to eat me.


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